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VII Code's O2M Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair Review

VII Code's O2M Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair Review.

Hey, you guys! This is a little random post because I always like to do my reviews on Saturdays now but anyways. I've been meaning to bring you guys this post for a while now but I've had tons of things going on but now it's here and that's all that matters! So today I'm testing out this O2M oxygen eye mask for all night repair. Vll Code is an 8-hour overnight treatment, which is different from any other sheet masks. You literally get to sleep with it on while it works it's magic and you cannot even feel it while you're asleep. The material of the eye mask is gel like and so when you apply it under your eyes it feels very relaxing, soothing, cooling, and it's just a very nice feeling because of it being a gel material mask. The eye mask applies twice or three times a week and has 3 boxes a course of treatment. They come with a lot of masks in that tiny box, you'll be surprised! 

One thing I know about this mask is that I absolutely love it and it's very hard for me to fall in love with anything that has to do with my skin or eyes. I'm extremely picky whenever I try products like this for the first time so it's got to be good for me to use it or even want to try it. Whenever I applied it felt very cool like it did not make my face hot not one time or get on my nerves about being under my eyes because it has such a cooling sensation which I absolutely loved about this product. My other favorite thing is the way that it didn't bother my eyes at all when I had it on. In my photos, it looks very bulky but as long as you place them in the right place it won't bother your eyes at all. It did burn a little under my left eye whenever I applied it but it wasn't very severe at all it was just like a burn after you scratch your skin around your eye for a little too long but it goes away in less than a second. Trust me you guys if it was that bad I would let you know but it's really not at all. This eye mask was incredible and I usually hate sleeping with anything on my face or eyes, even my hair can't bother me, but this mask really didn't bother me. Honestly, I didn't even feel it while I was asleep so it was very nice for it to not effect me or my sleep. 

                                                        (Please excuse my just washed, face)
Now for the results. After ONE night I am not kidding you guys ONE night, I saw results the next morning! Honestly, I thought it would take a couple of treatments before I seen anything like most products and because I have very low iron all the time so my eyes always have dark circles under them but they worked literally for me on the first night! My dark circles are still there a little of course because I only used one treatment so far but they really did make a difference already on my first night of using which is why I'm going to be continuing the use of this treatment. They are absolutely incredible and feel amazing under your eyes. You all know I wouldn't send you to something I didn't like using. So, now that I'm done rambling, hopefully, if you guys would like to purchase these amazing eye masks, just go here. ==>> Another thing you should know too, if you have dark circles like me or wrinkles under your eyes this is the perfect solution for that! I highly recommend you guys purchasing and getting this product because it worked absolute wonders on me! 

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Like I've said a thousand and one times before if I didn't love the product, I wouldn't in a miillion years send you to it. This product really is a new favorite of mine though so you should definitely at least try it out. Thank you for reading and always being my biggest support and check back for more great posts soon! 

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