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Spring Morning Routine! + 2 Free Cute Easter Printables!

Spring Morning Routine.
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So, it is FINALLY Spring! Where the sun comes out, the birds are chirping, the flowers are growing back, and it’s finally warm enough to put on a tank top without a jacket (in most places)! So if you guys want to know what my spring morning routine is, just keep reading. (Printables will be at the end of the post)

So the first thing I do when I wake up is literally just lay in bed and get on social media for a while because I mean, who doesn’t do this am I right? Plus, I’m never much of a morning person so I always have to play on my phone to wake up. Usually I’ll just check my Facebook, Pinterest for about an hour lol, and then Twitter. I’m not much of an Instagram person it’s once in a blue moon I decide to go on there.

Once I’ve finally gotten tired of laying in the bed or just absolutely have to use the bathroom, I’ll get up head to the bathroom and just brush my teeth and wash my face because I cannot stand having an oily face all day and one face wash that helps me control that problem is this clean & clear foaming face wash. Sometimes I take a shower in the mornings but usually it’s a night time thing.

After I finish up in the bathroom, I just open up all the curtains in the house because I just love my home nice and bright. Plus where I recently moved in New Mexico the sun is ALWAYS shining so I absolutely love the curtains open and the sun shining in my home.

Then, I usually grab me some breakfast. Sometimes I’ll cook something like pancakes, but the majority of the time I’ll grab a pop-tart or granola bar. Of course I’ve also gotta make my coffee too because who doesn’t love coffee? Then I’ll just sit down watch some T.V. and eat my breakfast.

Once I’m finished with my breakfast, I’ll usually get up and go ahead and start cleaning up the house. I’m extremely OCD so having a nasty house, is not my thing. I keep my home SPOTLESS so I make sure to clean up literally every single day the best I can.

After the house is clean I just sit down and usually work. Writing blog posts, editing, editing photos, proofreading, designing, sharing, etc. All of the above I need to do for work I’ll do it now. Then after hours of working I’ll usually put on a cute outfit if I have somewhere to be, get dressed, and just head into town to do what I need to do or maybe even grab some lunch.

So that was all for my spring morning routine you guys! I hope you enjoyed reading and that this post interested you. Also, I hope you guys love spring as much as I do because it’s literally the best after those forever long cold winter months. Thanks for reading you guys!

Here is the link for you guys to download the free printable or just go ahead and print them off! 
Printable 1 Link 
 Printable 2 Link


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