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How To Get Through The Holidays Without Going Broke + Printable Budget Tracker


One of the hardest things on the planet earth is staying on a budget or making one, especially during holidays. There are so many things you want to get for yourself, kids, S/O, family members, friends and you just don’t have the money! Then there are all of the sales during the holidays and you want to hit every single one of them and it’s so hard not to be able to! Now you can because here are some tips to help you budget during the holidays so you don’t go broke and also a budget tracker printable included! 

Make a list.

In this list make your list for your monthly income and how much you have coming in each month, you could also do biweekly if you would like, and then how much each bill is that much. Then add a spot to subtract a little to put into savings and then whatever is left, is how much you can spend. This will help you to make sure that you can have enough to buy the things you want but also still get your bills paid and have a little left over. 

2. Pay the bills FIRST. 

Don’t ever put off your bills those should always come first. Make sure your bills are paid before you go shopping that way you know you don’t have anything to worry about if you run out of money and that includes groceries too first. 

3. Figure out how much for savings, then spending. 

First, you want to figure out how much you want to put into savings maybe this month for the holidays put back a little less but you always want to put back some in savings for emergencies or just for future things that might happen and you’ll want to use it for. Always put something back in savings and once you figure out how much you want to put into savings then you can use what’s left for spending money. That’s when you can go out and spend whatever is left and blow it like there is no tomorrow as long as everything is bought and paid for before you do so. 

4. Hit the sales.

If you want to end up with more this season and a little left over, hit sales. Literally, almost every store in the nation has sales for holidays it’s literally tradition, they want to make more money you want to buy more things. So you should always hit sales because they’ll help you save but not only that you’ll end up walking out with ten times more than you ever expected.

5. Make lists. 

Always try to make lists of the things or ideas of things you would like to get for each person and yourself because not only will this save you money and time but also the stress. I cannot count all of the times I would go looking for presents and have no clue what to get once I got to the store. Look up ideas online before you go and make a list that way at the store you can look at the things on your list and usually once you see it in person you’ll know exactly what to get them. 

That’s all for this post you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading! Also, don’t forget to print off my budget tracker I made for you guys to help you stay on track and on a budget for the holidays! As always thank you guys so much for reading and check back soon for more budgeting posts and seasonal / holiday posts! 

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