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6 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Throughout the Day

6 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Throughout the Day

6 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Throughout the Day

So, I remember when I was younger and something would stress me completely out and I wouldn’t have a clue how to calm myself down. Anyone else done that before? It’s just like you get to this state of mind where you feel like it can’t go away or be solved or fixed and you're just completely stressed out and then don’t know what to do. It’s way annoying and hard to deal with. But the thing is, you don’t have to do that anymore. Don’t sit and have a panic attack all because your so stressed and don’t know how to calm it down. Here are some simple ways to relieve stress throughout the day that are tried and true. Also, I use these tips myself and they really do help. 

Music. Whenever you're stressed to your max and you feel like you can’t stop it, grab your headphones or turn up the radio. Honestly, I recommend bringing your headphones everywhere with you because you’ll need them to help. This tip has helped me in so many different ways. Music is something so calming and can be positive. If you listen to something good, calming, or upbeat and positive, it can have a huge positive effect on you. Which means less stress and more happiness. That’s always what we want in life. 

Breathe. Sometimes we get so stressed out, we just forget to actually sit back and breathe. We can be thinking about a thousand different things and let it get to our head and boom stress gets to us. Try to sit back and do some breathing exercises and it will help to calm you, your heart rate, and your blood pressure down a ton. Plus if you're focusing on breathing for a minute, after your done you’ll sort of have it hopefully all off your mind at least a little. 

Sweat it out. The gym or a good workout/run can be your LIFESAVER. Not even kidding you guys, working out can help you in so many ways. When you walk in the doors you can have a thousand and one things on your mind and while you workout but I guarantee you’ll leave that workout feeling ten times better or without it on your mind anymore at all. So, whenever you're feeling too stressed to deal anymore just hit the gym. Even if you have to work if you have the time go for like 30 minutes on your lunch break or right before or after work. Plus most gyms have showers and an area for you to get ready if you would like so, it’s a win-win here. 

Write it all out. Whatever may be stressing you out, write it out on a piece of paper. Literally just jot it all down and vent to the paper. It’ll make you feel like you just told your life story to someone and really all you did was write down how your feeling and what’s wrong. It’s super helpful and it has been known to help a lot of people, especially us writers. 

Relax. Just lay back and watch your favorite TV show or movies, run a bubble bath, do whatever it is that relaxes you most and you’ll feel ten times better and it’s going to relieve all of that stress so much you won’t believe it. You’ll get finished and be like, where did it go? Down the drain that’s where! 

Clean it out. Some people hate cleaning, some love it. If you're like me though and love cleaning and the feeling of a clean house after you get finished, you should definitely clean it out. Anything that’s on your mind, just clean and scrub your house and I guarantee you’ll feel ten times better and more refreshed once your done and have a clean house. Something about cleaning is so therapeutic I just can’t explain it honestly. 

So that was all for this post you guys and I hope you enjoyed and that these tips are very helpful to you! Stress can be a very dangerous thing when it’s taken to an extent so don’t let it get the best of you. Take a break and use my tips to help you clear your mind and relieve yourself from it. Anyways, check back soon for more posts like this and also follow My Life in a Blog and me on Bloglovin’ and social media so we can socialize and so you can stay updated on new posts and such! Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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6 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Throughout the Day

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