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How I Write & Edit My Blog Posts | My Blogging Routine

How I Write & Edit My Blog Posts | My Blogging Routine 


One thing I think I haven’t written in a while is a good blogging routine or a post telling you guys how I write and edit my blog posts. It’s actually been way too long honestly and it’s ridiculous how I’m just now realizing it. Anyways, the fact is I’m here now with one for you guys because honestly, nothing is more motivating than reading a good blogging routine. So, if you guys are interested, just keep reading! 

So the first thing I always do when I sit down and start working is I just check my stats to see where I’m at for the day and how much I should promote so you guys can find my posts easier because to me it should be easy for you guys, in my opinion. 

The next thing I like to do is just sort of promote early because I have a set time for 7:30 a.m. every morning M-F for posts to come out on so usually I’m still asleep when they come out but once I’m up I just like to promote my posts so it’s easier for people on social media and other platforms to find my posts. Mainly because I love growing the My Life in a Blog fam! 

After I’m done promoting via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. I just like to start brainstorming so I’ll go in my bullet journal after I have everything planned out in it for the day and I’ll just sort of use a page to kind of brainstorm some post ideas if I haven’t had any set out yet. Normally I like to write in advance so I usually already have 2-3 posts written and ready to go up right after I edit them but I always like to write in advance. So I like to come up with a lot of good topics/post ideas in advance for those days I’m getting ready to write for on that day. 

After I have some ideas thought out I’ll just go through my list and figure out which topics interest me the most and pick one to start on. Then, I just start writing. Here lately I’ve been using Google docs because something with my Word is messed up which I’m not the biggest fan of but it works so that’s all that matters. So I’ll just write my posts and my style is usually the font Arial and my title is always in size 14, bold, and underlined, then the rest of my post is usually just in Arial and size 10. I’ve been loving this font and text size lately so I’ve just kind of stuck to it for a while now. 

Once I finish a good long post around 500-1,000 words I just like to title it and save it to my google docs. Then I’ll go in and copy and paste everything I just typed and go into Blogger and paste it there. 

While I’m on Blogger I’ll go ahead and set the time and date on when I want my post to come out, put my title on there, write out a good and informative description, and add my tags. 

Then I’ll just go into Canva and also look up some free stock photo sites and start getting ready to make my images for my post. 

Usually, I pick images based on whatever my post is about. Say it’s a blogging routine or something like this I’ll add in a stylish desk photo or something about working but if it’s a wintery or seasonal post I’ll use a wintery or seasonal post. So I’ll just go in and search for some images that I think will go well with my post. 

Once I have my images picked out, downloaded, and ready to go I’ll just head over to Canva and get started on making my Pinterest graphic. I always stick to Pinterest images only because really it’s the main social media platform I promote on so I usually only do that. So I’ll just go in and upload the stock photo I picked out then just add in a shape such as a circle or square with some cute detail for a background for my text so you can see it over the image. Then I’ll just add the title of my post and sometimes the name of my blog on there with it. 

After I get my image finished on Canva I go back into blogger and just add them in and I always put the plain image on top under my title so it shows up right on my homepage and then go to the bottom and add a “Pin it!” label and just add my Pinterest graphic down there. 

Then I go into properties on my images and just add some text to that because it helps with SEO and is much better than a ton of weird numbers and such. 

Once I’ve done that I’ll just go to my Amazon affiliate account and grab some links to add to the bottom of my post for things that I think you guys would like/be interested in. 
After that, I’ll just look up some inspirational quotes which I recently started doing not too long ago at all and just add it in at the very bottom of my post just to kind of give you guys that extra motivational boost and love. After that, I’m all done! 

Annnddd, that’s all for this post, you guys! Usually, I do have a lot of steps in my blogging routine but I hope it wasn’t too long for you guys. Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading and check back soon for more posts! 

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