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20 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life

20 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life

The truth is, we all get stressed out and we all need some improvement in our lives. It happens and it’s just one of the bad parts of life. You can be anxious, depressed, stressed out and you might not have any clue how to change it and your life just feels like it goes straight to the dumps.

Not anymore. Because here are 20 simple things you can do to improve your life and get you out of the dumps and happy again and back to thinking of sunshine and rainbows and not worrying about everything in the world.
1.     Call a friend or family member.

Even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day, talking to them will make you feel better. Plus if you’re really busy or something 5 minutes would be the best time to talk to them so you’re still squeezing in time for them but you’re still getting things done also. Talking to my family and friends always makes me feel better every day and it’s always the highlight to my day because they just know how to put a smile on my face again. I mean its family so how could they not?!

2.     Declutter your space.

Dedicate one day out of the week or even month to just declutter your entire home. Especially focus on your workspace because not only will decluttering help your home be clean and organized it also will help you focus more. Everyone has said that working in a clean and organized space is much more refreshing than anything in the world. Honestly, I love decluttering and keeping a clean home and especially workspace. Having it all clean and organized is just less on your mind and in your way while you’re trying to work. Plus, you won’t have to hunt down anything anymore especially while working.

3.     Only complain when you can offer a solution to the problem.

Of course we all have to vent, it is part of life. Just be sure that you have a solution to the problem before you start complaining. The time you waste complaining is just time you could spend working to figure out how you’re going to fix it. Complain about it after you figure it out and while you’re working on fixing it, not before.

4.     Look people in the eye when you speak.

I know what you’re thinking, “What in the world” and asking why should you do this or how it even helps. Here is how this tip helps, when you’re looking someone in the eye when you speak it makes you look more serious. Not only does it make you look more serious it puts meaning into what you’re saying and it helps to give a connection with that person. Plus, the person will definitely think of you more as a nicer person if you’re looking them in the eye. Not only that but it shows your confidence in yourself and that you’re completely serious about what you’re saying. It also makes you seem much more trustworthy.

5.     Do a five-minute kitchen clean.

You can do a ton in 5 minutes, take out the trash do dishes, etc. Studies show that keeping your kitchen tidy can reduce stress eating and cause weight loss. Plus, it will make your post-work dinner prep a breeze. Trust me on this you guys I used this tip for myself a while back, and I do it every day now. It helps so much and I just love having a clean kitchen and making it easy on myself for dinner.

6.     Try a new activity.

Test the limits of your comfort zone and you might even feel more energized. Try out the new boutique or coffee shop down the street, learn to play an instrument, take a trip out of the country, or try the gym for the first time maybe even Zumba. Whatever interests you just go for it. Experiencing new things can be a great thing for you in the end and not only that but it can give you great stories to tell others in the long run.

7.     Practice self-kindness.

Tell yourself thank you for once or give yourself a break for a minute. Offer yourself some compassion or grace. The truth is we all get so caught up in everything else, we forget to care for ourselves. Make sure you are happy and kind with yourself. This is very important for yourself and your mental health. Anxiety and depression like to tell us we’re not good enough so we have to remind ourselves that we are!

8.     Break a sweat every day.

Going to the gym or even just for a run or working out at home is going to make you feel so much better. Studies everywhere show that working out releases endorphins which make you extremely and instantly happier. Every time I finish a workout I just feel much better and feel like a weight is lifted off of my shoulders.
9.     Every month check your bank statement and choose one thing to cut out.
It can be your monthly pedicure or cutting the happy hour bill in half. Just do your best to eliminate one thing, and get rid of it. The things your cutting off you probably won’t even realize later on and honestly you could be saving this money to go on trips or get yourself something nice just by saving those extra funds.

10.  Keep a gratitude journal.

When you’re down or in a funk the best way to feel better is this little journal. To read what you’ve already written your grateful for or to write it down. If you’re in a funk just grab your journal or even go on the notes on your phone and just jot down at least 3-5 things you’re grateful for. Realizing all that you already have to be thankful for will make you feel better because you’ll realize you have some great things and people in your life already. You shouldn’t have to stress or worry about other things because you have things to be grateful for.

11.  Make your bed when you wake up.

This tip is known by almost everyone honestly. Doing this will make you feel as if you’ve already accomplished something for the day and make your room look ten times cleaner and neater than it was before. This is why I always start with the bed whenever I clean because it just makes honestly everything seem so much cleaner and neater. I love using this tip and it helps a ton.

12.  Read a book instead of playing on your phone.

Everyone should know that reading is better for you instead of being on a phone. Grabbing a book and reading it will take your mind off of a lot of things plus it’s a good idea to just focus on something so simple instead of so many other things on social media and such. Reading a good book can take you to a completely different world and make you focus on what you’re reading. It’s a lot of peoples way to relax and take their mind off their worst problems.

13.  Say “please” and “thank you” – and mean it.

This is something my parents taught me to always do, and I’m glad they did. Showing a little gratitude for others goes a long way. I remember at 5 years old I would say thank you over and over until someone would say your welcome. Gratitude to others has always been a great thing to me and I’ve always loved to be that way. It’s nice to just be nice to others sometimes. Trust me, they will also appreciate if you do it. I’ve always told my little brother to do the same because it’s just a nice thing to do and it’s important to just be nice. Especially in this world we live in today, it’s hard to find these type of nice people.

14.  Focus your attention on the task at hand.

Sure there are tons of “multi-taskers” in this world, but let me tell you the truth. They only stress themselves out my multi-tasking and worry about too many things at once. Yes, it gets more things done but it also can through you off track and cause you to not focus on one thing more than the other and so your effort won’t be as great on one task. That’s why you should just focus on one thing at a time not 20. It will save you from a ton of stress, promise.

15.  Tackle your most daunting task first.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m going to do this first because it’s the hardest/worst to get it over with or out of the way.”? It’s because getting the worst task over with first gets it out of the way and not only that but it stresses you out ten times less than if it’s not taken care of. Take care of that task first, then the simple and easy ones.

16.  Write down your goals and ambitions.

Writing down your goals and ambitions is going to help you so much with everything, honest. Writing these down can give you motivation and ways to get out of a rut. Not only that but it’s just a good thing to have these on hand when you’re feeling down or whenever you need to get something done and taken care of. Plus, studies have shown that spelling out your dreams in ink can make them feel less intimidating and more attainable.

17.  Think before you speak.

Words are tougher than you think. They can bring a person up or tear them and their world completely down. Some words can be remembered forever. Make sure you aren’t speaking to someone when angry at them because you could say something you don’t mean to say and that you’ll regret and you never know what could happen next. Words can be a terrible thing so just think to yourself before you say it. Ask yourself before you say it if it’s going to effect that person in a good or terrible way for the rest of your lives.

18.  Give praise freely.

To your family members, coworkers, friends, anyone. Whenever they do something nice for you or anyone just tell them how thankful you are for it and for all they do. This will make them feel much better and who knows maybe it could even brighten up their day. Praising someone for good work will also lead them to do it again or maybe even help you in some way someday. Plus it’s always great to just let people know they done a good job, it makes them feel better trust me.

19.  Make more time for things you love.

Spending time with family and friends, a sport, singing, painting, any of it just make time for it. This will make you feel much happier whenever you have something to look forward to and when you’re doing what you love to do.

20.  Drink water the second you wake up.

Drinking water when you wake up boosts your metabolism and immune system actually. Not only that but it’s great for you to do and can make you feel more refreshed and of course, less thirsty.

So those are the 20 simple things you can start doing, today, to improve your life. Using these tips will lead to happiness and much more in your life. Hope you guys enjoyed and these tips help you. Thanks for reading!

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