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The Truth about High School | My Experience & Advice for you.

The Truth about High School | My Experience | Advice for you.

I wanted to post this for you guys and write this because I remember how hard and mean high school could be. Some people, like myself, aren’t the popular kid and doesn’t have tons and tons of friends. To tell the truth, high school can be tough. The work, people, supposed to be friends, heartbreaks, all of it. Honestly, when I got in college I couldn’t believe how much easier everything was on me! In high school I wanted to miss every single day then I got to college and only missed whenever I was so sick I couldn’t climb out of bed. High school I cried to my Mom every day because I didn’t want to go so bad. If you guys want the truth, I was bullied, made fun of, judged, for honestly no reason. I went to the cruelest school in my hometown and always heard something I had done that I never even did. People called me fat, called me things that I had never even done, cussed me out, for no reason honestly. Honestly, I had a total of about 3-4 friends that didn’t make fun of me. The other 3 called themselves my friends but made fun of me all the time. I remember I would come home and go straight to my room and just cry because of how much it hurt my feelings and how bad I wanted to leave or move. Eventually, my mom told me if I wanted we could see about homeschooling me or me getting my GED in 10th grade because she couldn’t stand seeing me so miserable and depressed anymore. So, we went up there, she took me out, and I was more than happy. We went to a community college 20 minutes from my town, I signed up for GED classes and was pre-testing at a 12+ grade level. It only took me about 2 months and I was ready to test. In April of 2015, I passed every section on the first try with really high scores, but I was failing high school from being so depressed. In May 2015 I had my GED graduation and received my GED diploma! That was the proudest moment in my life. I was so happy and excited and my family was so proud of me for making it. I graduated a year before my so called friends did from that nightmare of a high school and started my first semester of college a year before I was supposed to and got started before everyone else. Of course, it was weird, I was younger than almost everyone there. But it was the best experience of my life and college was so much better than high school ever was. I’ll never forget how great I felt my first semester in college and how good it felt to have accomplished so many things so early. My family was so proud of me and excited for me. The one thing you should know about high school, it’s extremely tough. It’s extremely mean and horrible. There are tons of bullies now and people that just want to put others down. This is why I’m so against bullying because it hurts a person so much. People end their lives over some of the things said to them in high school, because it hurts severely. People don’t deserve to be put down these ways. Not everyone is the popular kid in high school and they get picked on and made fun of for that. It hurts a lot I know and I’ll never forget those days. But I try my best to not look back or worry about it because now I can be like, “Hey, what can you say? I graduated and started college before you even had the chance too.” They can’t judge me anymore nor hurt me because I went further than most of those people thought I could. The people that did judge me, one is still in high school and was supposed to graduate almost 2 years ago, the other dropped out and didn’t even get his GED, I have no clue what happened to the others. My point is, those people that make fun of you only try to put themselves higher but really, you end up on top and they end up on the bottom for ever hurting you. They get what they deserve because they are lazy and just want to put you down because they are jealous. They know that you will get somewhere in life and that’s what makes them mad, because they don’t even know if they will. 99.9% of the time those bullies don’t, you wanna know why? They don’t worry about their futures in school they worry about making fun of others and putting them down and that’s when life shows them what’s really right and what’s really going to happen to them. Don’t ever worry about a bully and remember what I said, things will turn out GREAT for you! You’re going to go to big places and do great things. Don’t ever let those small minds get to your great mind because you’re worth so much more than just mean, hateful, and untrue words. Worry about you and your future. Trust me it really does fly by. It might seem like it’s taking forever now to get out of high school or something, but you’ll see when you’re almost 20 years old that your childhood and school really did go by super-fast. Soon, you’ll be sitting on the couch with the love of your life and a good movie in your cute little home of your own. Think of that day and it’ll motivate you. You’re going to find your happiness, I promise you it just takes time. You’ve gotta get through the worst to make it to the best. Take it from someone who has had this experience. Stay strong and don’t worry about what others think, just worry about your future. Don’t let another moment pass thinking or worrying about what they say, they aren’t worth it. Those hateful mean words will turn back on them. Focus on you and stay strong. Promise it’s all going to turn out okay in the end. 

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