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New Years Resolutions for 2018 List + How To Make 2018 a Better Year!

New Years Resolutions for 2018 List + How To Make 2018 a Better Year! 
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So, it’s finally 2018, 2017 is finally over and now we can all get to writing our resolutions and working on them. Honestly, I’m hoping we can all just stick with them this year because usually new year’s resolutions are known for being written down and then in about a month or less than that forgotten about! It kind of sucks that that happens because we tend to get so busy with life or just forget about them so they never happen, but this year lets make them happen. 2018 is going to be the year of productivity, motivation, optimism, everything is going to be better this year! I know your probably not thinking the same or that it’s impossible for a year to be good, especially after 2016 and 17 being a disaster, but you have to be optimistic and look on the bright side or else, of course, it won’t be a good year! It’s all up to how you look at it. If you’re optimistic about it and think positive about 2018 it will bring positivity and be a good year, but if you think negative constantly then, of course, it’s going to be another terrible year! You have to think positive, be a happy person. Everything bad that happened in 2017, leave it behind you, it is now in 2017 so leave it in 2017. Do NOT I repeat do NOT let all of the bad things and negativity follow you into 2018, cut it all off and just enjoy your year and don’t worry about the negative or the sh***y things that happened this past year. It’s time to let it all go and enjoy a year for once in your life. This is YOUR year, YOUR time to shine, to be HAPPY, to be optimistic about everything and to enjoy your life for once. Go out and travel this year, live your life, be happy, smile more, laugh more, spend more time with family and friends and your s/o, find a less shitty job, write or paint more, workout more, listen to more music, just do whatever in the hell makes you happiest! 

2018 is your year, so make the best of it!

Now I’ll stop rambling, if you're interested in my NY resolution list or just need some inspo for your own, just keep reading! 

  • Write more often, I haven’t done it near enough in 2017, to be honest. 
  • Work on my blog a lot more. Sometimes I let life get the best of me and then burn out on blogging or feel as if I’m too tired to do it, so my resolution is the work on it a lot more from design to posts etc. 
  • Actually, make a career out of blogging. This has been a goal for a long time of mine though because I love blogging so much. 
  • Get healthier! One thing 2017 done to me, was make my weight fluctuate. Like, I didn’t gain a ton but I didn’t lose a ton either. I have honestly gone up and down the scale and I just want to get healthier and lose some weight in 2018 and actually mean it. 
  • Drink more water! Shall I even explain this one? Nah. 
  • Cook more often. 2017, I was lazy and the majority of the time it was pizza rolls and pizzas in the oven, I think I’m ready to start cooking now and eating healthier again. 
  • Journal every day. I have this habit of like making my layout and everything for the month ahead of time in my bullet journal, then not tracking and writing in it every day like I’m supposed to so I definitely want to do that more often this year. 
  • Be more productive! We can all agree this year I was pretty lazy on this blog so 2018 I plan on actually getting off my a** and working harder on my blog because last year, was absolutely horrific. 
  • Spend more time with family. I’ll be honest I already do this a lot anyway, but since I was in NM for 6 months, I like to spend time with them so I’ll be continuing this on into 2018. 
  • Get even more organized. Kind of hard for me to even think I could get more organized because I’m such an organized person, BUTTT there are some things I need to be organized on or in. For example, my phone has too many photos and apps I never have anything to do with that are wasting space on it. 

So that was all for this post you guys I hope you enjoyed reading and check back for more soon! 

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