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Amusement / Waterpark Essentials | what’s in my bag for Six Flags and the Waterpark!

Amusement / Waterpark Essentials | what’s in my bag for Six Flags and the Waterpark!
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amusement park waterpark essentials bag necessities

Sorry about the super long title you guys, honestly I had no clue how to break it down. Anyways, since its summertime, it’s obviously amusement park and waterpark season! Those are the best places to be in the summer time and six flags is my fav but sometimes it can be frustrating when you forgot something or when you need something and realize you left it back at the hotel or your house!
amusement park waterpark essentials bag necessities

If you’re like me and always realize you forgot something, here’s my essentials list so no one forgets anything again!

o    Sunscreen

o    Reusable water bottle (those drinks are too expensive!)

o    A little extra money (not much you don’t want to lose any at the park! Just enough for food if you’re eating inside the park!)

o    Wrist wallet. This is so helpful and if you get one you can fit your phone in, even better! They won’t allow bags on the rides at six flags but those they don’t mind.

o    Headphones. If you’re like me and LOVE music that much, bring them just in case.

o    Shades.

o    Ponytail holders and bobby pins, just trust me. That hair will not look as good after you’re off your first ride.
o    Hat, if you’re a hat person. I’m not though so I won’t need this.

o    Bathing suit. I highly recommend wearing this under your clothes. If you’re going to a waterpark or the amusement park like most six flags has water rides and a waterpark inside, you’ll want to wear one under your clothes I’m sure.

o    Phone protection. Usually, iPhones don’t like the sun and they definitely do not like water. Walmart has some of these pouches to keep it safe, you could get a life proof case which is $80 though, or you could just do what I’ve done and use a zip lock bag to it works just fine as long as it’s closed all the way and no holes are in it.

o    Camera. If you love pictures and are a big photographer, bring your camera along. Just make sure it’s not in your way of having fun. I like pictures but I just use my phone and it works just fine.

o    Towel/beach towel. If you go to the water park you’ll need one.

o    Backpack/bag to put all of this in. You don’t have to tote it around either usually there are some lockers at places all over amusement parks and waterparks that you can rent while you’re there. (More reasons to have that little bit of extra money)

o    Ticket/season pass. This is an obvious one but you’ll definitely need it if you’re wanting to get in! Trust me, we all forget things sometimes.

o    Comfortable, good, walking shoes. If you’re going to the waterpark just skip this because it’s a waterpark. If you’re going to an amusement park though, highly recommend investing in some Nikes or something comfortable and durable because it is a TON of walking. Especially if you want to stay an entire day like I do. I actually made the mistake of wearing sandals once and my feet were killing me and had blisters all over them, don’t be me.

o    Small travel sized perfume and deodorant. If you’re a girl, you know why I added this. All that heat and sweating, you’ll need it trust me. At least once.

So that was all for this post you guys and if you have anything else you think you should add/bring just add it below in the comments or let me know in the comments and I’ll add it gladly! Thank you guys so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it and have a great time! J

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