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At Home Spa Night | Pamper Night Routine

At Home Spa Night / Pamper Night Routine.
at home spa night and pamper routine

This post hasn’t been written in a while so I figured why not write it for you guys! One of my favorite things to do after a long day is to just have myself a good pamper night and just relax and get refreshed again. There are tons of things I like to do a good pamper night so if you would like to know my routine and have your own, just keep reading! J

©       The first thing I like to do is just grab all of the things I will need in the bath or when I get out. The things I like to get are, portable speaker to jam out because music is the best especially during a spa night, my phone just in case I want to change the song or watch some YouTube or something, all of my moisturizers which are usually already in the bathroom, some nail polish and remover and nail clippers, hair brush and products I like to add to my hair after I get out, clothes duh, a good bubble bath (bath and body works is my favorite), and some candles or at least one to light while I relax.

©       Once I’ve got everything I need I just start running my water and add my bubble bath. My current favorite is Paris Amour by Bath and Body Works because it just smells so good and girly which is totally me!
©       While my waters running I like to light some candles, wash my face, and just go ahead and brush my teeth to get it over with before I get in the tub.

©       Once the tub is full I just like to obviously get in and I usually just lie back and relax while I jam to some of my favorite music. Usually, I’ll go with some bubble bath playlists on Spotify or just some type of relaxing music and from time to time I’ll go to country because I don’t know I just really like country or I’ll sing along to Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande because I mean why not right?

©       After I’ve had a good soak in the tub for at least about 30 minutes I’ll just shave my legs and everything and just wash myself really well and then I’ll turn on the shower and rinse off everything and just wash my hair like normal just to get all of the bubbles and everything out.

©       After I’m done in the tub I just get out dry off like normal and just use my FAVORITE lotion which is EOS and I have the full set which comes with the body lotion, chap stick, and the hand lotion and I usually like to use the hand one on my face just because it doesn’t seem to break me out somehow.

©       Then I’ll just moisturize all over my legs arms and everywhere just to make sure I’m completely pampered up because moisturizing is essential on a pamper night but especially after shaving.

©       After I finish with that I’ll just put on deodorant (obv) and throw on my clothes I have laid out which is usually something super comfy and my big t-shirts are my favorites for nights like this because they are soo comfy and just throw on either some joggers or some pajama shorts ( I have a TON. )

©       Once I have all of that done I’ll just usually remove all of my old nail polish and just cut and repaint my nails because I probably haven’t in weeks and pamper nights are the best nights to do this in my opinion. I’m not the greatest at painting my nails you guys, not gonna lie.

©       Then once my nails are painted and looking cute, I’ll wash my hands because feet aren’t the cleanest. Then I head into the kitchen and if it’s still pretty early I’ll make myself some coffee or if it’s later I’ll make myself some tea.

©       After I have that made I’ll just usually lay in the bed and either write some blog posts, get on social media, YouTube, read some other blogs, or just read a good magazine and watch TV.

So that was all for my pamper night/spa night routine you guys! Hope you all enjoyed reading and that you also have a great pamper night yourself. Comment some of your favorite things to do on your pamper/spa night routines I would love to hear! Thank you for reading and check back soon for more. J

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