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7 Ways to Boost your Traffic with Pinterest

7 Ways to Boost your Traffic with Pinterest.

Do you want to boost your traffic to your blog without having to deal with boring things like sharing on Google Plus or fighting with those limited characters on Twitter? Everyone loves Pinterest! Little do people know, you can use it in so many great ways to increase your traffic? There are tons and tons of ways to do this. Wanna know how? Just keep reading! J

1.       Join Group Boards.

This one is my number one tip because I’ve noticed such great impact to my traffic with this trick. There’s this site called Pin Groupie, you use it to find all of the best group boards and it gives you names, number of collaborators, followers, pins, etc. It’s literally a life saver and helps you find SO many great group boards. All you have to do is click on the group you would like to join, read the bio of the group and usually it should tell you how to join. Most of the time you just email the creator of the board and then ask them if you can join or get an invite, send them your Pinterest URL and if they think you’re a good fit you’re in! The majority of the time you’ll get into the group. If there is no info on how to email or get into the group, I usually just message the creator through Pinterest. Some group boards say that they aren’t currently accepting new contributors, that’s okay! There are tons of group boards out there for bloggers and vloggers. I myself am a part of I know at least 5 or 6 and still trying to be a part of more. It’s great to be a part of the blogging community and have someplace to share or pin each other’s posts! Group boards are definitely my favorite. Every time you publish a new post, just make your post a pinnable image and then post it to Pinterest with your link back to your blog post, and pin it to those group boards. Just make sure you stay inside the limit if your group has a posting limit for the day!

2.       Switch to a Business Account.

Switching to a business account gives you the option to promote your pins so they can be seen all throughout. Not only that but you can see your analytics and what’s been pinned the most. All you have to do is go to and click on “convert your existing account.” After you do that, you just complete the form. When the terms are accepted by clicking the box, a “Convert Account” button appears, click it. After that your page is opened when the conversion is complete. Simple.

3.       Add your Blog and Niche to your Name.

All you have to do is go to your settings and change your Pinterest name and even description. If you’re a lifestyle, food, fitness, etc. blogger? Add it! Also add the name of your blog onto your Pinterest, that way you’re easier to find and not only that but people can find your blog easier too! I myself done this step a while back and don’t regret it at all because I’ve seen quite an improvement from it. Make sure also you have a good bio that describes you and your blog fairly well. Add your blog link into it also so people can easily click on it.

4.       Pin Frequently.

This is a no brainer, and probably not a complicated step either. Trust me, I love Pinterest and a ton of other people all across the world do also. Pinterest is full of great ideas, DIY’s, blogging tips and resources, recipes, outfits, etc. The possibilities are honestly endless with Pinterest so I already spend plenty of time on this platform. The best part about it is, you can help improve your work just through pinning your own pins on social media. Also, making sure to pin other blogger’s work can possibly end up leading to great blogging relationships with other blogger’s. That’s what blogging is all about, sharing each other’s work and helping each other out from time to time.

5.       Categorize All of your Boards.

No matter what they are, wedding planning, blogging, food, etc. make sure they have the right name and description on them. This way you know your pinning to the right things and if someone wants to check out your Pinterest boards, they’ll know what is what and it won’t be super sloppy and then those people turn around and say forget this, it’s too messy! Clean it up you guys, I promise it will make it easier on you and everyone else on Pinterest.

6.       Write Lengthy Descriptions on your Pins.

Every time you pin something that is your own work from your blog, make sure that description is pretty lengthy. Doing this will add more keywords to your pin which will lead to your pin showing up easier on someone’s search on their own Pinterest. Plus, no one is going to click on a pin that doesn’t say what it is! They don’t want to go to a post that they have no clue what it’s about or what they will be reading about. Make sure it’s catchy and that it has plenty of great wording, try to add as many keywords as you can!

7.       Follow Other Bloggers.

Now I’m definitely not saying you should follow just any or every one, you might regret that. What I am saying is that you should follow some of your favorite bloggers and also just some other bloggers you are interested in their posts or blog. This way you could end up maybe with a follow back and maybe even communicating and having a great blogging relationship! This is one step I do all the time, so if you’re a blogger and you follow me on Pinterest you are definitely 99.9% likely to get followed back by me! One thing to make sure of though, make sure that blogger is in the same niche as you. This way you’ll have the same related posts and pins.

So that is all for this post and I hope you enjoyed reading! Pinterest is honestly my main source for traffic to my blog and I absolutely love using it. Everyone loves Pinterest and this is one of the many reasons I do. Hope you guys enjoyed and that these tips were helpful to you and your blog! Thanks for reading! J

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