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Monday Mood Board | No. 1

Monday Mood Board | No. 1

Monday mood board number one

All photo credits to Pinterest! 

Happy Monday! So this is the first mood board for My Life in a Blog but I just decided to do something new for the blog! Basically what a mood board is, is just a few pictures showing sort of what moods I'm feeling for the week so like health wise, fashion-wise, style/planning/work wise, etc. 

Anyways, here lately I've been feeling like getting more healthy just because it's January and it would be such a better feeling and I would feel 10 times better about myself and my confidence but I've also been wanting to try out a smoothie bowl! Honestly, I don't think I ever have but I would lovvvveeee to try one out! I've felt also very beachy lately and into beachy vibes and like ready for summer, maybe it's because I'm sick of winter I don't know but I've always been a beach type of girl who loves the sunshine and smell of the ocean and salt water and so I feel like that's the reason why. Also, I've been feeling business casual with my style for a while now so I figured I would throw that in there. I'm moving soon again, and won't have wifi for a bit so I figured I would throw in the style that I'm feeling with the desk lately because I've been feeling a bunch of marble and rose gold vibes a ton because I think they look so girly and cute yet also professional and stylish at the same time. Also, I, of course, needed to add in my coffee because I can't live without coffee and since I won't have wifi soon I'm trying to get a ton of posts written for up until I feel like I will have wifi again because I don't want to get super behind on blogging and let you guys down! 

Anyways, so I think that's all for this post you guys and I hope you enjoyed My Life in a Blog's very first mood board! Thanks for reading! 

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