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My Theme Park Necessities | What I Bring to Six Flags

My Theme Park Necessities 

my theme park necessities

One thing that always happens is you get to the theme park, then you go to grab something and realize you forgot it at the hotel or in the car. It’s one of the most annoying things to ever happen and then you have to spend the whole day without half of your things because you forgot them! Here’s the ultimate theme park necessities list so you don’t forget a thing and don’t have to deal with missing anything while you're at the park! 

Reusable water bottle. Because you shouldn’t have to pay $3 for one bottle of water. 

Wrist Wallet. Not only for my season pass but extra money for food and also to help hold my phone. Use a wrist wallet because they don’t allow bags on the rides and it’s the best way to keep your phone in a safe place on the ride. Just leave it on your wrist and hold on to it and it won’t go anywhere, I’ve done this plenty of times and it’s worked. 

Sunscreen. Nothing worse than leaving a theme park, completely burnt.

Bathing suit. Unless you wear one under your clothes for the water rides and extra little water park most Six Flags now have inside of the park. Usually, I wear mine under my clothes so I don’t have to tote one around and it’s just easier to change instead of having to change everytime I change parks or rides. 

Phone. Because you don’t wanna get lost obviously but not only that you need pictures! To keep it safe, use my wrist wallet trick. 

Body spray. Trust me, you’ll be sweating like crazy if it’s hot out and you’ll need it at least once. 

Deo. Because like I said, you’ll be sweating like crazy if it’s hot out and nobody wants to smell. 

Lock. Just in case I decide to use a locker at the park while I’m there. 

Soooo, that’s all for this post you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading! Check back for more soon and to stay updated follow my blog and follow me on social media. 

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my theme park necessities

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