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Summer Bucket list 2017 | Summer Goals

Summer Bucket list 2017 | Summer Goals
summer 2017 bucketlist goals fun beach six flags

Even though it’s not officially summer yet until June 21st it’s still extremely exciting and it’s pretty much already here I mean it’s 100 degrees and + where I’m at right now! The waterpark is open, it’s June, the sun is always out and shining bright, cute bathing suits are being sold everywhere so for me, it’s definitely that time to post this.
summer 2017 bucketlist goals fun beach six flags

Every summer of every year I make one of these lists, whether it be on my blog, Tumblr, or just on a piece of paper to look at and check off the few things I actually get to do each year. So, let me stop rambling and just get into the post, Summer ’17, LET’S DO THIS.

©       Six Flags (at least twice)

©       Go to the Beach.

©       Go Back to the Caverns (while still here)

©       Get a car!

©       Stick to my job…

©       Watch the Finale of PLL!

©       Get a little more tan.

©       Lose weight!

©       Travel, travel, travel.

©       Visit the Waterpark, again.

©       Go to the River and Fish?

©       Get more cute dresses and tank tops!

©       More sandals, duh!

©       Get cute bathing suitssss!

©       Make more blog posts for summer.

©       Watch or shoot fireworks for July 4th.

©       Have a July 4th cookout.

©       Get back home in August!

©       Find Good Music.

©       Long Drives with the windows down and a good playlist.

©       Get more organized…

©       Write more often.

©       Hang out with a friend.

©       Road Trip.

©       Have a picnic.

©       Have a full on beach day.

©       Have a bonfire.

©       Stargazing.

©       Have an awesome date night.

©       Go night swimming.

©       Go swimming anytime period

©       Go on a family trip to six flags.

So, that was all of the fun things I could think of for this post but they all are going to be epic and I can’t wait to start checking these off my list! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and check back soon for more! 

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