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Tips to Stay Motivated to Get Healthy + Keep Going to the Gym.

Tips to Stay Motivated to Get Healthy + Keep Going to the Gym.

One of the things all of us, especially us girls, have issues with is staying motivated to work out. Honestly, it’s not even the working out part that’s hard, it’s eating healthy and staying motivated to keep doing it. Eventually you get sick of it and come up with a million excuses to not go. This is something I do and why I’m about to put a change to it to keep myself motivated and keep at it because I’m tired of not reaching my goal! It’s time to reach our goals and dreams and stop letting life and obstacles get in our way!

Let’s do this 2017!

1.     Good Music.

The number one thing that has always kept me motivated to keep going to the gym and not give up, is good music. On days my music is on point, I am on point. Not only does good music make me happy and want to dress up and look cute and just have a good day all throughout, it also makes me wanna kick a** at the gym. Honestly, I can find one good song put it on repeat and start thinking about how I wanna test it out at the gym and run to it like crazy. So, I hit the gym. The more updated you keep your playlists and songs, the more you’ll stay motivated. Music can always motivate you if your big on having your music while you workout and honestly, who doesn’t listen to music while they work out? It’s what gets me through my workouts. Turn up those jams and get to running girl!

2.     Motivational Quotes.

This is another thing that REALLY motivates me a ton. You can get on WeHeartIt or even Pinterest and just put in the search bar “Fitness motivation” “Motivational quotes” or “fitspo” you’ll find tons of motivational quotes. Not only that but a ton of pictures of healthy people that will make you want to be healthy too and also a ton of healthy food pictures and everything else. It’s super super motivating and I’ve been using this trick on and off for years now I just stop which is what makes me lose motivation. Look at them when you wake up and read some, you’ll be motivated. You could also set one of the pictures as your lock screen to look at and read every single day to motivate you and remind you to go to the gym every single day. Also, write some down and decorate it a little get a bulletin board and put them on there and keep them in a place you can read them every day, now you have motivation everyday on your wall also!

3.     Buy New Clothes.

I don’t even have to explain this too much, if you’re a girl you’ll get it. Cute workout clothes are the most motivational thing! Just do your hair up cute and wear that cute new outfit and boom, you’ll be extremely ready to hit the gym and kill your workout. Reward yourself too every time you lose a pound or a few, that way you’ll want to keep going to keep rewarding yourself. Nothing more motivating than doing this trust me.

4.     Hang a Piece of Clothing on your Wall.

You are probably thinking, “What on earth?” What I mean by this is get a piece of clothing that you can’t fit or want to eventually fit into after you lose the weight. If you don’t have one, go get yourself something like a shirt or even bathing suits are super helpful! Hang them on the wall and look at it every day to remind yourself you have to go to be able to fit into that like you want. I’ve tried this and it helps a TON. Like I said, nothing more motivational than new cute clothes.

5.     Start a Fitness Journal.

This is super super super helpful honestly you guys. All you need is a journal which you can get for like literally $4-$5 at Ross which is where I got mine and they have a ton that have really cute designs and quotes on them. You could even get a $1 notebook or something from dollar general, Walmart, or dollar tree. Anything works honestly I started off with a spiral notebook for $1 until I got my journals. You could start a bullet journal and track your workouts and everything in it OR make it completely about fitness. Lately, I track it all in my bullet journal but you could totally just start a fitness only journal. Write and draw motivational quotes everywhere in it and decorate it really cute. Also track your workouts, what you did that day, what all you ate, if you know how many calories you ate or burned write that down, how you felt during it and afterwards, honestly whatever you want to write in it. Then you can look back at your progress and its super motivational. Progress is the BEST motivation because you actually see it working and so you want to keep going.

6.     Go with a Friend / Significant Other.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half and lived together the majority of the time so we always go together and it motivates me so much. Not only because it’s not just you going but usually one of you won’t feel like going and the other will so you just tell each other, hey no you’re getting up and we’re going. It’s actually really helpful because it makes you not miss as much all the time all because your just tired or “don’t feel like it” is my excuse usually. He helps me go and motivates me to go. Now though I have to motivate him more but he’s the one who got me into going for good in the first place so it’s nice to have someone making you get up and go all the time. If you don’t have a girl/boyfriend, that’s okay! You don’t need to have one to go, lol. Just grab a friend or even family member, one time I even brought my Mom lol, and it can still be just as fun and motivating. My Mom actually pushed me harder in the gym and told me to keep going, lol!

7.     Look Up TASTY Healthy Recipes.

I know you guys are thinking healthy eating is disgusting and boring and plain, I promise it’s not that bad! Used to I would eat a salad or some fruit and that was it and I ended up bored with it and stopped. Then I got on Pinterest and looked up some really healthy good recipes, there were a ton and all were actually super yummy! Pinterest has a ton of different types of healthy recipes to try out and honestly, you’ll find a ton that are really tasty. I didn’t think I would until I tried and I didn’t know I could cook as good as I do, until we started eating healthy and it turned out REALLY good! J

8.     Remind Yourself Daily Why You’re Doing It.

Don’t do this for a guy, over a breakup, because someone said something mean to you, or for boys or stares. Do this for yourself and your health. For you to feel confident in your own skin and happy with yourself and proud of yourself for doing it. That is why you should do it, for YOU. To feel and be healthy and happy. That’s all that should matter. If you remind yourself of this daily, you’ll keep at it and you will feel incredibly great in the end when you reach your goal.

So that’s all for this post you guys! I’ll be posting more fitness and get fit with me posts on here just to keep you guys and myself motivated and keeping at it! Remember this is for YOU and for you to be happy and healthy again! Thanks for reading you guys and check back soon for more. J I post M-F now too by the way. 

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