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How to Cope when Moving Away from Friends & Family Tips

How to Cope when Moving Away from Friends & Family Tips.

Sometimes we have to move away, for work, or just to adventure a little and see new things while we can. So since I’m moving away soon, 14 hours away, from my hometown that all of my friends and family are in, I wanted to post this for you guys. Honestly, I’m a little emotional right now but I’m also super excited about this new start.  But I wanted to post this for you guys to read because I know how you’re feeling about moving away from everyone and I wanted to give you some tips on how to cope with it. It’s going to be completely different being away from everyone you know or them not being right down the street, but it can also end up being the best decision of your life in this new place. Don’t stay behind just because you don’t want to leave your family, they would want the best for you too and this is it. Don’t sit around waiting and say you’ll do it later because you don’t want to leave them behind because you’ll completely regret it. Anyways, here are my tips for how to cope when moving away from your family and friends.

1.       Have a going away party before leaving. This way you can invite everyone to the party, friends, family members, anyone you want to invite to tell them goodbye before you leave. This way you won’t end up in your new town and realize you forgot to tell someone goodbye! It’s going to bother you if you don’t tell anyone goodbye before you leave and just take off. That’s something you’ll definitely end up regretting.

2.       Make sure you have every ones number. You’ll want to keep in touch once you get to your new town to well obviously check up on them but to also tell them all about your new town! Make a contact list full of your family members and friends, try not to forget anyone because you’ll want to keep in touch. At least I know I want to keep in touch with everyone anyways!

3.       Call as often as possible. Especially your parents because they are going to miss you dearly. This might seem like it will make it harder to hear their voice but it’s actually going to make it easier. When you hear their voices and know that they are okay, you’ll feel much better.

4.       Visit as often as possible. This might not be very often or easy because of money and plane, train, and bus tickets can be costly and especially the gas for that far away. As often as you can though whenever you get the money, try to go visit with them. It will make their day and it will make you feel better.

5.       Get them to visit you. This way you can show them your new place, town, and cool things about where you live. Now of course only do this is they or you have the money to get them there but when you or they do have the funds to visit, get them too! It can be a very fun thing to do and way to see your family or friends.

6.       Ask for pictures, like a lot. Pictures are forever and they are ways to see maybe how grown your nieces and nephews are or even your little brother or sister. Plus, pictures are forever. You can put them in a frame and put them up on the shelf or wall to look at it every day and see them or put it in a photo album and look back at it every time you miss them.

7.       Bring along a family picture. If you have a family picture bring it along with you in a nice frame to hang on the wall. This way you will have a little piece of your family with you every day to look at and it can make you smile every time you look at it again because you can reminisce on that day. If you don’t have a family photo, take one before you leave. Trust me you’ll want one. 
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8.       Make a DIY. Pinterest is full of DIY’s on moving away from family and friends. You can make a miss me mug also which I plan on doing soon. You just get a plain white coffee mug and a sharpie (whatever colors you would like) and then just draw your state on one mug and theirs on the other. Then you draw a little heart on each state and draw dotted lines along each one pointing to the other. Which means you’re always with them in the heart. Then write on the opposite side a little note to whoever your making them for whether it be your Mom, Dad, Sister or Brother. They get one mug and you get the other. You could also make some little miss me paintings to do this with. They are not only super cute but they are just a little reminder for everyday that you miss and love that person.

9.       Try not to think about it. This might be hard, actually really hard. It’s going to be emotional and you’re going to cry probably at least a few times.  Try your best to not think about it because if you do it’s going to depress you or get you upset again. To not think about it think more about your place. Plan out what you need, make lists, write down ideas of what type of decorations you would like, a grocery list, etc. Go to the store and pick out some décor or things you’ll need for when you get there. Get as excited as you can about your new place and starting fresh in a new town and it will take your mind completely off of it.

10.    Remind yourself it’s for the best. This is what’s good for you, whether it be a new and really good job (our case), or your just trying to see new and amazing things and places. This is a really amazing opportunity for you and to see and do new things while you can. Don’t let anyone stop you from that. Sometimes parents will freak out, I know mine will in a few days, but that’s okay. They are going to be fine eventually especially whenever they can come visit with you. Don’t let what they say out of anger though change your mind because you’re not doing this for them or anyone else this is for you and a new amazing start for your future. Remind yourself how incredible this journey is going to be and also how exciting. There’s no telling what you could explore and see in this new city! You’ll never know unless you try.

So those are my 10 tips to cope with moving long distances away from friends and family! Hope you guys enjoyed reading and I also hope you enjoy your new city and place you move too. It’s a great journey and experience you should be super excited about! Good luck and thanks for reading as always! J


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