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12 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety & Depression!

12 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety.

Tons of people have anxiety and a lot of people know what it is if you do not have it. It is a terrible feeling when you talk to other people, when nothings working right, etc. Whether you have social anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, or any other kind of anxiety, this post is going to help you deal with your problems and your main problem, anxiety!

1.     The people that do not have anxiety will not understand what it’s like. That’s when it is your job to explain to them or try your best to explain to them, you need them more than ever. They need to help you when you have an attack. To just hug you, or comfort you, talk you through the attack, it will help you.

2.     They will call you crazy. Yes, most people with anxiety are called crazy, we’ve probably all been there. We are not crazy, at all! Everyone has flaws, but anxiety is not one of them. Most of the world today has anxiety, so if we are crazy, I guess the entire world is to that person! Being that they don’t understand what it’s like they are going to say those mean things, which only makes attacks worse. Try to explain it to that person. If they do not listen, just walk away and completely block that person out of your life. Negativity has been known to only make anxiety worsen.

3.     When you have an attack, just breathe. Sit down or lie down somewhere and just take some deep breaths. If you cannot do this, just put on some music. Usually, 99.9% of the time music is going to help you during an attack. Music helps take your mind off of things that are bothering you. If none of these tips help you, call or text a close friend or family member. They usually know you better than anyone and can help calm you during your time of need.

4.     Don’t let it get to you. When you feel like you have nothing you’re going for anymore, like anxiety is in the way of everything in your life, and it’s gotten you down and depressed, you’ve got to fight to get back up! Do not let it get you down, do not let it take you over! You’re so much stronger than anxiety, don’t let anyone tell you different. You have the power to control it and to control your thoughts, we just all have to fight a little harder with anxiety to control them. Do not let it get you depressed, we are better than these sources of anxiety! If your down, try my tips, call a friend/family member, go out and have a night out, jam out to music, or even sleep could help.

5.     Don’t feel like you mean any less to this world! Most of us have probably asked over and over again why we have this, why does it have to affect us so bad, or like myself why am I here to just feel this way. Just because we have anxiety, it does not mean we are any less of a person! If anything we are more of one because we fight with our mind and thoughts on a daily basis! It is a never ending battle we fight in our heads, where other people don’t. They do not deal with a lot of the things we do, they wouldn’t understand like we do. Anxiety will try to knock you down and make you feel like less of a person, that’s when you look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are great and you will beat these feelings. Dress yourself up and go out! You’ll feel much better.

6.     Think as positive as possible. Knowing how hard this is with anxiety, it is possible. When something goes wrong, or when you’re having an anxiety attack, try to always remember it could always be worse. The problem could always be worse, the anxiety you have could always be worse, so could your attack, but it’s not because you’re lucky enough to where it is acceptable to deal with. Remember that no problem or issue lasts forever and it will all eventually fade away and you will feel much better. After every storm, there is always a rainbow!

7.     Try your best to not overthink. Having anxiety and overthinking is probably what anxiety is all about, try not to! Most of our panic attacks or anxiety attacks are made from overthinking. Lying there or sitting there and just overthinking every little detail, you’re going to find something negative to think about. When you think negative it’s going to lead to depression, then you’ll be depressed again and then you can’t be happy! Sometimes it’s hard to not overthink, so get up and clean, workout, take a hot bath or shower, hang out with friends or family, whatever takes your mind off of problems. If you take your mind off of the problems as much as possible, you will most likely not end up as depressed about it all!

8.     You are stronger than anxiety! You’re probably thinking or wondering how you are, because it’s just a tiny disorder. Anxiety is just something in your brain, usually little voices telling you okay you’re going to freak out now all of a sudden. That’s never good if you’re in public either. So how are we stronger than anxiety you ask? Anxiety is a small thing, just a very small thing, just like a little cold, just like a little sickness. No, we cannot cure it, but there are certain ways to help with it! You can beat this, no doubt about it. If you use my tips, and you don’t let it get the best of you, that is putting yourself in control! You are stronger, you are the person with the brain, and it is the disorder trying to mess with you. It’s sort of like a bully, it thinks it controls you, but only you can control you. Take control of your anxiety. Do not let it bother you, mess with you, or put you down, you deserve to feel better!

9.     Motivate yourself. Yes, you’re getting tips on this too in this section. Usually motivation helps us get through tough things. It can be the gym, work, school, cleaning, anything, you can be motivated! Look up quotes, play a motivational playlist on Spotify or Pandora, watch a motivational video on YouTube. They always help you to get motivated, which means you’ll be ready to take on the day without an attack bothering you because your motivation is over powering your anxiety!

10.                        Use your favorite hobby! This tip cannot be expressed enough, honestly. When you’re having a rough time with your anxiety, having an attack, or just down, do your favorite things! Doing our favorite things will almost always make us happy again. It could be writing, drawing, a sport, the gym, running, YouTube, etc. if you do what you love when you’re feeling down it will automatically bring you back up again!

11.                     Relax! Sometimes we all just need a minute to sit back and relax. You could take a hot bath, a hot shower, sit in a hot tub, go for a swim if that relaxes you, journal, paint, draw, whatever relaxes you most do it! Relaxing is going to just melt all of those problems away. Once you stop doing what you are to relax, you will feel refreshed and renewed.

12.                        Do not let it lock you away. Most of the time, we just want to hide in a room and never come out, do not do that! It will only give your anxiety what it wants and then it can constantly bother you. This is going to affect your relationships with your family and friends. If you don’t have your family and your friends, who will be there in the end when you have attacks? It will lead to you getting more attacks or more down about yourself. Stay out of that room/house, get up and go out, see friends and family. No matter what you do whether it be seeing a movie, going over to their house, having a night out, etc. it’s going to keep you close and it’s going to make your anxiety leave you alone! Your room is your anxiety’s best friend, it wants you to block everyone out and overthink, don’t! Like stated above, you deserve to be HAPPY!

13.                        Get enough sleep! Literally on every tips or anything post it probably says the same thing which is to get enough sleep, but it can’t be more helpful. If you stay up late at night your anxiety is more than likely to hit you because it usually loves to hit late at night. If you go to bed earlier and sleep through the night, it can’t attack you! Go to bed early, get up early, and get stuff done! You’ll also feel and look a lot better with enough sleep! 

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