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Moving Hacks and Tips for Long Distance.

Moving Hacks and Tips for Long Distance.
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So I already mentioned to you guys and made a post on it already about us moving back home again soon, 14 long hours away. I figured, what better time than to do another updated and better version than the last post on moving hacks and tips for long distance.

Honestly, I’m so not ready to pack everything all over again load it all and then unload again and all of the work in moving BUT I am so so so ready to be back home in the MS because I miss it and everyone so much back home. New Mexico isn’t terrible, but it’s not the greatest. There is honestly no place at all like home and I’m so ready to be back.

Anyways though, if you guys want some great moving hacks and tips for a long distance move, just keep reading.

5 Weeks Before

-       Notify people. Your landlord, the bills, etc. because you’ll want them to know your moving soon and you’ll need things cut off or stopped within a certain amount of time so they’ll be prepared to turn it off and won’t wait and charge an extra month or something.

-       Start getting your old home move out ready. If you’re in a rental, you’ll know what I mean. You obviously want your deposit back and not only that but you don’t want to be that rude tenant that leaves the old place a complete disaster. Then other landlords will call that one and then? Bad feedback because you left the place a mess! It literally only takes about an hour or so to scrub the entire house and have it ready to move out. Plus, the earlier you start the easier on the day of the move.

-       Fix holes in walls, chipped paint, carpet stains, etc. Like I said, you’ll want your deposit back and if you left a mess it’s your job to clean it, obviously!

4-3 Weeks Before

-       Start packing small not needed daily items. About 4-3 weeks before you should definitely start packing because it’s going to make it at least 5% easier on you during the moving day or packing the whole house away day. Just start packing the small items that you don’t need daily such as decorations, extra clothes or seasonal clothes you don’t need right then, etc. By doing this you’re going to make it easier because you won’t be packing literally everything all at once.

-       Start saving and reserving. If you're moving long distance, you’ll need things such as a U-Haul and things to help you move. Go ahead and start reserving or saving up for these things and also if possible reserving a U-Haul for that day so you know for a fact yours will be available by the time of the move.

-       Organize everything. Trust me, the more organized you are the easier it’s going to be to pack everything away organized. Plus, the more organized you are and you pack the easier it’ll be to unpack everything!

-       Start calling soon to be home options and places that you will have bills. Power, water, TV, etc. you want to start calling them asap to get an idea of how much you’ll need and to tell them obviously you need it. You want to be double sure that it’s there when you move so it’s a good idea to call ahead.

2-1 Week(s) Before

-       Start getting supplies. From boxes to tape, box cutters, etc. you’ll want to get it now so you can start packing and everything ahead of time. This is the time you just want to go ahead and get it all over and done with early to be prepared.

-       Start packing everything. From clothes to extra pillows and etc. just make sure you don’t need it on a daily basis and if not, pack it. When packing just ask yourself, do I need this daily or not?

     Day of the move

-       It’s finally the day, load everything up. Literally everything, my tip is to put heaviest in the back, furniture on the sides, and boxes in the middle.

-       Clean up the house before you leave. Like I said you obviously want it to be clean when you leave so make sure you do one last final clean up. Just pack you’re cleaning supplies separate and last so you’ll have all of them before you leave to clean up.

-       Go get snacks and drinks for the road. If you don’t want to stop every second and get something to eat I recommend stopping at a grocery store or of course Walmart to get some snacks for the road. If it’s a long enough drive, like mine is 14 hours, you’ll want some snacks and everything without stopping every few hours.

-       Wear comfy clothes. You’re going to be loading, unloading, and also sitting in a vehicle for a WHILE, definitely recommend you to wear something comfy. Workout clothes are usually extremely comfy for me and help control sweat which is perfect for moving. T-shirt and leggings is also a good idea too!

-       Blanket, pillow, music. Nothing else is severely needed, except the food of course, but the pillow, blanket, and music is essential for any long car ride so I definitely recommend those 3 sticking with you.

-       Head to your new home, get there, unload, and get some long needed rest! You don’t have to unpack the same night just lay back and relax. It’ll still be there the next day for you to unpack!]

So that was all for this post and I hope you enjoyed reading this post and also that it helps you with your long distance move. I know myself after moving to NM from MS that long distance moves are not easy and sometimes you need advice and tips. As long as you make it a fun experience though it can be extremely fun and easy! Hope your move is easy and be safe on the road. Also, enjoy your new home and new place!

Thanks for reading! J

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