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My Favorite Things About Summer!

My Favorite Things About Summer.
favorite things summer 2017 beach swimming waves
Finally, it’s almost summer and already hot weather! So now that it’s already hot outside and almost summer I figured why not make a list of my favorite things about summer and what my favorite things to do are? I mean I can’t be the only one that absolutely loves summer, of course, fall is forever my favorite season but summer is 2nd always! So here’s the list and I hope you guys enjoy reading and this gives you some ideas of what to do for this summer!
favorite things summer 2017 beach swimming waves

·         The beach.

·         The pool.

·         Swimming (obviously).

·         Waterparks.

·         Best season for SIX FLAGS! (My favorite place in the world to be honest.)

·         Watermelon season!!!

·         Cute outfits.

·         Wear all the sandals and dresses in the world!

·         Buying cute new bathing suits.

·         Bright cute colors.

·         Hair gets lighter!

·         Skin gets tanner (sort of or sunburned…)

·         Summer nights.

·         Trips and road trips.

·         No more freezing!

·         Workout outside.

·         Go out more, without being completely bundled up.

·         Did I mention cute outfits?

·         Most good music comes out around summer!

·         More things to do. (Everything goes on in summer, literally!)

·         Bright nail colors make more sense!

·         Sandal weather!

·         Ice cream and frozen yogurt are even better!

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