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Where I've been + What's Going On | Life Update | Journal

Where I’ve Been + What’s Going On | Life Update & Journal
life update and journal

Hey loves, thank you for continuing to read my blog and always being here and staying updated. I’m still here I promise promise promise. My life has had a ton going on right now and you’re probably asking, “Where on Earth have you been?” Here is my post explaining and my apology because I haven’t already updated you guys or told you I would be behind.

There has been so much going on lately you guys from trying to find work because blogging isn’t making an income yet to finding a new dream career and what I really want to do. Blogging I’m still doing occasionally because it is a hobby, just like journaling. I just decided to stop relying on and waiting on my blog to become my career because really I realized for me, blogging just isn’t meant to be my career. Blogging is made more for my hobby and to do when I have a lot on my mind.

I love my blog, my audience, I love doing this it’s just not going where I planned on it to go about a year ago. I’m not giving up on my blog or saying I’m quitting because I promise you guys I’m not doing that I love writing and it takes a ton off of my mind. What I am saying is I’m going to be behind a lot now and focusing a lot on my dream career and what I’m really going to do with life and also still write when I really feel the need too because it helps me so much.

We are also moving back home soon in August so I’m trying to prep for that, I’ll be working because today I got two incredible job offers, and of course I have to cook and clean too so I’ll definitely be behind on writing and everything but I’ll still be here checking in on my blog sharing posts with you guys and writing whenever I get the chance.

Like I said though you guys, I’ve had a TON on my mind lately and going on in life and just got done figuring out what I really want to do with my future career which is eventually going to be the branch manager of a bank and then hopefully move up to President of a bank. It’s what I really want to do and I really feel like I would do well at. Plus, the pay is great and could support me and when I do decide to have a family one day it can support all of us then also. Plus, it’s a great long term career that I could do until I decided to retire. It’s going to take some work to build up my experience but I’m so excited to start this incredible journey that I’ve already been blessed with the opportunity to start building up management experience as an assistant manager at a store!

So, that being said I’m super excited about this opportunity and this new goal. But as I said too I’m going to try my hardest to keep writing and try to post as often as I can. Holidays will be easier to post for because I can come up with a ton of more ideas.

So, I just wanted to tell you guys that and I also want to thank you so much for reading my posts and being there every time I write and also checking back so often to see if I’ve posted, yes I see you guys every day coming back to my blog and I’m so glad that I could build such a loyal audience over this past year. I promise I won’t let you down and there are some great posts coming I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE. J Love you guys to the moon and back and thank you so much for continuing to inspire me every day to do things that I love.

P.S. I have a ton of posts actually written that I wrote a week ago, just have to edit them, add pictures, and they’ll be scheduled to come out very very very soon! J

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