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July 4th Fun Ideas / Things To Do.

July 4th Fun Ideas / Things To Do.

July 4th is such a great holiday and a good day just to go have some fun and do great things. Plus, don’t forget FIREWORKS! I hate how loud those babies are but geez do I love how pretty they are also. The best thing about July 4th is it’s hot out so you can usually do more and go see more things, without freezing your butt off.
So, if you need or just want some fun ideas for things to do on this July 4th just keep reading!

1.     Shoot Fireworks / Watch Fireworks.

I’m not sure if it’s legal or whatever to do this in your state/country BUT if it is this is definitely the number 1 thing on my list to do for July 4th. July 4th is known for fireworks which is why they are sold EVERYWHERE right before the day of! It’s extremely fun to do at night. If you don’t want to take on the risk of shooting some yourself just get some little sparklers or something OR just go watch fireworks which is my favorite thing to do. Back home in MS, we have a firework show at our mall every year and it’s one of my favorite things to do every year. They are absolutely beautiful and I love to watch them. I’ve also watched them at Six Flags in Georgia before which was also absolutely beautiful. It’s just a fun thing to do and something really beautiful to see.

2.     Have a Cookout.

This is something my family and I love to do on July 4th or really any holiday where it’s hot enough out to fire up the grill. My Dad is literally the best at cooking on the grill and so we actually have done this a lot when I was back home. It’s just a good day to sit outside cook on the grill, and watch nephews and nieces and little brothers and sisters run around the yard and maybe run around with them!

3.     Go Swimming.

This is an obvious thing but like, hello it’s hot out go swimming! Swimming is always a fun thing to do and especially on a holiday. If you don’t have a pool, just go to a river, beach nearby, go to friends that have a pool, or just head to your nearest waterpark if they are open on July 4th. Super fun to do and enjoy a day of swimming on a good holiday. Just don’t be like me all the time and forget to apply sunscreen and end up in pain the next day!

4.     Have a party/get together.

By no means am I telling you guys to have a HUGE party and get drunk and etc. don’t do that, you guys… you don’t need alcohol to have a good time! What I mean is head to Walmart, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree, grab some décor and food, pick out some good music, call up some friends, and have a good get together/small party. Eat some good food, swim or set up a slip n’ slide? Have good conversation and just have a good time, then you could even shoot some fireworks at night or just have a bonfire. Just make sure you don’t have any burn bans out of course before you do so.

5.     Take a Road Trip.

Road trips are always a good time. Why not go on July 4th and enjoy a day out and seeing new/different things? You could head to the beach, amusement park, waterpark, wherever on earth you wanna go and have the money to go. Just go and enjoy the day with a good person or a few good friends/family members.

So those were all of the tips/ideas I could come up with you guys, sorry I couldn’t think of more! But I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you get a good idea of what to do on July 4th. Have a fun and safe July 4th and don’t get too crazy!

Happy July 4th!!!

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