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Top 6 Tips to be More Productive.

Top 6 Tips to be Productive.

Well, I think we all know that sometimes we need a little help with being productive. It can be tough and especially whenever you’re just extremely stressed out and have a ton going on in life. So here are my top 5 tips to be productive to help you get the things done you just really need to get done!

1.     Get a planner.

Planners are my all-time favorite tool to help me be productive. Just write in it every morning what you need to get done for the day or you could even write in it the night before as to what you need to get done. It helps me so much honestly that it is unreal because it lets me know everything that I need to get done and so I can’t forget a thing.

2.     Make to-do lists.

One thing you never know until you do it is how helpful writing to-do lists really is. Making to-do lists is something else I like to do in addition to my planner. It helps add the little details that I can’t fit into my day on my planner. It’s really great for making a list of every little thing I need to do and crossing off what I’ve done. These are especially helpful for cleaning.

3.     Wake up earlier.

This is one tip that not one person wants to usually hear, but it’s the best one yet. If you get up earlier you have plenty of time during your day to get everything you need to get done taken care of. I promise you guys this is so worth it because you just are able to get so much more done than in the afternoon. Some places too are actually closed in the afternoon and so you can’t get to them on time so it’s just a good idea to get up early and get it done. Plus, I’ve noticed it makes me feel better and much more productive. Tips to wake up a little easier are definitely drinking coffee the second you wake up and also taking a warm shower or bath. Just make sure that your water isn’t too hot in the shower or bath because then it’ll make you tired again but taking a shower or bath right when I wake up instantly wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. Plus, being clean all day is a great feeling.

4.     Keep your home clean.

This is one of the best tips also because when your house is clean, you feel clean. If your home is clean you’re going to be and stay so much more organized. Not only that but you’ll also feel better and more productive which will lead to you getting more taken care of and done off of your list. This might seem silly but trust me it is a great idea because I know if my house is clean I can get a ton of things done and taken care of but especially work.

5.     Set reminders.

All iPhones have a way to set reminders. I like to do this whenever I’m out and I don’t have my planner or to-do list on hand I just set reminders of things I need to get done and by what time. That way they stay on my notifications and they can notify me around or before the time I need to have them done by. They are super helpful. Also forgot to add you can make a to-do list on your notes on an iPhone too.

6.     Make your screensaver motivational.

Do this to your phone, laptop, computer, and tablet. This will help you so much because when you read your phone or you go to work and read your screensaver you’re going to feel so much more motivated. Plus, everyone grabs their phone when they wake up and so reading a good motivational quote every morning will help motivate you to be more productive.

So that was all for this post you guys! Hope you all enjoyed reading and use these tips to help with your productivity and help you get all of those tasks done and taken care of in time! Check back MWF for more posts and I love you guys to the moon and back! :)

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