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Date Night Ideas | Shops, Restaurants, Parks, Things To See And Do For Date Night.

Date Night Ideas
This post may contain affiliate links. I would never send you guys or try to get you guys to purchase anything I wouldn't use on my own.  Hey lovelies! So sorry this post is late. So everyone loves a great date night with the one they love, I mean you’re with the person you love that's all that should matter right? The only problem is where on earth are you going to go for your date night? It takes me hours and hours to decide and on top of that deciding what in the world I'm going to wear, how I'll style my hair, and which color eyeshadow and lip color I should go with!

So where exactly should you go for date night... It's a tough question to find an answer to sometimes. That's why I'm writing this for you guys! I know how annoying it can be and how time-consuming it is to try to pick out a place or things to do. Here are the best date night ideas and the greatest places to go for a fun date night with your love.

1. You're favorite restaurant.

I know, I know, this is literally the most basic place to go for date night. It's also one of the best! If you, and your love too, of course, have a favorite restaurant to eat at just dress up really nice and go! There's nothing better than going to your favorite restaurant together to eat your fav foods. Plus, you know the food will be great so you don't have to worry about going to a new restaurant and the food being absolutely gross! Going out to eat is one of my favorite date night ideas mainly because it's simple, not too expensive (depends on where you like to go), and plus it's something we both love to do! Also, a big plus to it is that you get the night off from cooking and absolutely nothing is better than that!

2. The Park.

Now you might be asking right now, "Why in the world would we go to the park for date night?" Let me tell you guys the absolute BEST thing to do and one of my favorite things in the world. Right around sunset, grab a couple of items such as a blanket, some food, and drinks if you would like, and maybe a pillow just in case you don't like laying flat. Then head to the park, lay everything out, and just lie back and look up at the stars together. This is literally the most romantic and beautiful thing to do. You never realize how beautiful a night sky is until you do this. You could also go during the day and have a little picnic together and walk around and maybe get on the swings and act like kids again too! But the stars are my all time favorite.

3. Grab a coffee.

This one is in the extremely basic zone, but it's a great idea. If you and your love are big coffee lovers, I definitely recommend this one. Go to your favorite coffee shop or just a random Starbucks or something nearby and grab a cup of coffee and just sit at a table and talk. Sometimes we forget to talk to each other and this is a great way to do so. Plus, I think everyone loves coffee right? At least I know I do anyways!

4. Catch a Movie.

This is great, but especially when a good movie has just come out that you two have been dying to see. Plus the movies are always a great date night spot for anyone! If you can't afford to go out to a movie, just cuddle up in your jammies on the couch with some popcorn, drink, and candy! At least you won't be in a room full of people anyways.

5. Go For a Drive.

This might not seem very date nightish or fun but it really is fun! Just riding around town and looking at different buildings, homes, even nature at it's finest is just fun! You don't need a ton of money and a fancy restaurant to have a good date night. This is a great way to just adventure together without spending a ton.

6. Go Shopping Together.

I'll be honest, I HATE shopping alone. Since I recently just moved to New Mexico 14 hours away from home I have no gal pals here. That is why me and my love literally always shop together. We don't go shopping without each other because it just makes it much more fun! So for a good date night just go on a shopping spree whether it be to the mall or just to Walmart or the grocery store! It's always better together.

7. Go on a Trip.

This would be I'm sure more than one date night it would probably be a couple but who doesn't like a good trip every once in a while? We love to get out of the house and see different things. We just moved here a few months ago and it's still a trip to me learning this new town and state and just adventuring all the fun things here to do! Going on a trip is definitely something fun to do together for a date.

So that's all you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading. So sorry that this post was late and should've been out yesterday I was exhausted yesterday and didn't have any posts scheduled ahead like I normally do. I think I've just been out of it lately... Anyways, thank you guys so much for reading! Check back MWF (don't include today, sorry again you guys) for new great posts and helpful tips! Hope you guys enjoyed.
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