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5 of my Favorite YouTube Channels and Why

5 of my Favorite YouTube Channels and Why

5 of my Favorite YouTube Channels and Why

Kalyn Nicholson. Something about Kalyn’s channel is mesmerizing to me. Honestly, I look up to her because of how positive she is, how healthy she is, and I love her style. Like, you’d swear she's my sister too we look alike a ton. But I just love her because she’s so positive and she’s helped me through so many things with her videos, from breakups to traveling on your own to being on your own to planning and organizing all of it. She’s also a badass and is the most productive YouTuber I’ve probably ever seen on YouTube and she kicks complete ass on her videos. It’s way motivating in her vids because she actually motivates me to get stuff done. I’ve been watching Kalyn for about 4 ½ years now and I don’t ever plan on stopping. She’s literally the best and you guys should definitely go check out her channel! 

Mamamiamakeup. Mia Stammer is incredible. She is super sweet and pretty yet absolutely hilarious too in her videos and vlogs. Mia, I’ve been watching for about 5 or 6 years now and she followed me on Twitter which I was way all too excited about! I’m still happy over that. Anyways, she’s a really popular YouTuber who has a ton of great videos especially for girls who need a laugh or a little positivity in their lives. She also has a ton of good girly videos like we all like to watch such as hauls, etc. 

Fancy vlogs by Gab. Gabi Demartino. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Niki and Gabi right? Anyways their sisters and have been YouTubing for the longest time. They still do a lot of them together but they also have their own channels now and I’ve always been a big Gabi fan. She has a ton of cute girly/frilly videos that are filled with nothing but pink, glam, and luxury. I absolutely love Gabi’s vlogs and videos because she’s so sweet and I love watching her hauls or anything to do with her apartment, it’s adorable! 

Chloe Boucher. This girl is gorgeous and not only that but she has the BEST makeup tutorials I’ve ever watched in my life. She just goes a little more into detail than some YouTubers tend to which I love about Chloe. I’m not one for makeup videos too often, but when I’m in the mood for them I always head over to her channel. 

Shay Mitchell. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s from Pretty Little Liars, I don’t know. Honestly, I believe it’s that but I do like to watch her videos on her channel. I think I just love keeping up with the cast plus she has a ton of entertaining videos and might I mention, her goodbye letter to PLL was way emotional which was when I found her channel. 

That was all for this post you guys! Hope you enjoyed reading and check back soon for more posts. Also, follow my blog and social media to stay updated on more posts to come very soon! 

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5 of my Favorite YouTube Channels and Why

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