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The Best Business Casual Outfits/Pieces | Business Casual / Preppy Style.

The Best Business Casual Outfits/Pieces.
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So while I’ve been busy and off and not blogging as often as I need too, I know sorry you guys, I’ve actually found and been focusing on finding my sort of style. My new style is a lot of preppy and business casual. Something about a blazer and a good pair of boots/booties just makes me get heart eyes. Sooo, I figured why not just make a post or a list of all of the best outfits and pieces that I could find for you guys and obviously for myself too to help you find your perfect pieces to put together the absolute best outfits.
If you want to find your style or just your styles perfect pieces for that perfect outfit, just keep reading.

Favorite Blazers.
Now one of my absolute favorite things and pieces in my new style is definitely a good blazer. Honestly, these look so good with any and everything almost so I have to show you guys some of my absolute favorite blazers.

Favorite Trousers.
One thing that is new to me are definitely trousers. They aren’t the cutest until you pair them with the right top, blazer, and pair of shoes with a good bag. Here are some of my favorite pairs and styles.

Favorite Dresses.
Anyone who really knows me, knows I am absolutely obsessed with dresses. They are just super girly, super cute, and can actually be very businessy/preppy. So, here are some of my favorite dresses and picks for a business casual/preppy outfit and style.

Favorite Skirts.
One thing about dressing more preppy/business casual is there are a ton of ways to wear pencil skirts. Although they can seem horrid, they really aren’t you just have to know how to wear them. Here are some of my picks.

Favorite Pant Suits & Jump Suits.
Although I haven’t officially purchase a pant suit yet, I have purchased my first jump suit and it is super comfy and way adorable so I highly recommend these with a good blazer and some good shoes. You won’t regret it. Also, if it seems too plain just add in some cute accessories and it will look absolutely great.

Favorite Shoes.
We all love shoes, but sometimes it gets a bit tricky with these outfits. Here are some of my picks that go really well with these pieces.

Favorite Bags.
Every girl needs a good handbag to keep all her necessities in. Here are my favorite picks that also all look very well with business casual outfits and look very professional.

Favorite Tops.
Well, we have to have a top to go under all of those incredible looking blazers right? Here are some of my favs.

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