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The Trick To Inspiration | Getting Motivated To Get To Work

The Trick To Inspiration | Getting Motivated To Get To Work


Sometimes we just have phases where we feel stuck like we have no inspiration or motivation to do anything at all. It can be a terrible thing though because it’s like you have so much to do and you don’t have the motivation or inspiration to do it. This can especially happen when your job is a blogger or vlogger because inspiration is something you severely need in your life and mindset if you want to get anything done at all. Nothing is possible without motivation and a good mindset. The thing I’ve learned that helps me,  cozy vibes. Light up some candles, crawl in your bed with your laptop, put on your favorite TV show (just turn the volume down so it doesn’t distract you), make sure you have coffee because trust me it’s necessary, plug in your favorite string lights and just sit back and start working. Don’t worry about anything else besides being cozy and getting to work. The reason this trick helps is because it gets you into a good cozy and comfortable mindset which sort of triggers a happy feeling and positive feeling in you and makes you want to work because you’re actually so cozy that motivation will increase because you're in a different spot than normal. Another thing that helps me is having a clean house/workspace because it’s hard to work whenever you’re working in a mess and it’s all cluttered and everything else, that never helps anything. When you have a cluttered space, it sort of feels like it’s cluttering up your mind so the cleaner it is and organized, the better!

So when you start feeling like you don’t have the motivation to work or do anything productive like work, clean, errands, etc. get the motivation and inspiration to work. Look up motivational videos on YouTube, one of my favorites are personally looking up productive morning and night routines because watching other people be productive, makes me want to be productive so it’s definitely a good idea. Another thing, quotes. Motivational quotes are all over Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, even some certain Facebook pages and blogs all over the internet. You could even google “motivational quotes” right now and then go to images and find a TON of motivational quotes and sayings that will help you get up and get moving and working. This trick I think I have used myself since I was about 15 because I would need school motivation or cleaning motivation and I would use quotes or videos and it would motivate me to get up and actually do the things I needed to get done and it’s definitely even more resourceful now that I’m 20 and a blogger and need the motivation at times to get stuff done. It can sometimes seem hard to be or stay motivated but if you use my tips then I promise you, you’ll be up and going again in NO time.

That’s all for this post you guys, I hope you enjoyed reading and it gave you the tips and tricks to just get up and get moving and productive again so you can get back to work and make that $$$.

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