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Top Study Tips for College + High School + Middle School

Top Study Tips.

Whether you’re in college, high school, or even middle school this is the post for you! If you have trouble staying focused and getting studying done because everything is distracting you, I’m going to share my top tips. When I was in college, I felt the same way and had the absolute hardest time staying focused and trying to study because everything would distract me. That’s why I’m here and writing this post for you guys! Hope you guys enjoy reading.

1.     Turn off all Electronics. Now I know as a girl, who loves social media, this can be hard! Trust me when I say it’s definitely worth it, in the end, to see that A on your paper. Turn off your phone, laptop, tablet, and T.V. unless you’re using them to study! Tell your friends, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend that you’re trying to study and you can text them as soon as you’re finished. This might be hard or even complicated but if you get any sort of notification or have any background noise going on your 99.9% likely to end up getting distracted and not finish studying! Trust me you guys, putting down your phone for an hour or two is so worth it for a good grade. Those grades are extremely beneficial to your future you guys! That phone and those people will still be there when you get done, the test you have to take will not be and all you’ll have is a bad grade on that test! Don’t do that to yourself or your grades all because you couldn’t put your phone away for just an hour or two.

2.     Eat Before Studying. Usually, when I used to study I would get hungry! We usually all end up hungry whenever we study because our stomach likes to trick us into eating more whenever we’re bored just to get out of being bored. If you eat before studying, you won’t have to get up and get distracted to eat. Also, if you worry you’ll get hungry while you’re studying just grab yourself a snack before you even start that way you won’t have to get back up and distract yourself. Also, you can do the same with a drink because we all know we’re going to get thirsty somewhere within 1-2 hours of studying.

3.     Put on Some Light Music. Now, I’m not saying listen to straight rock or metal at all, but I’m also not saying you have to listen to Mozart or something like that! Choose what you want to listen to but put it on a low volume so it doesn’t distract you. You could also look at some studying playlists on Spotify and that would probably be something great to study too. If you’re like me, you’ll end up singing along with the words if you have it blasting and it’s one of those loud songs that you know by heart.

4.     Make Sure you’ve got everything! Make sure you have everything with you ahead of time, if you’re studying at your desk, or on your bed, at the kitchen table, or even at the library! If you don’t have anything with you then you’re going to say, “Oh, I forgot this I need to go back and get it.” Then you’ll just end up distracted and not want to study! Make sure it’s all laid out in front of you before you even sit down so you won’t have to get right back up from studying and then end up distracted or not in the mood to study. Plus, I hate getting up anyways right after I just sat down finally.

5.     Quiet Places are best. The quietest place you can find to study is the best! If at home it’s super noisy or you know someone is going to come bother you while you’re trying to study there are tons of quiet places to go study. The places you could go are a library, coffee shop, a friend’s house, etc. There are tons of places you just have to know where works best for you!

6.     Study with a Friend! This is a great idea if you don’t like working alone and tons of people like to do this. Just call up your friend and ask them if they are busy and just go to one another’s house and study together. Then if you have a question they are right there and also if one of you try to get distracted, your friend can tell you to get back on track! The best part of this is your there together so if you need help you can ask one another. Also, you could use flash cards together and things related to this. It’s a great idea, plus some people don’t really like to be alone while studying so this is a great idea honestly.

7.     Study in Comfy Clothes! You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with studying or helping stay focused? Usually, if I’m in some uncomfortable clothes I’m going to want to change very soon! If you’re studying and have to change you’ll get distracted and then not finish studying at all. Sweat pants or fuzzy pajama pants are my best friends when it comes to this. You cannot beat being comfortable. Honestly, if I could wear comfy clothes all the time I probably would but this is one of the times that I definitely will!

Those are all the tips I have for you guys at this moment. Hope you guys enjoyed reading and check back for more soon! Thanks for reading. J

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