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10 Reasons Why I Love Spring Cleaning (And Why You Should Too!)

10 Reasons Why I Love Spring Cleaning (And Why You Should Too!)

why you should love spring cleaning

The truth is, none of us like the energy it takes to clean. It’s exhausting and wears us completely out and only leads to being a mess again in another few hours from dinner! So how on Earth could anyone love to actually do a deep spring cleaning? It’s simple and there are tons of reasons. I love spring cleaning more than I do regular cleaning and there are plenty of reasons as to why I do. Plus, nothing is better at all than opening up the windows and just giving your home a good scrub in time to renew it for spring after those long, dark, cold months of being locked up and trying to keep warm.

Now that it’s finally warm and sunny outside (in most states), open up those windows let the beautiful sunshine in and get ready to clean and don’t complain through the whole thing. Jam out and enjoy. Now that I’m done explaining all of this, here are the 10 reasons why I love spring cleaning and you should too.

1.     It’s therapeutic.

Yes, I am one of those people that feels cleaning and spring cleaning is literally the most therapeutic thing on the planet. It calms you in every way possible mainly because you can just take your mind off of everything and focus on the cleaning you’re trying to do and take care of. Spring cleaning just relaxes me so much honestly and makes me feel so much better once I’ve done something to take my mind off of everything.

2.     It’s a great workout.

If you do a REAL spring clean and literally do like me and scrub every single inch of your home, you’re determined to break at least a small sweat. Trust me I do every time it seems like. You’re constantly moving or scrubbing or organizing and so literally you’re making just as much movement as you would at the gym if not more. Honestly, every single time I get done, I’m exhausted and sweaty but I also feel GREAT! The only time I don’t really break a sweat is if the AC is blasting cold but usually I still end up sweating or feeling like I just left the gym.

3.     It will make you feel better!

As an OCD person, I cannot explain how great a clean house feels. Every time I clean I feel so much better even sleeping or sitting down in my house because I know that it’s clean. I work better, eat better, sleep better, heck I even watch TV better! It’s such a nice and refreshing feeling to have a clean home and to just sit back and relax in a clean home. Honestly, every time I clean up and start working again like writing a post or something in that matter I always feel TEN times better. I can find everything and I know everything is sparkling clean and there is absolutely no better feeling than a clean workspace and not being stressed whenever you lose something.

4.     Your house will thank you for it.
why you should love spring cleaning

Trust me on this. Whenever you do a spring clean, your home is going to look so much bigger, nicer, and sooo clean! Honestly, it will look like a brand freaking new house sometimes, just depends on how much mess you had. My house never ever has looked better until after I finish spring cleaning. Once I have my home scrubbed the heck out of, sometimes it just seems so much better than it was before. Not only does it make me happy but I think it makes my house happy also to be clean again!

5.     Your allergies will chill for a while.

Now if you have severely bad allergies, or just aren’t allergic to dust, ignore this completely. But if you’re allergic to things like I am such as dust, dust mites, and even roaches, yes my allergies are that terrible, then it's a great idea to do a deep/spring clean! 

why you should love spring cleaning

So that’s all for this post you guys and I’m sorry it's sooo short honestly. I’ve been really lazy lately on my blog and I’m sorry about that I’ve just had a lot going on. So anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! 

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