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Decluttering: How To Decide What To Keep.

Decluttering: How To Decide What To Keep. 

Decluttering: How To Decide What To Keep.

One thing we can all have issues with is organizing and decluttering. It can be hard to keep up with especially when life gets in the way. From clothes to shoes to food to drinks to decor to pillows and blankets to paperwork and mail, etc. It can get cluttered and disorganized fast and it can be a bit messy! Everyone has phases though where they are just super disorganized for a while because life might be in the way or you might be super busy with working or life itself, it happens! 

You should know though that organizing and decluttering is the most satisfying thing in the end, you could ever imagine and you never know until you do it. But some people don’t understand this or struggle to understand this because they hate cleaning and organizing so much. 

If your that type of person that just hates decluttering or has trouble throwing things out and donating them, here are some tips on how to decide what to keep because it can be hard. 

Ask yourself this. Do you still wear it or would you wear it again? If your answer is yes, keep it! If your answer is no to throw it out or donate it. 

Figure out how long it’s been since you wore it last. If you’ve worn it in the past 3 months, keep it. If not, donate or throw out. 

Donating and throwing out decisions. If it’s still in good shape and doesn’t have holes, tears or stains donate it. If it’s in bad shape and it’s got holes and tears and stains and is a complete mess throw it out because no one is going to need it, including you. 

Ask yourself if you still use it. If it’s an electronic, kitchen appliance, etc. if you don’t use it donate or sell it unless it’s broken. There’s no need in keeping it if you don’t use it. 

Throw out anything broken. Dishes and plates, glasses, mugs, lids, serve ware, anything that’s broken or looks bad throw it out because really you don’t need it. Don’t hold onto things that are broken or of no use anymore. 

Keep sentimental things. Things that mean a lot to you or that are important to you keep them. Family photos, mementos, passed down items, etc. keep them. That’s something you should never throw out. 

Keep things you still wear. If you still love it or wear it or would wear it, it’s definitely a keeper. 

Keep things you still use. From electronics to kitchen items or whatever it might be if you still use it or would like to use it, keep it. Don’t throw out the things you love! 

Throw out anything with an expiration date on it. From food to drinks, to makeup, to skincare products, hair care products, etc. if it’s got an expiration date that’s due or past due throw it out you should never ever ever use something that’s past its expiration date because it could be a harm to you. 

If you don’t like it, let it go. If you have something you don’t like because of the way it works or looks, let it go. Don’t keep things that are a waste of space. If you don’t like it you probably never will and it’s time to get rid of it. 

If it’s empty it’s time to go. Foods, drinks, makeup, perfumes, hygiene products, etc. if it’s empty it’s time to throw it out. You have no use for it when it’s empty, don’t keep it just for the pretty bottle or packaging just buy another! 

So that was all for this post you guys, sorry it was so short but anyways I hope you enjoyed reading! Follow my blog and my social media for updates on new posts and such. 

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Decluttering: How To Decide What To Keep.

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