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Honest Bloom and Prosper Candles Review + Why I'm Buying Again

Bloom and Prosper Candles Review
*This post may contain affiliate links*
bloom and prosper candle review tobacco oak comforting sandalwood

Recently I came across these candles in Ross one day because I love Ross and I’m literally in there every single day I have the money to spend. I was walking around and then stopped to smell candles and ended up spending way too much on candles and clothes but anyways. This post is not sponsored but it does contain affiliate links only because I want you guys to be able to purchase these too if you want after this post because they really are amazing candles which is why I’m writing this for you guys.

So, about a week ago, I went in Ross and walked to the back and found this incredible candle by bloom and prosper and the scent was tobacco and oak. The smell was absolutely so incredible, I could not put it down. Plus, the jar was super cute and had a white and black color to it and had stay positive written on the top of the lid and the front of the jar, which was even cooler to me. Usually I don’t care for tobacco or oak smells at all, but this was different. This candle smelt so different and it has a musky smell to it but also a sweet and also perfumey sell to it and I fell in love. Not only that but I noticed, it was only about $12 originally and down to $7 at Ross. Um yes, I had to grab that baby because it smells sooo amazing.

The second I got home I lit it and literally I could smell it in the living room everywhere and also down the hall and in the kitchen because it’s such a rich and good scent that you can smell it that far away. It actually burns very evenly too which is a shock because most candles don’t do that too well. Anyways, I absolutely fell in love with this candle and it’s just so pretty and smells absolutely amazing.

Then, today I went back into Ross and of course, me being me and my candle loving self, went to the back to smell. Well, I found ANOTHER bloom and prosper but this one was a tad bit different. It was shorter and had a different look to the jar. It wasn’t as cute as the other, but it was still pretty cute and actually reminded me of beachy vibes honestly. Well, I smelled it and could NOT put it down again. The scent of this one is comforting sandalwood and it says it’s scented for relaxation. It has also a wood wick so it has that crackling sound which is SUPER relaxing. The smell sort of reminds me of an amazing smelling mens cologne and the beach mixed together. It’s absolutely incredible and the smell is actually very rich and strong but also it’s not too overpowering.

Best part is, I got this one for only $5.99 at Ross and it was only originally $8.95. These candles are super cheap but they smell SO good. When I lit this candle I could automatically smell it and it’s such a rich scent that it didn’t surprise me I could smell it all throughout the house. The sound was absolutely so relaxing and I will forever be in love with wooden wicks now because of the sound. It also like the last one burns super evenly which is still surprising in any candle.

Final review, these candles are absolutely incredible and I give them a 10+ because of how amazing they smell, look, and how relaxing the smells are which I’ve never had in a candle. Bath and body works has some competition now. J

Thank you guys for reading and if you would like to get yourself some of these amazing candles that I highly recommend, you can look below and find the ones I have and also some others that I’m going to try very soon! If you get them or one please comment and let me know your thoughts as well. I love to hear from you guys. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and check back soon for more loves. J

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