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Discovering your Dream Career.

Discovering your Dream Career.


Some of us know what we want to be our entire lives, the rest of us have no clue and have to just wait and figure it all out as we go. I’m the type that changed my mind every second and had no clue what I was going to do until it finally just came to me. Now my entire life I’ve always said I’ve wanted to be a wife and a mom just like most women. That’s not all I want to do though, I want a career also. It took me a while to figure out what I was going to do and what I wanted to do. There were things that I thought I was going to do and it never happened only because it just wasn’t meant to be. Finally, I came across blogging. My entire life I’ve always gotten on my computer and went on word and literally typed out how I was feeling or just how my day went. Little did I know that bloggers do this. Eventually when I came across blogging finally almost a year ago, I realized it was what I severely wanted to do. Before I found out my dream career though, I actually wanted to be a nurse. To help people, so I went and retook my ACT and made high enough but I did terrible on the TEAS test. So, I decided it wasn’t meant to be for me. Then I finally found my dream career like I said, blogging. The thing about life is sometimes we plan things our entire life out and then life shows us that something else is meant for us and it’s the greatest thing in the world. Usually the most unexpected things are the greatest to happen to us. Whether it be love, a career, family, or friends, anything the best things happen at the most random times. Everything we plan out can be what we want, but if it’s not life’s plan for you it won’t happen. You can go your whole life trying to figure out what you want to do, but unless it’s meant to happen it won’t happen. Even if it seems like a terrible thing or the end of the world that it didn’t work out, you’ll see why someday. Whenever you’re older and everything’s worked out for you the way they are supposed to, you’ll see what I mean. Things that happen are meant to be and things that don’t just weren’t meant to be. Just like a breakup, if life intended for you to be with that person forever you wouldn’t have broken up. Eventually you’ll find Mr. Right and it might not seem true or you don’t believe it, I didn’t either a little over a year ago. Then all of a sudden he came into my life out of nowhere just like blogging and it’s just always felt right. More right and better than anything before. So finding your dream career might seem hard, or like it will never happen, but here’s the thing. When you relax about it all and try your best not to worry about it or stress about it that is when you’re going to find it. Everyone does, it just takes time for some of us. Some of us aren’t happy with our career or doing what we love until we’re probably like 30 but that’s okay! It’s all okay as long as you end up doing what you LOVE. My favorite quote is, “Choose a career you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Or I think this is how it goes? Something like that anyways, but it’s saying if you have your dream career or your hobby is your dream career, like mine is, then you’ll never feel like you’re working because you’re doing what you love to do! You’ll never feel like it’s a chore because it’s your hobby. It’s something that you love to do so you won’t mind doing it every single day like you would at any other job. Something that you won’t get tired of or sick of waking up and going to do every day. Every day when I wake up to write a post or publish or even edit, I never complain and I’m never ill about doing it because I absolutely love it. Now some days when I’m sick or don’t feel good of course I take breaks, like you would with any normal job you would have. Then when I feel better I get right back on it and get to work. Blogging is honestly my favorite thing to do and I’m so glad that I chose this as my career. Every time I work I’m just so grateful that I can do something that I love to do. If you have a dream career, whether it be blogging, YouTube, or whatever it might be, GO FOR IT. Don’t sit around and wait and keep saying when the time is right because the time will never be right. The time is now so start now. Honestly you can do it. Don’t feel like you won’t be good enough either because you will be! Everyone has to start somewhere but there is always improvements and you improve every single time you work, write, film, or edit. Keep working at it and you’ll literally be there in no time. You’ve got this!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and find your dream career as I finally did also. I promise it’s the best feeling in the world. Thanks for reading as always! 

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