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Get to Know Me | The Girl Behind The Blog

Get to Know Me | The Girl Behind The Blog.
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I’ve been writing on my blog for a while now and the only thing you guys really know about me is what I wrote in my bio so I figured it was time to give you guys some info about me!

My favorite things are obviously writing and blogging as you can tell because of how much I write about how passionate I am about my blogging and what I do so that you guys already knew I guess! I’m 5’1 exactly, yes I know, going to be 20 in December which seems unreal, blonde that used to be strawberry blonde :/. I’m a Pretty Little Liars and Selena Gomez obsessed fan from time to time and could probably talk about the both for days and never stop, I also like Ariana Grande and The Chainsmokers and occasionally country music because I grew up on that. Another thing you should know is that music is my life and I’m actually a pretty decent singer but the only people that have heard me sing and probably ever will is my little brother which is 7 and it was years ago that he heard me sing and my dog that lives back at my Mom’s place. I was born in Hattiesburg, MS and raised in Laurel, MS and went to school up until 10th grade and then ended up getting my GED because I stayed sick so I couldn’t finish school. Then I got to go to college earlier than anyone else I knew and earlier than I was supposed to which was pretty cool!
Few other things about me is that I have pretty severe asthma and allergies and whenever I was in about 6th grade I got my first case of pneumonia and it was so bad they had to hospitalize me for a week and gave me a breathing treatment every 2 hours… so annoying. I thought I would honestly never get out of the hospital. Before that happened, I went to a lung specialist in Jackson, MS and he found a spot on my lung in my left lower lobe and told me it was a mucus plug and if it didn’t clear up he would have to go in and vacuum it out. Afterwards, I was hospitalized a couple more times up until 9th grade for the last time with severe pneumonia in both lungs and my left lung collapsed. They gave me tons of stronger breathing treatments and eventually I finally got out of course but it was a nightmare because around the time we found out my favorite Aunt I was named after had stage 4 brain cancer and was dying so it was all a nightmare of a time.
When we lost my Aunt in 2013 I went through a deep depression because we were so close and it tore me to pieces to lose her. Honestly, my head was out of whack and I done a lot of crazy things. Once I started my GED classes in 2015 I was much better and had changed a ton. I was finally okay and happy even though I did have my moments.

Another thing about me is that I have anxiety and depression. The anxiety always causes my depression because I have social anxiety and a few others and it’s very annoying. Ninety percent of the time I’ll just lie in bed and overthink every little thing from my anxiety and end up depressed for days over it. It’s a nightmare but I’m trying to fight it without any sort of medications because I don’t want to turn into someone I’m not. So I fight it and try to be the most optimistic person alive. I’m also another one of those people who can fake a smile like a professional whenever I really feel like I’m falling apart on the inside.

Those are some of the things that my parents don’t even know themselves about me. Things that I can’t talk to anyone else about but I can somehow write about it. Music and writing takes me to a different place and level and I can’t explain it. It’s like whenever I listen to my music and I just write it all out I’m on a different planet and I absolutely love it. It helps my anxiety and everything so much that it’s unreal. That’s one of the main reasons why I started a blog and why I love writing and blogging so much. I’ve always written things whenever I had too much on my mind but I never actually done anything with it up until now and I’m so glad I can now.

Anyways, that’s all I can think of writing for now you guys so I hope you enjoyed reading this and finally getting to know me! If you have any other questions you would like to know or if you just want to tell me about yourself also please feel free to comment and I would be glad to hear your info also! Thanks so much for reading as always you guys! J

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