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An Open Letter to PLL | PLL Ending Soon

An Open Letter to PLL | PLL Ending Soon

If you are as crazy and obsessed as I am when it comes to PLL, you will relate to this letter very much. Pretty Little Liars, has changed my life for the better. It’s always been my weekly relaxation time and it always takes my mind off of the world and everything that’s gone wrong or bad in my life. It helps to keep me out of depression.

So, in honor of this ending coming up next week which I am NOT what so ever mentally ready for, I decided to write this open letter. You can definitely relate I’m sure if you love this show as much as I do. Honestly, I’m going to bawl nonstop next Tuesday. So, here we go.

Dear Pretty Little Liars, Marlene King, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Tyler Blackburn, Ian Harding, Keeone Allen, Janel Parish, and the rest of the PLL cast and to all who made this show happen and possible.

I have to say thank you a thousand times for making this show happen. This show has been an inspiration to me for love, that no matter what true love always finds its way back and it ends up better than ever. That real friendships are possible, because these girls stuck by each other for 7 long years after everything they went through in this show. That it’s possible to get out of any sticky situation no matter how hard it might seem. It has taught me I don’t have to spend the rest of my life depressed or unhappy.

This show has shown me, how to get out of depression and find happiness. I used to be depressed, but once I found this show it took out an hour each week every Tuesday (PLL DAY!) and it made me forget about every problem or anything bad I’ve ever dealt with. It made every painful situation, seem not as painful once I finished watching. Mainly because it put my main focus on the show and trying to find out who AD is. It has taught me, Ezra that people can grow and change so much and become so much more of a better and loving person. It’s taught me that no matter what life throws at you, it’s possible to make it through it all, Spencer mainly. No matter how much or how badly it seems your family falls apart, it’s still all okay in the end.

This show has also taught me to stand up to bullies and not let them walk all over me. To never let someone torture you or push you too far and to stand up to them. Even if that means playing the game with them and alongside them to be the bigger and better person, it’s possible to stand up to them. That no matter too how mean or horrible a person seems, there’s always a story or reason behind it. Also, with Emison, that love is love no matter what gender shape or form. They are adorable together and belong together so much. That no matter how far off love wanders, it always finds its way back with Spoby. No matter what you go through or what happens or how many arguments you might have, you make it through when it’s true love and that’s Ezria. And no matter who you’re with or where you’re at in life, if you let true love go it’s always going to find its way back as Haleb did.

This show was one of the biggest blessings in my life, and the most incredible thing and journey I’ve ever taken and been through. Full of cliff hangers and constantly coming up with new theories and shipping my fav couples and wanting to throw the remote at my TV when they would break up. This show has taken me on a wild ride and I couldn’t thank it more. It also helped me find my true style, over the years as I’ve watched Spencer’s character mature her style became more and more my style. Now, every time I go in a store I ask myself, “Would Spencer Hastings wear this?” If so I usually buy it.

I’m not sure if this show means as much to you as it has me for so long, but it means the absolute world to me. It makes my week better every time I watch a Tuesday episode. Never will I ever forget about this incredibly amazing and inspiring show and I will forever and always cherish it and remember all of the crazy things and events that happened to these girls and couples in this show. I’m so excited to see the finale but also extremely dreading it because I know I’m going to cry my eyes out. So that was my open letter to PLL and the gang. I love you PLL and I will forever carry this show in my heart. Thank you so much for this crazy wild ride and journey! To the show, cast, everyone that made this possible thank you so much and I love you so much for making this show happen. 

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