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10 Savvy Ways to Declutter your Home! + FREE DECLUTTERING WORKBOOK!

10 Savvy Ways to Declutter your Home! + FREE DECLUTTERING WORKBOOK.


We can all get a little messy sometimes and unorganized, its life. Sometimes you just get unorganized from work, school, kids, whatever it might be it happens to everyone all the time. Honestly, it can even happen to the cleanest most organized person on the planet sometimes! Here are some of my favorite tips to help you declutter your home. Also, scroll down and keep reading to find my free decluttering workbook to help you get through the decluttering process.

1.     Make a List.

Make a list of all of the things you need to throw out or go through. In the list, you could include clothes, shoes, papers, books, movies, etc. Think of all of the things you need to go through and write them down, this way you can cross off whatever you’ve done whenever you get finished decluttering.

2.     One Room at a Time.

Do not think you’re supposed to do every single room in your home all at one time, that’s just going to slow you down. Go from one room at a time and go through everything that you wrote down on your list. Any and all things you can think of that are cluttered up, sit down and sort through all of it.

3.     Keep, Donate, or Trash?

Get a two bags, one for donations and one for trash. Then set a spot for your keep pile. Go through all of your things and whatever you get rid of and want to donate, throw it in that donate bag. Whatever is trash or you can’t donate because it’s torn or worn completely out, throw it in the trash bag.

4.     Ask yourself this.

Would I use it again, or how long has it been since I’ve actually used this? If your answer is no or over 2 months ago, it needs to go. Usually, if you don’t ask yourself those two questions you’re going to end up keeping it and making excuses as to why you should keep it. You’ll end up saying you’ll wear it later or when you lose some weight or something in that matter, like I always do, in reality, that item will never get worn for years to come so just throw it away or donate it already.

5.     Get Motivated.

If you see someone else decluttering their home and actually throwing things away or donating things, it’s going to motivate you to get up and do it also. Seeing someone else do it, usually, gives others the courage to do things. Which is why I waste 99% of my time using YouTube for cleaning and organization motivation.

6.     Plan a Room a Day.

Make things a little easier for yourself. Planning one room a day is going to help you because you won’t have to worry about already getting rid of too much in the other room, you did it yesterday so you won’t think of how much you got rid of. Then, in the end, you’ll end up getting rid of more things you don’t need which leads to being even more organized.

7.     Jam Out.

Because let’s all be real here, music makes everything ten times better and easier am I right? So jamming out will obviously get you through this decluttering process easier and you can have more fun while organizing! It’s a win-win here you guys!

8.     Make Sure your Working Alone.

This might sound weird, but trust me on this one, you guys! Honestly, no one can work very well or hard whenever you have your fiancé/husband making a mess every second or something and kids running around you and destroying everything in the house, lol. Make sure you do this when everyone’s out and at work or school. Now if you’re kids aren’t in school yet, just wait till they nap! Luckily right this second I don’t have kids, yet. Working alone though means less mess while you’re trying to clean up. Less mess = less stress!

9.     Organizers on Organizers.

From baskets to containers, to anything you can think of to help you organize things to get it! For mail and paper type items get you a mail organizer and for makeup get makeup organizers and storage. There are a thousand things you can purchase and even the dollar store has these items! These are going to help you so much get everything where it belongs and needs to go. They are honestly organization life savers, I honestly love them so much.

10.  Go Through it ALL.

Every inch and corner you know are a mess, go through it. It doesn’t matter what it is if it’s messy, overflowing, or just looks plain ridiculous, it’s got to be fixed. The more you organize, the better it’s all going to look and the better you’ll feel.

So those were my 10 Savvy Ways to declutter your Home! I really hope you guys enjoyed reading and comment on this post if you would like more cleaning/organizational posts because I will definitely be happy to do that for you guys. As always thank you guys for reading and keep reading my blog for more soon! 

Also, here is the link to my FREE workbook for decluttering your home to help you get through it all! ====> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


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