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E-book Update + What It’s About and Where I’m At

E-book Update + What It’s About and Where I’m At


So, if you guys have been reading my posts for a while then you would know that I’m working on an ebook. A while ago I started on it and I’m sort of taking my time on it to kind of perfect it because I want it to be exactly the way I plan and for you guys to actually be able to read it and use it and it be useful to you. I’m really hoping you guys end up loving it because I’ve worked so hard on it and still working hard on it. It means a lot to me because all of my tips and everything came from my heart and also my mind. From anxiety attacks to heartbreaks to depression all of it this ebooks going to help you through it. Honestly, I started on it when I was going through a lot and that’s why it means so much to me because I know that I poured my heart out into that ebook so I hope that you guys end up loving it when I do eventually release it. 

As of right now I don’t have a release date set I’m just going by what all I have left to write, edit, and I need to make a cover and everything still too and pick a way to publish it which I haven’t just yet. About the ebook though is what I should be writing about because I don’t think I’ve actually told you guys anything about it or what it’s going to completely be about. The title of it is currently #AllTheFeelings and it’s a book full of pep talks and tips to get you through tough times. Whether your in a new relationship, trying to get out of a bad one, trying to fight with your anxiety and depression, or just feel stressed and unmotivated to do things I have a pep talk for each one. So whenever you feel a certain way you can literally just go to the table of contents and find the feelings that your having read how to get through it and you’ll feel ten times better, or so I hope. My main purpose in this ebook is to spread positivity and happiness and get you guys through any tough times your having with life and in life because I know we all have those days where we just feel like we won’t ever get through it. It feels endless especially if you’ve been going through it for a while now. So that’s what it’s for. #AllTheFeelings is for all the feelings you could possibly feel and to be there to help you get through it all when you feel like you’ll never get through it all. 

Life can get hard sometimes. It can feel like what you’re going through will never end, but I promise you eventually it will. That’s why I’m working so hard on this for you guys because I know it’s gonna help you so much in ways that maybe others can’t. Maybe you feel like you just can’t talk to others about your issues or your anxiety makes you feel like you shouldn’t, now you’ll have this book. 

I’m going to try and hurry and get it all done for you guys it’s just I’m taking my time like I said on it because I want it to be as perfect as I can possibly get it for you guys because you deserve it. Plus, of course I want it to look nice and be easy to read for you! 

Anyways that was my update and I hope you guys enjoyed reading I promise you it will be out soon and the second that I set a release date I’ll update you guys on it here! Thank you guys for reading and check back soon for more! 

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