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Tips to Fight Anxiety & Get Through Tough Times | Mental Health Awareness Month Post

Tips to Fight Anxiety & Get Through Tough Times.
tips to fight anxiety

The majority of us have anxiety or have found out by now that we have some sort of anxiety. It can suck at times and usually make us feel crazy or like we just don’t think like a normal person. You’re not crazy! Anxiety has that tendency to make you feel this way or down about yourself like you’re just not good enough. The truth is, you are and you deserve much more than to feel this way just because of this disorder trying to hold you back so much!

I’ve wasted so much time, just hiding in my shell or in my room depressed and thinking I wasn’t good enough. My dreams since I was 5 have consisted of singing and doing incredible things with my voice but over the years I’ve been so scared to even try to sing in front of others. Why you ask? Because my anxiety always made me feel like I would never make it or I wasn’t good enough. My birthday is December 5th and I’ll be 20 this year, I’ve waited long enough! I’m tired of holding back because anxiety thinks it can control me and my dreams.
Now it’s your turn also to fight anxiety and to stand up and show this disorder that YOU are the boss of you not it or anything else. If you’re sick and tired of feeling this way and feeling like you can’t get through any of it, just keep reading love.

1.     Turn Optimistic.

This can be hard, really hard. Not only because if you’re already a pessimist but also because it’s just hard to change your attitude completely. I used to think it wasn’t possible to stop the negative thoughts all the time, but then one day it all changed. One day I started looking in the mirror and telling myself these random positive things that could turn out of a bad situation and now today, that's become a habit and I do that all the time. Being optimistic fights anxiety because anxiety gives you all these negative, overwhelming, never ending thoughts in your head and with being optimistic you can remind yourself it’s going to be okay in the end!

2.     Get Stronger.

The best thing to do is just remember how much of a strong person you are. You’ve made it this long fighting with this disorder where some people can’t handle it. Do you not realize how strong you are? Honestly, you’ve been through some of the worst possible things and thoughts that others couldn’t even imagine and here you are still alive, breathing, and stronger than you could ever be. Every day you get stronger is every day you're telling your anxiety to back off and you get to do what you really want and need to do in your life. Strong people can fight like heck, the stronger you are the harder you can fight against your anxiety.

3.     Get Lost in the Music.

One of the best things to do when you feel down or out and your anxiety has the best of you is to jam out and just get lost in your favorite songs. Sometimes your anxiety thinks it can over power you and your brain but when you have the music going and you get so lost in it, it blocks out all of those negative thoughts. Just make sure it’s a good, positive, upbeat song you're jamming too because sad songs are no good for trying to make yourself feel better!

4.     Write about it.

When it feels like everything’s falling apart and you can’t make it through, write it out. On a piece of paper, your laptop, in your journal, wherever you feel like writing it just write about it. This will help you relieve so much stress and get all off your mind and just onto the paper. This helps me so much which is one of the many reasons I started blogging! 

tips to fight anxiety

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