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How to Detox your Mindset and Reduce Negative Thoughts

How to Detox your Mindset and Reduce Negative Thoughts

It’s hard to know how to detox your mind, to a lot of people. Some people have no clue what that even means and then feel worse because they can’t detox their minds. It’s normal to detox your body, even your life, but you’ve never probably heard to detox your mind. Detoxing your mind is getting rid of all of the toxic things and thoughts that you have daily, weekly, or monthly. It helps you to become a happier person and calmer. Detoxing your mind will also help you get rid of tons of stress, unhappiness, toxic things thoughts and people, and help you to just become a better person overall. So, if you want to detox your mindset and reduce all of those negative mean and hateful thoughts that keep bringing you down, just keep reading. 

Give your brain some space. Erase all of the negative people and things from your mind and your life. Those people and things only continue to constantly bring you down and will continue to do so until you rid of them for good. It can be hard to do this because you might love that person a lot and want them in your life but until they can realize how to be happy and more positive, you don’t need them in your life. You deserve happiness too and you shouldn’t allow someone to constantly bring you down like that, you deserve much better. Honestly, it’s going to be hard to let go of them and your negative thoughts but if you believe in yourself and you REALLY want to be happy, you’ll do it without a problem. It’s going to hurt at first but in the long run it’s going to be completely worth it when you can finally be happy again. 

Reduce noise + negativity. Noisy situations and negativity can bring you down way too easily. Try to reduce them. Stay in for a night by yourself or your love and just cuddle up in bed and watch your favorite movies or TV shows. Don’t allow so much negativity into your life or it will continue to bring you down. Reduce the noise as much as you possibly can. 

Go to your happy place. Whatever your happy place might be whether it be the gym or at home writing, it could even be your favorite coffee shop. Go there and it’s going to help you reduce all of those negative thoughts so much it’s unreal. If your in your happy place your known to be happier and you’ll feel much better and have ten times less stress on you. 

Reduce distractions. At least once out of your day try to just put your phone away, laptop away and just kind of relax. Grab a book or write or something but if you need them to say listen to music to help calm you more then just throw them on airplane mode that way you’ll be distraction free and you’ll be able to truly relax and unwind and just be a lot calmer and won’t have so many negative things on your mind. Social media has that habit of when we see something sad or something that will bring us down, it’s gonna stress us out so just try to put it all away for a little while during the day and just sit back and relax and just enjoy life. 

Make the time. Everyday make the time to just sit aside and write out your thoughts, or make a thoughts log in your journal and just jot it all down. Make the time to rid yourself from social media and texting everyone back right away and just relax. Give yourself time to detox and plan your day out for the next day and just work on your journal. Your journal can be a book of your thoughts, your personality, your feelings, everything. You can literally jot it all down in there and it’s going to feel so much better when your finished because it can help you to detox so much and just take everything off of  your mind. 

So that was all for this post you guys and I truly hope you enjoyed reading! Check back soon for more great posts and also follow me on social media for more updates and to socialize with me! 

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