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December Cleaning Routine 2017 + Get Ready With Me For The Holidays!

December Cleaning Routine 2017 + Get Ready With Me For The Holidays!

Honestly you guys, I love the holidays so much. From the different candles and scents that come out to food to family all of it I just absolutely love the holidays. The thing I notice though is my house can tend to get messy very easily on the holidays from all the buying, gift wrapping, shopping, etc. One thing I love to do is keep the house as clean as I possibly can though with this simple cleaning routine and so I can get my house ready for the holidays. So, if your wanting to know what my cleaning routine for the holidays is, or would like to get ready with me for the holidays, here is my December 2017 cleaning routine so you can get motivated to get up and get ready for the holidays too! Hope you guys enjoy reading.

Number one comes coffee always, so I always like to make some coffee before I get started cleaning. My caffeine is what gets me through all of it and plus it keeps me warm if it’s freezing inside the house and the heat hasn’t kicked in yet. Honestly, I have always done this and probably always will. Coffee = LIFE you guys and you know it. 

The first thing I always love to start doing when cleaning is make the bed. Making the bed just makes everything seem so much neater and just cleaned up already. That’s the number one thing that I love to start off doing just to kind of tidy up and get all of the throw pillows off of the floor and everything and it just looks so neat and clean honestly. 

Once I have the bed made I usually go around the bedroom and pick up any items that are on the floor and on the tables. From dirty dishes to dirty clothes, anything that doesn’t belong I’ll pick it all up and put it all where it goes. 

After I finish that usually I’ll head into the bathrooms and pick up any items that don’t belong on the counter and pick up dirty towels and clothes up off of the floor. Then I’ll just put them all where they belong. 

Once I’m done doing that I’ll head into the kitchen and just start putting away things that don’t belong on the counters or the dining room table and just put them all away. 

Once I get everything put up I just like to start doing the dishes. Usually, I just rinse everything and put it in the dishwasher because I mean, who wouldn’t if they have a dishwasher right? 

After I have all the dishes put away and started washing in the dishwasher I just like to clean out my sink really well because one of my favorite things to do is clean my sinks I love the look of a clean sink for some reason. 

Then I’ll just wipe down all the counters, appliances, and the stove and just give it all a good wipe down and cleaning. This is another one of my favorite things to do because it literally looks and smells so good after I do this. Then I’ll just go around and wipe down my dining table and chairs, then head into the bedroom and wipe down my nightstand and table and shelves, etc. After I’m done in the bedroom I’ll go into the second bedroom and wipe down my desk and everything in there. 

After I’m done with that I’ll head into the bathrooms and just clean the counters, and clean the tub and shower every now and then, and then obviously the toilets. 

After I’ve finished scrubbing everything occasionally I’ll go in and wipe down all the mirrors, windows, tv’s, and all of the glass surfaces we have. 

Once I’m done with that I’ll just sweep the floors in every room and hall I can get then I’ll just go in and mop. 

After the floors are all clean I’ll start on clothes and just fold all of the clean ones and put them away. 

Now I’m finished! Usually, when I’m finished I like to light my candles especially my Christmas scented ones to add to the mood and then I’m completely done and can just sit back and relax in our now clean house! 

That was all for this post you guys, I hope you enjoyed reading! Check back soon for more updates and happy holidays! 

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