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The Best Spring Cleaning Hacks You'll Ever Need to Know

The Best Spring Cleaning Hacks You’ll Ever Need to Know.
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We all know, cleaning is tough. Spring cleaning on the other hand, is something else. Spring cleaning is ten times harder, ten times longer, and ten times more annoying and tiring.

So after I just spent literally 3-4 hours scrubbing and organizing my house, I figured I would share my favorite spring cleaning hacks. I found these on Pinterest last night and tried them out this morning while cleaning, they are INCREDIBLE. Things that my favorite cleaner couldn’t even get up, these hacks got them up.

The best part is, these cleaning hacks are natural and chemical free homemade cleaners. If you’re interested in learning more about my spring cleaning hacks that I tried out today, just keep reading.

1.     The Best Oven Cleaner.

Yes, I’m that one person that used to spend hours and hours, or at least that’s what it felt like, scrubbing the heck out of my oven. Little did I know until last night I never had to do that! All you have to do is grab a small/medium sized bowl. Pour in some baking soda (as much as you prefer), some vinegar but slowly so you don’t end up making a mess with a science experiment, and some salt (kosher or sea salt either is fine). 

Once you have those all in a bowl together, grab a small spoon and just stir that up really well.

Once you have the ingredients mixed it should be kind of pasty looking and not too thick but not too thin either. 

After you feel like it’s mixed up well enough then grab an old rag or sponge and just slather that paste all over your oven on the door, sides, bottom, racks, and the very back. I like to actually take my racks out while I do the oven separate and you’ll see my next tip on cleaning racks.

After you’ve gotten it all slathered everywhere (every crack and corner), leave it on the oven and let sit for at least 1-2 hours or even longer if you would like. Then once those one to two hours are up, grab a sponge or rag and completely wet it and ring it out.

Now that you have your rag ready, just wipe out everything and scrub the stubborn burnt on spots. If they don’t come out that way use yourself a scraper to get them off or do what I done and use a butter knife and they should come right off. Just make sure to wipe all of the paste cleaner out of your oven and get all of those burnt pieces and gunk off and out of your oven.

Enjoy your sparkling oven! It should look almost brand new again now!

2.     Oven Rack Cleaning.

This is possibly another one of the most annoying things to clean for spring cleaning. Not because you just plain don’t feel like cleaning, but because you literally have to scrub and scrape for probably at least an hour or longer if they are that bad. Not anymore!

This is your solution grab a bowl, some baking soda, and dish washing liquid. You could also add in some vinegar if you would like to help add a little shine to your racks.

After you have those ready just get some of the solution on a cleaning rag or sponge and just start scrubbing your oven racks with it. Let it sit on them for a few hours to let the paste just soak into that really well and do it’s cleaning and dissolving magic.

After a few hours are up, it’s time to clean them off. You can clean them off by either wiping them down with a clean rag with water or you can also just rinse them completely off with water.

If there are any left on particles and burnt on food just grab something to scrape it off, a knife, fork, or butter knife and just scrape until it all comes off and rinse away.

Another thing you can do to clean your oven racks and this is what I done, before you start scrubbing, soak them in a tub full of super-hot water, vinegar, and baking soda and add dish washing liquid if you would like. For dish washing liquid I definitely recommend Dawn because it’s tough on grease and things like you’re trying to remove from the oven racks.

Drain water and let dry, then place back into oven and look at them shine!

3.     Best glass cleaner.

For one of the best most natural glass cleaners you will need 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup of water. Pour these into a container or into a spray bottle and just try it out on your windows and mirrors. You guys will not be disappointed.

4.     Clean your mattress.

To clean your mattress all you will need is some baking sodaNow this isn’t for stains and if you would like for me to add that to this post just comment and I totally can.

All you have to do for this hack is just vacuum off your mattress first and then sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress. Let this sit for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Now that the 30 minutes – hour is up, grab your vacuum and just vacuum all that baking soda up. Not only is your mattress more fresh and clean now, it feels so much softer!

I didn’t expect mine to feel so soft until I got finished vacuuming all the baking soda off and it was much softer and definitely cleaner than before I tried the baking soda treatment.

5.     Remove carpet and rug stains.

Not one person I know nor I like stains in their rug or carpet, they look terrible! Also, they take forever and ever it seems like to scrub out or they just never come out. Now, things change.

To remove those ugly stains grab some baking soda and vinegar. 

Just pour the vinegar over the stain and then pour baking soda over the vinegar. Let the baking soda and vinegar bubble up and remove that stain.

Now just rub away the stain with a damp white cloth. Once the spot is dry just vacuum it up. Simple and now you don’t have that nasty stain in your carpet or rug anymore!

Enjoy your clean home.

Now that you’ve used my spring cleaning hacks and tips, you can sit back and enjoy your lovely clean home and relax knowing you kicked a**. Thanks for reading you guys!

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