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How To Be More Productive At Work: Even During The Holiday Season


One thing that can get hard during the holidays or even just at work, being productive and staying motivated. Literally, it’s so hard to just every day walk into work or sit down in your office and be happy go lucky about everything and be in a good mood. It can be hard to be excited or motivated to work honestly because it’s work, the same thing you do every single day. One thing though you should know, without motivation there is no productivity so you should always try to find the motivation to get busy. Anyways, if you guys want some tips and tricks on how to be more productive at work, even during the holiday season, just keep reading.


Now I know this is a hard one because you're going to work to do the same things that you do every single day, it can get old fast. It’s easy to lose motivation when you're doing these things every single day of the week or M-F almost all day long it does get very easy to lose it. But the thing is you can’t let the negativity take you over you always have to look on the bright side. Think about the fact that you work for a good reason. Maybe you're working there to support your family or yourself or you just like the extra income there’s always a good reason for it. One thing I’ve learned helps motivate me is looking up motivational work quotes on Pinterest, watching my favorite YouTuber on her channel because she has a ton of motivational / productivity videos, Kalyn Nicholson if you want to look her up to help you, or even just writing and looking in my bullet journal to motivate me. It all helps in some way and it will help get you up and moving and back in a better mood about things and to help you get stuff done. I know it’s hard to stay motivated and I know you can get sick and tired of your job, FAST, but you have to remind yourself of the reasons you're doing it. I lost motivation to blog for a while now and then I realized how much I love writing and how much I missed it so I started back. That’s what you should do, think about how much you would miss it and it’ll get you back on track. 


These are the steps I take with my job and blogging, I always love to plan everything out first because it’s so productive yet it helps me stay organized so much because I can look at my planner every day and keep track of what I need to do and get done every day and it’s so much easier and simpler than just figuring it out day by day what I have to do. If you're a really organized person like I am, a planner or bullet journal or both will be your best friend. My planner and bullet journal is a huge help and can help you so much to keep organized and keep track of your daily tasks which lead you to be more productive in your work, especially as a blogger. 


If you love writing, you should always write to make you feel and be more motivated and productive. Writing is something that I absolutely love to do and it helps me so much. When I’m feeling stressed or worried or just in a good mood or even sad I love to write. It’s like when you write you can just pour out your heart into that document and you won't’ end up feeling judged or hurt. You can just write. How lucky am I that I can eventually turn this into a job. Writing can help you so much more than you even know, just grab a laptop, computer, or even book or paper and just spill it all out. Promise, once you get done you won’t regret it at all. 


One thing I’ve learned helps a ton in staying organized, productive, and motivated is highlighting. By highlighting you can color code everything and you can even look it up it actually helps when you use bright colors to put you in a better and more productive mood. Not only that but it will make your work look ten times neater and cuter. Honestly, I’ve done this from middle school all the way up until now and will probably continue to do it until the day I die I just absolutely positively love highlighting and it just helps me stay organized too. For example, in your planner and bullet journal, highlight important days of the week that way you’ll know what days you have important things coming up. It’s super helpful and very pretty!


A thing I’ve always loved to do, especially since starting a blog, is getting/writing ahead. Getting ahead of your workload means you will get ten times more done ahead of time which means, less stress on you. It’s super helpful, super motivating, and you can eventually sit back and relax knowing you got it all done. Plus, there’s literally nothing more satisfying than when you get finished with all your work and sit back and can just say, “I’m finally finished.” It’s literally the best, and so very productive and motivating to know you’ll have time to just relax once you're done. 

So you guys that was all for this post thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Check back soon for more positive, motivating, productivity posts and also more holiday / seasonal posts! 


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