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I moved to New Mexico

I Moved to New Mexico?

Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog!

So do you guys remember that post a while back, sort of journal post, where I stated that big things were happening? About me moving and everything that I was going to surprise you guys? Well here it is! About a week ago, me and my fiancé moved to where he works, Carlsbad, NM. It’s not a huge town but it has everything we need. It’s very sunny and has some actually really friendly people. We got a house, well duplex, here and I absolutely love it! Of course I’m missing my friends and family that are a long 14 HOURS away! But I’m very excited about this start for us and so far it has been great.

So as you guys can guess, you should definitely be prepared for some GREAT posts. We’re going to the caverns soon, I’m doing a house tour, another updated cleaning routine soon, décor hauls, etc. Honestly, I have sooo many great posts coming up for you guys from this move. I’m super excited to share this experience with you guys and to bring you along with me to get to know my new town and state and everything we can do here. 

It’s going to be GREAT.

Sorry for this super short post but I just had to share with you guys where I moved and everything and stop holding in the surprise from you guys now that we’re here! Thank you guys as always for reading and please continue to check back for this great posts coming up VERY soon! 

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