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Mood Board Monday | No. 2

Mood Board Monday | No. 2

Happy Monday!! So, I'm back you guys with another Mood Board Monday for My Life in a Blog, and I'm actually really loving doing these posts! They are just honestly super fun to make and write and it just gives me the time to express myself and what moods I'm feeling for the week. 

To start off this mood board, I want to start off with the two desk images I have included. My mood lately has just been officey like I would love to have and make my own office for blogging. Pinterest has given me a ton of inspiration for it and I'm loving the ideas I've found. Anyways, then onto the next image. I've been really into bubble baths again lately because honestly, I just forgot how relaxing and beneficial they are so I've really fallen back in love with those and plan on sticking to that at least once a week. The food in the collage is actually a buddha bowl recipe from Tasty that I tried a while back and it was AMAZING and super super super healthy so I definitely have been wanting to make more soon and definitely plan on it sometime hopefully this week! As for the calendar its a bullet journal because one of my absolute favorite things to do, is write in it. Like I love bullet journaling, am I the only one? Don't think so. Anyways, and then the last is just a sort of relaxing coffee image with a really cozy vibe to it and I'm loving it because there's nothing I love more than chilling and relaxing and drinking coffee! 

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