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4 reasons why it's okay to lose people in life

To tell the truth, not one single person likes to lose someone. It’s hard, very hard, and can lead to being depressed and feeling like our lives are falling apart without that person. Sometimes though, we have to let those people go. Maybe they only bring negativity into our lives and continue to hurt us but it’s never good to keep a toxic person in your life.

That person can continue to just hurt you over and over again and that is never good for anyone. It can be one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to deal with in your life but it will help you so much, in the long run, I can promise you that. You deserve so much better and here is why it is completely okay to lose some people in your life, no matter how hard it might seem.

1.     You don’t need the negativity.
4 reasons why it's okay to lose people in life

Sometimes there’s a friend, boy/girlfriend, or even family member that can constantly bring negativity into our lives. They can honestly just make you feel so terrible about something every single day that it just keeps hurting you so much you end up depressed and don’t even realize that 99% of the time it was that person that led you to that point. It’s painful and it hurts a ton, especially to let that person go, but you don’t deserve to be made feel this way. If a person really does care for you, they will not put you in this position. They are toxic to you and to your mental health and it might hurt to let them go but it will help you so much in the long run when they aren’t taking you down every step of the way. If they constantly text you whenever they need someone to talk to but after that you don’t hear from them, let them go. If they always run to you or call you whenever they have drama with another person but then they don’t talk to you after that and they talked bad about that person to you, they will end up running to the other person and talking to them terribly about you to them. That’s called two faced and you should let them go for good because they aren’t worth your time. A person that does these type of things to you, will always only bring you down and you don’t deserve it. They never cared like they claimed they did and you need so much more than that.

2.     You’ll be able to see the better side of yourself.

This is one thing we never think of. Whenever we get rid of the toxic people in our lives, we can actually see a better side to ourselves we’ve never thought we would see before. We see how much happier we are without that toxic, hateful person in our lives and it’s so much better. You appreciate more things such as the sunshine and having a roof over your head more than you do a fake friend or family member that only hurt you and made you want to lock yourself inside. You’ll smile a lot more and feel a ton of happiness just spread all over you. You won’t cry as much nor feel as terrible all the time for the things that person said. You will honestly just be so happy, they will be the last of your concerns. You deserve happiness, not depression all because of what someone said that wasn’t even worth your time or energy for listening to.

3.     You’ll have more opportunities to meet better people.

This is the best part. Whenever you take toxic people out of your life, you are actually making room for better people. For people that can make you happy like you deserve to be and for people who deserve to be in your life because they will treat you so much better. This step might take some time but trust me it’s so worth it to meet people that will be nice to you and bring positivity and good vibes into your life. To bring you up and to give you the advice you need whenever you need a friend. The people who will be there for you and you can be there for them, an equal relationship. A person that won’t pick others over you and treat you like your nothing after everything you’ve already done for them. These are the people that you need in your life. That are positive and helpful and loving and caring. Happiness is what you deserve. Not that fake friend or family member that will never change no matter how much you hope they will.

4.     You can breathe again.

When that toxic person or people are no longer in your life, it’s like you can honestly breathe again. Like you don’t have to worry about that person turning on you or snapping at you all the time anymore. You don’t have to stress about when the next time is they’ll be mad or angry at you for something you never even done wrong to them. Everyone deserves to be able to breathe and live a stress-free life, but you can’t do that with toxic people surrounding you all the time. Stay away from them and I promise, you’ll feel like ten tons have been lifted off of your chest.

So that’s all for this post you guys and I hope you all enjoyed reading this post! Like I said, you deserve nothing but happiness, positivity, and just good vibes all around. I hope you guys take these tips and use them because you don’t deserve to be put down by fake and hateful people. You deserve nothing but the best! Love you guys to the moon and back. J
4 reasons why it's okay to lose people in life

The Best Spring Cleaning Hacks You’ll Ever Need to Know.
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We all know, cleaning is tough. Spring cleaning on the other hand, is something else. Spring cleaning is ten times harder, ten times longer, and ten times more annoying and tiring.

So after I just spent literally 3-4 hours scrubbing and organizing my house, I figured I would share my favorite spring cleaning hacks. I found these on Pinterest last night and tried them out this morning while cleaning, they are INCREDIBLE. Things that my favorite cleaner couldn’t even get up, these hacks got them up.

The best part is, these cleaning hacks are natural and chemical free homemade cleaners. If you’re interested in learning more about my spring cleaning hacks that I tried out today, just keep reading.

1.     The Best Oven Cleaner.

Yes, I’m that one person that used to spend hours and hours, or at least that’s what it felt like, scrubbing the heck out of my oven. Little did I know until last night I never had to do that! All you have to do is grab a small/medium sized bowl. Pour in some baking soda (as much as you prefer), some vinegar but slowly so you don’t end up making a mess with a science experiment, and some salt (kosher or sea salt either is fine). 

Once you have those all in a bowl together, grab a small spoon and just stir that up really well.

Once you have the ingredients mixed it should be kind of pasty looking and not too thick but not too thin either. 

After you feel like it’s mixed up well enough then grab an old rag or sponge and just slather that paste all over your oven on the door, sides, bottom, racks, and the very back. I like to actually take my racks out while I do the oven separate and you’ll see my next tip on cleaning racks.

After you’ve gotten it all slathered everywhere (every crack and corner), leave it on the oven and let sit for at least 1-2 hours or even longer if you would like. Then once those one to two hours are up, grab a sponge or rag and completely wet it and ring it out.

Now that you have your rag ready, just wipe out everything and scrub the stubborn burnt on spots. If they don’t come out that way use yourself a scraper to get them off or do what I done and use a butter knife and they should come right off. Just make sure to wipe all of the paste cleaner out of your oven and get all of those burnt pieces and gunk off and out of your oven.

Enjoy your sparkling oven! It should look almost brand new again now!

2.     Oven Rack Cleaning.

This is possibly another one of the most annoying things to clean for spring cleaning. Not because you just plain don’t feel like cleaning, but because you literally have to scrub and scrape for probably at least an hour or longer if they are that bad. Not anymore!

This is your solution grab a bowl, some baking soda, and dish washing liquid. You could also add in some vinegar if you would like to help add a little shine to your racks.

After you have those ready just get some of the solution on a cleaning rag or sponge and just start scrubbing your oven racks with it. Let it sit on them for a few hours to let the paste just soak into that really well and do it’s cleaning and dissolving magic.

After a few hours are up, it’s time to clean them off. You can clean them off by either wiping them down with a clean rag with water or you can also just rinse them completely off with water.

If there are any left on particles and burnt on food just grab something to scrape it off, a knife, fork, or butter knife and just scrape until it all comes off and rinse away.

Another thing you can do to clean your oven racks and this is what I done, before you start scrubbing, soak them in a tub full of super-hot water, vinegar, and baking soda and add dish washing liquid if you would like. For dish washing liquid I definitely recommend Dawn because it’s tough on grease and things like you’re trying to remove from the oven racks.

Drain water and let dry, then place back into oven and look at them shine!

3.     Best glass cleaner.

For one of the best most natural glass cleaners you will need 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup of water. Pour these into a container or into a spray bottle and just try it out on your windows and mirrors. You guys will not be disappointed.

4.     Clean your mattress.

To clean your mattress all you will need is some baking sodaNow this isn’t for stains and if you would like for me to add that to this post just comment and I totally can.

All you have to do for this hack is just vacuum off your mattress first and then sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress. Let this sit for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Now that the 30 minutes – hour is up, grab your vacuum and just vacuum all that baking soda up. Not only is your mattress more fresh and clean now, it feels so much softer!

I didn’t expect mine to feel so soft until I got finished vacuuming all the baking soda off and it was much softer and definitely cleaner than before I tried the baking soda treatment.

5.     Remove carpet and rug stains.

Not one person I know nor I like stains in their rug or carpet, they look terrible! Also, they take forever and ever it seems like to scrub out or they just never come out. Now, things change.

To remove those ugly stains grab some baking soda and vinegar. 

Just pour the vinegar over the stain and then pour baking soda over the vinegar. Let the baking soda and vinegar bubble up and remove that stain.

Now just rub away the stain with a damp white cloth. Once the spot is dry just vacuum it up. Simple and now you don’t have that nasty stain in your carpet or rug anymore!

Enjoy your clean home.

Now that you’ve used my spring cleaning hacks and tips, you can sit back and enjoy your lovely clean home and relax knowing you kicked a**. Thanks for reading you guys!

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Spring Morning Routine.
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So, it is FINALLY Spring! Where the sun comes out, the birds are chirping, the flowers are growing back, and it’s finally warm enough to put on a tank top without a jacket (in most places)! So if you guys want to know what my spring morning routine is, just keep reading. (Printables will be at the end of the post)

So the first thing I do when I wake up is literally just lay in bed and get on social media for a while because I mean, who doesn’t do this am I right? Plus, I’m never much of a morning person so I always have to play on my phone to wake up. Usually I’ll just check my Facebook, Pinterest for about an hour lol, and then Twitter. I’m not much of an Instagram person it’s once in a blue moon I decide to go on there. 

Once I’ve finally gotten tired of laying in the bed or just absolutely have to use the bathroom, I’ll get up head to the bathroom and just brush my teeth and wash my face because I cannot stand having an oily face all day and one face wash that helps me control that problem is this clean & clear foaming face wash. Sometimes I take a shower in the mornings but usually it’s a night time thing.

After I finish up in the bathroom, I just open up all the curtains in the house because I just love my home nice and bright. Plus where I recently moved in New Mexico the sun is ALWAYS shining so I absolutely love the curtains open and the sun shining in my home.

Then, I usually grab me some breakfast. Sometimes I’ll cook something like pancakes, but the majority of the time I’ll grab a pop-tart or granola bar. Of course I’ve also gotta make my coffee too because who doesn’t love coffee? Then I’ll just sit down watch some T.V. and eat my breakfast.

Once I’m finished with my breakfast, I’ll usually get up and go ahead and start cleaning up the house. I’m extremely OCD so having a nasty house, is not my thing. I keep my home SPOTLESS so I make sure to clean up literally every single day the best I can.

After the house is clean I just sit down and usually work. Writing blog posts, editing, editing photos, proofreading, designing, sharing, etc. All of the above I need to do for work I’ll do it now. Then after hours of working I’ll usually put on a cute outfit if I have somewhere to be, get dressed, and just head into town to do what I need to do or maybe even grab some lunch.

So that was all for my spring morning routine you guys! I hope you enjoyed reading and that this post interested you. Also, I hope you guys love spring as much as I do because it’s literally the best after those forever long cold winter months. Thanks for reading you guys!

Here is the link for you guys to download the free printable or just go ahead and print them off! 
Printable 1 Link 
 Printable 2 Link

This post may contain affiliate links.  If you guys have been following my posts and reading them and read how to cope with moving away from friends and family, then you would know that I’m moving pretty soon! Now I’m moving a pretty long ways away from home so packing all of our stuff, especially my clothes, isn’t going to be very easy. Well, it wasn’t until I came up with these helpful useful tips! If you’re moving soon then here is my ultimate guide to moving to help you guys with your move and make it so much easier on you to pack everything up and go.

1.       Make a Binder

    In the binder add;
Master Contacts List, for your new Doctors, Utilities, Landlord, and all the important numbers you will need.
To Do List, to keep track of what you haven’t done yet and still need to get done before the move and after.
Box Inventory List, this will keep track of your boxes and also what contents are inside of the boxes.
Utilities/Budget, to keep up with how much everything is going to be from rent all the way down to decorations and food.
Moving Checklist, you already have the to do list, but this is for actually moving. Use this list to help you get done things like packing, changing your address, and add a timeline to the entire checklist to let you know when it needs to be done.

2.       Get all of your Supplies. 

Get all of your supplies ready ahead of time. Boxestapecratesbubble wrap, and whatever it might be that your using go ahead and get it ahead of time so you can pack whenever you get good and ready to.

3.       Pack Clothes in Trash Bags

Clean trash bags of course, but just leave your clothes on the hanger and then just pull the garbage bag over them tie it up once you get to the top of the hanger and load them all up. Using this technique it will help you to pack and unpack all of your clothes ten times faster because all you have to do is take your bag off, and then just hang them right back up! Plus, it keeps them from getting wet or dirty if you spill something or if they are in the back of a vehicle and it rains.

4.       Pack Plates Horizontal and Paper Plates in Between. 

Doing this it’s going to keep your plates from breaking so easily. They have something in between them besides glass so they can’t hit each other too hard and then end up breaking. It’s a good idea if you want to keep your plates safe and sound during the move because moving can be a little rough on breakable items.

5.       Wrap & Separate all Breakables. 

By doing this I mean set one box or crate aside for your breakable items, honestly it would even help better to pack these in a suitcase/backpack/purses because they are much softer. If you don’t want to do that though, set a box or crate aside. Line it with either newspaper, bubble wrap, or even a pillowcase or sheet or an old shirt. Start wrapping all of your items with something like I stated to line the box/crate with and just wrap them completely and lie them gently down in the container. Try to make sure you put them in a spot they won’t try and roll around so much in also. When you load your valuables try to keep them in the front and as far away from heavy things such as furniture and heavy boxes so they don’t slide and crush your breakables box and breakables. Make sure you have a few other boxes in between your breakables boxes and furniture that way if furniture does slide around, it will move those other boxes before it gets to the breakables box.

6.       Clean Up Before. 

Clean your old and new house before moving. This way you don’t have to worry about it on moving day and all you have to worry about is moving your things and getting unpacked.

7.       Get Everything Done Ahead. 

From turning on utilities to ordering furniture and getting it delivered, try your best to get it done ahead of time. Doing this will make it easier when you move because everything’s already taken care of so all you need to worry about is getting your things moved.

8.       Pack and Unpack One Room at a Time. 

Going by one room at a time will make everything so much easier and so much more organized. Not only that but it will also help whenever you’re doing your box inventory because you’ll know what was in what room and what goes in which room.

9.       Keep Important Documents with You. 

Medical records, birth certificates, rental and utility documents, keep them in a folder/file folder with you on the road. Not only will you most likely need them when you get to the new home but your also not going to want to lose them anywhere during the move!    

10.    Declutter Before Moving. 

Get rid of honestly every and anything you can think of that you don’t need. The more you get rid of, the less stress there will be while moving.

11.    Use up Food and Cleaning Products. 

Honestly, you don’t want or need to bring old almost empty cleaning products. Now if they are still almost completely full and almost brand new, bring them along and don’t try to use them up. But if they are down to halfway or less than that even use them up or throw them out. You can always buy more when you get moved honestly. Same thing with food, if it’s almost gone or expired or stale throw it out! Like I said, you can just buy more when you get to your new place.

12.    Keep Electronics with you. 

Laptops, tablets, phones (obviously), and computer(s), keep them all in a backpack or suitcase near/with you in your vehicle so you know nothing happens to them because they will be with you. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I lost my laptop or it got stolen because it’s how I work, same with my phone because it’s my lifeline.

So there you have it you guys, my Ultimate Guide to Moving. Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading and this guide was super helpful to you! Be safe and enjoy your new home!


10 Savvy Ways to Declutter your Home! + FREE DECLUTTERING WORKBOOK.


We can all get a little messy sometimes and unorganized, its life. Sometimes you just get unorganized from work, school, kids, whatever it might be it happens to everyone all the time. Honestly, it can even happen to the cleanest most organized person on the planet sometimes! Here are some of my favorite tips to help you declutter your home. Also, scroll down and keep reading to find my free decluttering workbook to help you get through the decluttering process.

1.     Make a List.

Make a list of all of the things you need to throw out or go through. In the list, you could include clothes, shoes, papers, books, movies, etc. Think of all of the things you need to go through and write them down, this way you can cross off whatever you’ve done whenever you get finished decluttering.

2.     One Room at a Time.

Do not think you’re supposed to do every single room in your home all at one time, that’s just going to slow you down. Go from one room at a time and go through everything that you wrote down on your list. Any and all things you can think of that are cluttered up, sit down and sort through all of it.

3.     Keep, Donate, or Trash?

Get a two bags, one for donations and one for trash. Then set a spot for your keep pile. Go through all of your things and whatever you get rid of and want to donate, throw it in that donate bag. Whatever is trash or you can’t donate because it’s torn or worn completely out, throw it in the trash bag.

4.     Ask yourself this.

Would I use it again, or how long has it been since I’ve actually used this? If your answer is no or over 2 months ago, it needs to go. Usually, if you don’t ask yourself those two questions you’re going to end up keeping it and making excuses as to why you should keep it. You’ll end up saying you’ll wear it later or when you lose some weight or something in that matter, like I always do, in reality, that item will never get worn for years to come so just throw it away or donate it already.

5.     Get Motivated.

If you see someone else decluttering their home and actually throwing things away or donating things, it’s going to motivate you to get up and do it also. Seeing someone else do it, usually, gives others the courage to do things. Which is why I waste 99% of my time using YouTube for cleaning and organization motivation.

6.     Plan a Room a Day.

Make things a little easier for yourself. Planning one room a day is going to help you because you won’t have to worry about already getting rid of too much in the other room, you did it yesterday so you won’t think of how much you got rid of. Then, in the end, you’ll end up getting rid of more things you don’t need which leads to being even more organized.

7.     Jam Out.

Because let’s all be real here, music makes everything ten times better and easier am I right? So jamming out will obviously get you through this decluttering process easier and you can have more fun while organizing! It’s a win-win here you guys!

8.     Make Sure your Working Alone.

This might sound weird, but trust me on this one, you guys! Honestly, no one can work very well or hard whenever you have your fiancé/husband making a mess every second or something and kids running around you and destroying everything in the house, lol. Make sure you do this when everyone’s out and at work or school. Now if you’re kids aren’t in school yet, just wait till they nap! Luckily right this second I don’t have kids, yet. Working alone though means less mess while you’re trying to clean up. Less mess = less stress!

9.     Organizers on Organizers.

From baskets to containers, to anything you can think of to help you organize things to get it! For mail and paper type items get you a mail organizer and for makeup get makeup organizers and storage. There are a thousand things you can purchase and even the dollar store has these items! These are going to help you so much get everything where it belongs and needs to go. They are honestly organization life savers, I honestly love them so much.

10.  Go Through it ALL.

Every inch and corner you know are a mess, go through it. It doesn’t matter what it is if it’s messy, overflowing, or just looks plain ridiculous, it’s got to be fixed. The more you organize, the better it’s all going to look and the better you’ll feel.

So those were my 10 Savvy Ways to declutter your Home! I really hope you guys enjoyed reading and comment on this post if you would like more cleaning/organizational posts because I will definitely be happy to do that for you guys. As always thank you guys for reading and keep reading my blog for more soon! 

Also, here is the link to my FREE workbook for decluttering your home to help you get through it all! ====> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


How to Cope when Moving Away from Friends & Family Tips. 

Sometimes we have to move away, for work, or just to adventure a little and see new things while we can. So since I’m moving away soon, 14 hours away, from my hometown that all of my friends and family are in, I wanted to post this for you guys. Honestly, I’m a little emotional right now but I’m also super excited about this new start.  But I wanted to post this for you guys to read because I know how you’re feeling about moving away from everyone and I wanted to give you some tips on how to cope with it. It’s going to be completely different being away from everyone you know or them not being right down the street, but it can also end up being the best decision of your life in this new place. Don’t stay behind just because you don’t want to leave your family, they would want the best for you too and this is it. Don’t sit around waiting and say you’ll do it later because you don’t want to leave them behind because you’ll completely regret it. Anyways, here are my tips for how to cope when moving away from your family and friends.

1.       Have a going away party before leaving. This way you can invite everyone to the party, friends, family members, anyone you want to invite to tell them goodbye before you leave. This way you won’t end up in your new town and realize you forgot to tell someone goodbye! It’s going to bother you if you don’t tell anyone goodbye before you leave and just take off. That’s something you’ll definitely end up regretting.

2.       Make sure you have every ones number. You’ll want to keep in touch once you get to your new town to well obviously check up on them but to also tell them all about your new town! Make a contact list full of your family members and friends, try not to forget anyone because you’ll want to keep in touch. At least I know I want to keep in touch with everyone anyways!

3.       Call as often as possible. Especially your parents because they are going to miss you dearly. This might seem like it will make it harder to hear their voice but it’s actually going to make it easier. When you hear their voices and know that they are okay, you’ll feel much better.

4.       Visit as often as possible. This might not be very often or easy because of money and plane, train, and bus tickets can be costly and especially the gas for that far away. As often as you can though whenever you get the money, try to go visit with them. It will make their day and it will make you feel better.

5.       Get them to visit you. This way you can show them your new place, town, and cool things about where you live. Now of course only do this is they or you have the money to get them there but when you or they do have the funds to visit, get them too! It can be a very fun thing to do and way to see your family or friends.

6.       Ask for pictures, like a lot. Pictures are forever and they are ways to see maybe how grown your nieces and nephews are or even your little brother or sister. Plus, pictures are forever. You can put them in a frame and put them up on the shelf or wall to look at it every day and see them or put it in a photo album and look back at it every time you miss them.

7.       Bring along a family picture. If you have a family picture bring it along with you in a nice frame to hang on the wall. This way you will have a little piece of your family with you every day to look at and it can make you smile every time you look at it again because you can reminisce on that day. If you don’t have a family photo, take one before you leave. Trust me you’ll want one. 
Image result for diy miss you mug
8.       Make a DIY. Pinterest is full of DIY’s on moving away from family and friends. You can make a miss me mug also which I plan on doing soon. You just get a plain white coffee mug and a sharpie (whatever colors you would like) and then just draw your state on one mug and theirs on the other. Then you draw a little heart on each state and draw dotted lines along each one pointing to the other. Which means you’re always with them in the heart. Then write on the opposite side a little note to whoever your making them for whether it be your Mom, Dad, Sister or Brother. They get one mug and you get the other. You could also make some little miss me paintings to do this with. They are not only super cute but they are just a little reminder for everyday that you miss and love that person.

9.       Try not to think about it. This might be hard, actually really hard. It’s going to be emotional and you’re going to cry probably at least a few times.  Try your best to not think about it because if you do it’s going to depress you or get you upset again. To not think about it think more about your place. Plan out what you need, make lists, write down ideas of what type of decorations you would like, a grocery list, etc. Go to the store and pick out some décor or things you’ll need for when you get there. Get as excited as you can about your new place and starting fresh in a new town and it will take your mind completely off of it.

10.    Remind yourself it’s for the best. This is what’s good for you, whether it be a new and really good job (our case), or your just trying to see new and amazing things and places. This is a really amazing opportunity for you and to see and do new things while you can. Don’t let anyone stop you from that. Sometimes parents will freak out, I know mine will in a few days, but that’s okay. They are going to be fine eventually especially whenever they can come visit with you. Don’t let what they say out of anger though change your mind because you’re not doing this for them or anyone else this is for you and a new amazing start for your future. Remind yourself how incredible this journey is going to be and also how exciting. There’s no telling what you could explore and see in this new city! You’ll never know unless you try.

So those are my 10 tips to cope with moving long distances away from friends and family! Hope you guys enjoyed reading and I also hope you enjoy your new city and place you move too. It’s a great journey and experience you should be super excited about! Good luck and thanks for reading as always! J 


There are a lot of people these days finally coming out with the news that they have an anxiety disorder. From OCD to social anxiety to all of it, it’s finally coming out. The number one thing I should tell you guys is anxiety is not something to be ashamed of. There are so many people at certain points in their lives that realize that they too have some sort of anxiety disorder. There are different types of disorders that effect everyone in different ways. Here is my experience and around when I realized I had anxiety. In this post I will also include tips on how to handle loving or living with someone with anxiety, because I know we aren’t very easy but we deserve love.

My experience with anxiety was terrible, honestly. Throughout my childhood I noticed I had tons of nervous ticks that most didn’t. When I would get stressed I would bite my nails almost completely off, but this wasn’t my problem. Whenever I would be around someone or try to talk to them, I would notice that my hands would get extremely sweaty and my face would start getting hot and my heart would feel as if it was about to beat out of my chest and I would sit there and prick at my nails until they would almost bleed. Eventually, I started watching others talk to people and they seemed so calm. They didn’t seem nervous and it made me feel terrible because I couldn’t talk to others the same way. Soon, I started locking myself in my room around age eleven to thirteen. Honestly, hardly anyone seen me anymore besides when I would have to go to school. That type of kid that sits in the back of the room and only says one to three words to someone who talks to them, I was one of those kids. It felt terrible because I wanted friends and I wanted a life where I could have big sleepovers with my friends and go to the playground and talk to someone about any and everything. Instead, I ended up being the kid that stayed alone. One time I even got to the point to where I couldn’t talk to my parents around middle school because I just was in that phase where I had realized what I had and that something was severely wrong with me. Anxiety affected me in so many terrible ways that I couldn’t even talk to anyone about it because it was so bad. So yes I have social anxiety. Another form of anxiety I have is OCD. If you don’t know what this is its obsessive compulsive disorder. This one really gets to me a lot because it affects me in more ways than one. OCD doesn’t only affect your cleaning and how organized you are, that is only the good part about OCD. The other things that OCD affects if your personality, your brain and your thoughts, and even your friendships and love life. The way it does this to me is I constantly overthink. Just like if someone moves something on a shelf that I just put there, it puts stress on my brain all day long until I move it back to exactly the spot it was. That thought will be on my mind all day long. Sort of like if you have a crush and you obsess over the thought of them, you think of them all day long every day, this is how an OCD person feels but about other things that really shouldn’t matter but to us it does. It absolutely can drive us insane until it’s fixed. It can affect relationships and friendships because you’ll lay there and overthink every little thing and obsess over bad things from the past, and put yourself in depression. Eventually, you’re going to text that friend or boyfriend/girlfriend and say something you really don’t mean but your OCD has gotten you to that point and it can really hurt your relationships with others. Depression is something I’ve fought with for years because I overthink things so much. Overthinking past things, things that might happen, and eventually just letting the pessimistic side of me take over and try to tell me that these great things won’t happen. Then I end up obsessing over those things my pessimistic side tells me because I just keep overthinking from my OCD. It’s like a never ending routine that just kept happening. We still haven’t been to the doctor for my disorders because I don’t feel as if medicine will help. The things I’ve heard about the medications for anxiety disorders and depression end up changing a person and changing who they are. The last thing I want is to not be myself or have my own personality. So I decided to do this on my own and try to test out my own ways to feel better and fight it. Eventually I sort of grew out of it a little more every day. When I found my boyfriend I talked with him about it that helped me tons. Journaling helped me tons to get it all off of my chest when it was all overwhelming me. Starting to work out made me feel more confident and stronger. Starting blogging made me feel more successful. Eventually I kept putting all of these pieces together and it made it easier for me in the end. Now I’m 19 years old and of course it still affects me. For help besides actual medicine I take a supplement from Walgreens it’s called Natrol 5-htp. The pharmacist recommended it for me because it’s not a full on medicine it’s more of a supplement and it helps me so much honestly with my social anxiety. Usually I take it before an event where I know I’ll need it like family reunions or somewhere I know I’m going to be around people I’m super nervous around and when it kicks in it calms me and I can actually talk to people and breathe without freaking completely out on the inside. Also, working out if I have time before I go somewhere like that it helps me tons because working out makes me feel more confident which of course will help with social anxiety. Whatever pieces you can put together that help you the most, are whatever is going to help you fight your anxiety. Anxiety is not something that just goes away though, we have to fight with it and find our ways around it to see what helps us and what doesn’t at all. We have to figure it out ourselves because it’s our own minds and we have to figure out what works best for us and our disorders. My OCD still makes me have melt downs sometimes but I try to stay cool and calm with it. Social anxiety though isn’t something that’s very easy to fight so that’s why I ended up having to use a supplement because nothing I tried would help me with it. The thing about loving someone with an anxiety disorder is you have to realize that the person doesn’t control what’s happening or what they are thinking, our disorder is tricking our minds into thinking things that we normally wouldn’t. We’re going to overthink things and accuse you of things that you probably never even thought of doing! When we do this, don’t scream at us and don’t call us mean things because that will only make things worse and make us feel worse. We are already battling these terrible disorders in our minds. What a person with anxiety needs is for you to hold them, let them cry on your shoulder, let them scream it out, whatever that persons reaction is let them do it but let them know your there for them. All a person with anxiety needs is to know they have somewhere there for them because anxiety makes us all feel as if we have no one when in reality we have all of the people that we could ever need. So if you love someone dearly with anxiety just be there for them. Hold them during a breakdown and remind them how much you love them. Nothing can make a person feel better during an anxiety attack than feeling loved and being reminded that we have someone there for us. If you have anxiety, don’t let it take you over. Honestly, YOU have the power to fight this and you can beat it. You are so much better than these disorders and you can show them that you have the power over them. You’ve got this. 

If you would like more advice or help with your anxiety, here is my favorite all time motivational and helpful book. Hope you guys enjoy. 


Some of us know what we want to be our entire lives, the rest of us have no clue and have to just wait and figure it all out as we go. I’m the type that changed my mind every second and had no clue what I was going to do until it finally just came to me. Now my entire life I’ve always said I’ve wanted to be a wife and a mom just like most women. That’s not all I want to do though, I want a career also. It took me a while to figure out what I was going to do and what I wanted to do. There were things that I thought I was going to do and it never happened only because it just wasn’t meant to be. Finally, I came across blogging. My entire life I’ve always gotten on my computer and went on word and literally typed out how I was feeling or just how my day went. Little did I know that bloggers do this. Eventually when I came across blogging finally almost a year ago, I realized it was what I severely wanted to do. Before I found out my dream career though, I actually wanted to be a nurse. To help people, so I went and retook my ACT and made high enough but I did terrible on the TEAS test. So, I decided it wasn’t meant to be for me. Then I finally found my dream career like I said, blogging. The thing about life is sometimes we plan things our entire life out and then life shows us that something else is meant for us and it’s the greatest thing in the world. Usually the most unexpected things are the greatest to happen to us. Whether it be love, a career, family, or friends, anything the best things happen at the most random times. Everything we plan out can be what we want, but if it’s not life’s plan for you it won’t happen. You can go your whole life trying to figure out what you want to do, but unless it’s meant to happen it won’t happen. Even if it seems like a terrible thing or the end of the world that it didn’t work out, you’ll see why someday. Whenever you’re older and everything’s worked out for you the way they are supposed to, you’ll see what I mean. Things that happen are meant to be and things that don’t just weren’t meant to be. Just like a breakup, if life intended for you to be with that person forever you wouldn’t have broken up. Eventually you’ll find Mr. Right and it might not seem true or you don’t believe it, I didn’t either a little over a year ago. Then all of a sudden he came into my life out of nowhere just like blogging and it’s just always felt right. More right and better than anything before. So finding your dream career might seem hard, or like it will never happen, but here’s the thing. When you relax about it all and try your best not to worry about it or stress about it that is when you’re going to find it. Everyone does, it just takes time for some of us. Some of us aren’t happy with our career or doing what we love until we’re probably like 30 but that’s okay! It’s all okay as long as you end up doing what you LOVE. My favorite quote is, “Choose a career you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Or I think this is how it goes? Something like that anyways, but it’s saying if you have your dream career or your hobby is your dream career, like mine is, then you’ll never feel like you’re working because you’re doing what you love to do! You’ll never feel like it’s a chore because it’s your hobby. It’s something that you love to do so you won’t mind doing it every single day like you would at any other job. Something that you won’t get tired of or sick of waking up and going to do every day. Every day when I wake up to write a post or publish or even edit, I never complain and I’m never ill about doing it because I absolutely love it. Now some days when I’m sick or don’t feel good of course I take breaks, like you would with any normal job you would have. Then when I feel better I get right back on it and get to work. Blogging is honestly my favorite thing to do and I’m so glad that I chose this as my career. Every time I work I’m just so grateful that I can do something that I love to do. If you have a dream career, whether it be blogging, YouTube, or whatever it might be, GO FOR IT. Don’t sit around and wait and keep saying when the time is right because the time will never be right. The time is now so start now. Honestly you can do it. Don’t feel like you won’t be good enough either because you will be! Everyone has to start somewhere but there is always improvements and you improve every single time you work, write, film, or edit. Keep working at it and you’ll literally be there in no time. You’ve got this!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and find your dream career as I finally did also. I promise it’s the best feeling in the world. Thanks for reading as always! 


Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to chase our dreams? Maybe because life gets in the way or we have to cross obstacles to get to our dreams. One thing though, we can’t ever give up. Chasing our dreams is something that is not only a great experience but it’s also our journey to happiness. The journey to our future and our lives to get started. Dreams are something that we should embrace and enjoy chasing. Enjoy the long and hard journey to get to the destination because you’ll always remember this journey. It’s something you can look back on when you’re living your dream life or when you turn old and gray. You can look back and be proud you accomplished it. Never ever give up on your dreams no matter how hard it is to get to it. Life will throw a thousand things your way but you just have to find your way around those things. No matter what happens, never give up on yourself nor your dreams. If you don’t go for it and try to reach them you will honestly end up regretting it. Remind yourself you can do this! You have all the power in your hands don’t get lazy, or tired, or unmotivated and give up on yourself because you’ve got this! What’s worse working hard to reach your dreams, or sitting around wishing you would have and regretting it? It’s your choice. 


Top Study Tips.

Whether you’re in college, high school, or even middle school this is the post for you! If you have trouble staying focused and getting studying done because everything is distracting you, I’m going to share my top tips. When I was in college, I felt the same way and had the absolute hardest time staying focused and trying to study because everything would distract me. That’s why I’m here and writing this post for you guys! Hope you guys enjoy reading.

1.     Turn off all Electronics. Now I know as a girl, who loves social media, this can be hard! Trust me when I say it’s definitely worth it, in the end, to see that A on your paper. Turn off your phone, laptop, tablet, and T.V. unless you’re using them to study! Tell your friends, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend that you’re trying to study and you can text them as soon as you’re finished. This might be hard or even complicated but if you get any sort of notification or have any background noise going on your 99.9% likely to end up getting distracted and not finish studying! Trust me you guys, putting down your phone for an hour or two is so worth it for a good grade. Those grades are extremely beneficial to your future you guys! That phone and those people will still be there when you get done, the test you have to take will not be and all you’ll have is a bad grade on that test! Don’t do that to yourself or your grades all because you couldn’t put your phone away for just an hour or two.

2.     Eat Before Studying. Usually, when I used to study I would get hungry! We usually all end up hungry whenever we study because our stomach likes to trick us into eating more whenever we’re bored just to get out of being bored. If you eat before studying, you won’t have to get up and get distracted to eat. Also, if you worry you’ll get hungry while you’re studying just grab yourself a snack before you even start that way you won’t have to get back up and distract yourself. Also, you can do the same with a drink because we all know we’re going to get thirsty somewhere within 1-2 hours of studying.

3.     Put on Some Light Music. Now, I’m not saying listen to straight rock or metal at all, but I’m also not saying you have to listen to Mozart or something like that! Choose what you want to listen to but put it on a low volume so it doesn’t distract you. You could also look at some studying playlists on Spotify and that would probably be something great to study too. If you’re like me, you’ll end up singing along with the words if you have it blasting and it’s one of those loud songs that you know by heart.

4.     Make Sure you’ve got everything! Make sure you have everything with you ahead of time, if you’re studying at your desk, or on your bed, at the kitchen table, or even at the library! If you don’t have anything with you then you’re going to say, “Oh, I forgot this I need to go back and get it.” Then you’ll just end up distracted and not want to study! Make sure it’s all laid out in front of you before you even sit down so you won’t have to get right back up from studying and then end up distracted or not in the mood to study. Plus, I hate getting up anyways right after I just sat down finally.

5.     Quiet Places are best. The quietest place you can find to study is the best! If at home it’s super noisy or you know someone is going to come bother you while you’re trying to study there are tons of quiet places to go study. The places you could go are a library, coffee shop, a friend’s house, etc. There are tons of places you just have to know where works best for you!

6.     Study with a Friend! This is a great idea if you don’t like working alone and tons of people like to do this. Just call up your friend and ask them if they are busy and just go to one another’s house and study together. Then if you have a question they are right there and also if one of you try to get distracted, your friend can tell you to get back on track! The best part of this is your there together so if you need help you can ask one another. Also, you could use flash cards together and things related to this. It’s a great idea, plus some people don’t really like to be alone while studying so this is a great idea honestly.

7.     Study in Comfy Clothes! You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with studying or helping stay focused? Usually, if I’m in some uncomfortable clothes I’m going to want to change very soon! If you’re studying and have to change you’ll get distracted and then not finish studying at all. Sweat pants or fuzzy pajama pants are my best friends when it comes to this. You cannot beat being comfortable. Honestly, if I could wear comfy clothes all the time I probably would but this is one of the times that I definitely will!

Those are all the tips I have for you guys at this moment. Hope you guys enjoyed reading and check back for more soon! Thanks for reading. J


How to Spring Clean Your Life! 

You guys probably are tired of feeling unorganized, sad, mad, tired, depressed, or whatever else it is that’s bothering you, here is a post to help you guys clean up all of that mess going on in your life and make you feel brand new again!
1.     Erase all negativity! Don’t let the negative people or thoughts get you down. If the thoughts bring you down, find a solution to them, and throw the issues away!
2.     Get rid of all the people that don’t bring you up! If a person cannot bring you up when your down, help you when you’re sad, or just be a good friend and is always bringing you down with their problems, drop them! Block the number, tell them you can’t be friends anymore because of this reason whatever it is, drop them. Now I know this sounds super harsh, especially if you’ve been friends for a while, but this person is no good for you! You need friends that bring you up, not down, that motivate you to do better and that talk you into doing good for yourself, not that get mad when you need advice! Get rid of that negativity from your life!
3.     Clean up your playlists. You’re probably thinking why? Because we ALL always listen to music all the time! If you have depressing sad music on a playlist and it plays, it’s GOING TO BRING YOU DOWN! Delete it, fix it, remake your entire playlist if you have to, just do NOT keep it, because it is going to bring you completely down and then you’ll be right back to being depressed again!
4.     Organize your house, room, car, etc. If it is all organized you will feel more organized! If you feel more organized it’s known that you will feel much better. Plus, isn’t it less stressful when you’re looking for something and can find it RIGHT AWAY? That is the number one reason I LOVE staying organized.
5.     Don’t read depressing quotes/articles. Delete them all from your phone! Usually they bring up old memories or just sad things that happened in your life, you don’t need that. Knowing it’s hard to avoid them because people are always sharing them and everything, just reading one word can usually tell what it is, if your feed is full of them, just put in a search term and look at other things. You could probably look at even funny things to cheer you up!
6.     Think positive no matter what the situation is that tries to come up! It doesn’t matter what the situation is, just try your hardest to think positive. Now I do know that sounds hard and sort of insane, but it’s possible. I try to think positive 99% of the time and trust me it helps! I don’t mean you have to think about weird happy things like rainbows and butterflies when a situation comes up. Just try to think the positive in it. If you can’t then just remember, it can’t last forever. Whatever the problem is, it will be all over with sooner or later, and you will forget completely about it!
7.     Journal or blog. Having a journal or writing on a blog always helps me when I have a problem. I just write it out and feel ten times better when it is all off of my chest after I finish. It’s sort of like talking to someone about all of your problems. Try it! I promise it helps a little at least.
8.     Organize your phone, laptop, blog, etc. Organizing these also helps reduce stress on yourself because you know what is what and where everything is! Plus it just looks ten times better.
9.     Set some goals. Whether those goals be going to the gym, drawing/painting more, starting a blog, a sport, etc., if you set them you will work on them and focus more on them. It gets you out of your old mindset and gives you a fresh head start on something new to do or try out!
10.                        Talk to people that uplift you! It can be family, friends, S.O., or even a teacher! Whoever helps motivate you in life and school or wherever will usually help no matter what when you’re feeling down and out.

As always thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post and try out these tips! I am not a professional of course, these are just tips I use myself that help me out a lot at cleaning out my life and everything. Check back for more posts daily on M-F. 


The Truth about Having Anxiety 

Some people don’t understand anxiety and some who have it like I do, would like to know more about it. Here is the truth about it all, how it affects me on a daily basis, and how to help calm attacks.

So I have OCD, and I also have social anxiety, and possibly more but those 2 are the main ones that affect me. I also easily get depressed because of it. Having OCD and social anxiety doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you! Never think that. Just because you have these things, always remember it could be worse, it could be something severe. You CAN live with OCD and anxiety and some people don’t even notice you have it, it’s your own thoughts bothering you! The truth is though, it does bother me on a daily basis, on things I really wish it didn’t. Some nights I want to just cry it all out and ask myself over and over again why I ended up with these. Then I remember eventually after hours of overthinking, it is not my fault! The thing with social anxiety is, I try to talk to people like my older brothers, my sister, my boyfriend’s family is the toughest to me, make new friends, etc. The truth is people end up making fun of me because I’m so quiet and hardly talk. Every time I try to talk to someone, my heart races out of my chest, I get very sweaty and sometimes even blush, and I’m constantly picking at my fingernails… I constantly smile and nod or shake my head. Usually I try to run to the bathroom or to another room away from being social. In big groups it’s much worse, family reunions, boyfriend’s family gatherings, my own family gatherings, I get so nervous that I swear my heart will explode… It’s not an easy fight. People tell you to just breathe but it doesn’t help me at all! With OCD also, you constantly overthink little things, you obsess over the smallest things and you can’t get them out of your head, and then you overthink so much, YOU END UP DEPRESSED! It completely sucks… Sometimes, I can be trying to do something also and someone will stop me from doing it say I’m cleaning or moving something, if it’s not perfect yet and I’m not finished my brain will stress me out about it and give me severe headaches or repeat it in my head until I finish doing that task! It drives me insane sometimes… It takes me longer than average people to do things because I’m constantly trying to perfect it and make it right again. If something doesn’t go right or someone doesn’t do one little thing right, I SNAP ON THEM. It’s a nightmare... It not only affects cleaning, eating, etc., it also affects my love life, family, and talking with friends. I’ve been friends with this girl since I was 1, I can’t even talk to her the same anymore because my social anxiety has taken over me. I can say a couple sentences within 1-2 hours without freaking completely out. I constantly think in my head, I said that wrong, I’ll say that wrong, they’ll laugh at me, etc. I stay up at night until about 2-4 a.m. just overthinking. What can you do to help this? Honestly, I don’t have very much advice on it right now as I’m still trying to figure out the things that help me. If you’re in a room full of people and your anxiety attacks you, take a minute, go to the bathroom and take DEEP breaths, do not force yourself to stay there where your nerves feel like they are literally killing you, it’s going to make It worse, take a second away from the crowd to yourself. Don’t avoid the situation, if you avoid it, of course you think it’s going to help because you won’t have to go or be around a lot of people, but really it only helps in short term. You cannot avoid going to everything and talking to other people, eventually you will have no choice, going to events will help you practice it and get used to it which will help you in the long run. Also, with OCD if you’re feeling like it’s stressing you out or bothering you, go take a hot bath or shower, usually that will help you relax. Also, try to just take a minute to sit down and just not think. Just jam out to some music, watch a YouTube video, etc. If you feel like your anxiety is overwhelming you, it might be time to go to the doctor. I know that’s probably not something you would like to do especially for these things, but it’s something that needs to be done. You’ll feel much better talking to someone about it also. 



Ways/Tips to Beat Procrastination!
Here are some tips and tricks to beat procrastination so you’ll get up and get things done.  Hope you guys enjoy reading!
1.     Write down a list of what you need to do. Usually having a list helps you to see what you have to get done and so you’ll usually actually get it all done.
2.     Remind yourself no matter how small or big the thing is you have to do, it has to be done. Every little detail is important.
3.     Go ahead and get it over with so you don’t have to do it later. The quicker you get it over and done with, the faster it is you don’t have to worry about doing it anymore.
4.     Find a way to motivate yourself. What I like to do is look at motivational quotes on Tumblr or WeHeartIt. It helps get me up and going. You could even play a motivational playlist on Spotify or even watch a motivational YouTube video. All are full of motivational things to help get you up and moving.
5.     Watch your favorite YouTuber to motivate you! Most of us have favorite YouTubers, and usually most of those people are very highly successful and also have made it to the top. Watching them, hauls, and everything they have and they have accomplished, it will usually motivate you to get up and do something, or at least it does me.
6.     Journal it. If you’re feeling unmotivated, which we all get sometimes, write it down! Write down why you’re so unmotivated, why you’re not wanting to do anything, or whatever else is going on. Make a list or just write it down in a paragraph, maybe even pages long, just write it all down. Getting it off your chest will make you feel much better.
7.     If it’s work or blogging or filming your feeling unmotivated about, go to the gym, usually doing something that makes you feel better and gets stress off will usually help refresh you and also make you feel better.
8.     Take a day off. I know you’re thinking, “Wait if I’m trying to beat procrastination why would I take a day off?” Well, taking a day off from everything to just sit back and relax will usually help you get up and going the next day. On your day off, plan a pamper day, watch your favorite movies, spend the day with a friend, whatever you like to do on days off do it that day! Sometimes we just need one day just to ourselves to get up and going again the next day!
9.     Read success quotes. There are tons of people out there that make great motivational success quotes on Tumblr and people usually repost them on WeHeartIt also. They just help get you up and going.
10.                         Read blog posts/popular blogs. Usually reading other blogs will get you motivated because they have such great posts, it will give you ideas for your own or even YouTube. Once you get ideas, you will usually want to write them down or start using them and get creative.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and I hope it helped motivate you to get up and going. Don’t let procrastination get you down. Get motivated and get up and going. Remind yourself that you’ve got this!



How to Gain Self-esteem
We all lose our confidence/self-esteem sometimes. It happens! Here are some tips though to pick you back up again and get you feeling confident again!
1.    Look in the mirror and remind yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Do not ever let anyone tell you any different. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. Anyone who says otherwise, is simply just jealous because they don’t look like you!
2.    Dress up! Put on your favorite outfit, a little makeup, style your hair, and go out! If you don’t want to go out just take a bunch of selfies! That’s what I do and I feel much better when I’m dressed up and look my best!
3.    Go to the gym! If you’re anything like me, especially with anxiety, you’ll constantly feel as if you’re body isn’t perfect enough, it isn’t skinny enough, it isn’t something enough! We girls constantly have this going through our head picking out the smallest flaws in us, you know why? We look at ourselves in the mirror every day! We don’t see the same things other people do in us, because we are so used to seeing ourselves. So how do you fix this problem you ask? THE GYM. Not only will you see a huge change in yourself and your body, your confidence will burst through the roof. You will feel MUCH better when you leave and feel like you accomplished something for YOURSELF. That’s what we need when we feel down.
4.    Talk with someone who lifts you up! If you have a family member, friend, boyfriend, or whoever it is, if they lift you up and make you feel better about yourself talk to them! Tell them how your feeling. Usually hearing how someone else sees you in a positive way, will almost always lift you back up!
5.    Write down why you’re feeling this way! Write down every reason your feeling unconfident, then look back at your answers and find out ways to fix the problems.
6.    Have a pamper night! Pamper nights are always my favorite to making me feel relaxed, clean, and pretty! If you don’t know what a pamper night is I will be writing my routine soon to let you guys know. You can also look up videos on YouTube for routines/products you can use.
7.    Do what you love to do! Whether that is a sport, art, writing, the gym, whatever it is DO IT! It will not only take your mind off of it but you’ll also feel accomplished to see how talented you are at it!
8.    Listen to confidence playlists or mood booster playlists on Spotify or Pandora. Good music always puts anyone in a better mood. So pick your favorite playlist, turn it up, and jam out! 


Tips and DIY’s for Anxiety & Depression!
If your anything like me and have terrible anxiety and get depressed extremely easy, this is the right post for you! We all know too that having both together is a nightmare… Lying awake all night long with our thoughts drowning us. Our anxiety causing us to over think every small thing and leading us into depression and then just constantly being down. No, not everyone understands our pain either. They don’t understand it or how terrible it is on us. They will never understand it the ways we do. I know your pain and that is why I’m here for you! Keep reading my tips to help with this, they should help you because I know they help me when I’m down.
1.     Tip number one is to get a journal/diary! Writing down how your feeling when you can’t speak it all out loud has been known to help a LOT! It helps you to relieve a lot that’s on your chest whenever you can’t talk to anyone because maybe they are asleep or busy, well it’s always there. Just jot it all down and you’ll feel much better.
2.     Number two would be to find a favorite hobby! It doesn’t matter if it’s working out like me and going to the gym, painting or arts and crafts, a sport, writing, even TV! It all helps take your mind off of it all I promise. Every time it tries to bother me, I hit the gym or go for a run and come out feeling SO much better.
3.     Number three, MUSIC. I cannot express how much music has helped me through so many attacks from anxiety and depression. It is ALWAYS there and always takes me to a different world. Maybe sometimes, I might slip off into some depressing playlists on Spotify and let it hit me for a minute… But then a good song will play and then I always end up jamming out in my bedroom in the end. It takes your mind off of everything completely.
4.     Number four, clean! I know this doesn’t sound very fun at all, but trust me it helps. When you’re mad, upset, or anything get up and get cleaning it will take your mind off of it and give you something to do!
5.     Five, play a game or read a book! What better way to distract yourself honestly? They both take all of your attention away from whatever is bothering you. Plus, let’s be honest they are relaxing lol!
6.     Then there’s six, sometimes… you’ve just got to let it all out. When it hits you just put on some sad music, and just cry it all out. I know, that does not sound like a good tip at all but trust me it’s better to let it out than hold it in. You will feel better when it’s all out of your system, promise. Plus these tips help 95% of the time but sometimes nothing can help but just going ahead and letting it all out...

If you guys ever need someone to talk to, or are ever upset, or just too overwhelmed with life, my social media accounts are linked to my blog. Just add me, message me, and let me know you came from my blog and just needed a friend! I will gladly be there for you because I know how it feels. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


Moving out on your own.

I know moving out on your own can sound scary, even terrifying to some. It was to me, especially telling my parents I was terrified they wouldn’t want to see me anymore or something after I moved out! Truth is it isn’t that bad! Whether it’s completely on your own or a boyfriend or even a roommate/best friend, the truth is it’s not that bad! I moved out on my own with my boyfriend 7 months ago, it was the best decision of my life! My parents still keep in contact with me quite a lot actually! I still see my entire family and friends also. Plus, waking up to the one you love every single day is the best feeling! You will annoy each other sometimes though I will not lie you guys’ lol! But it’s the best feeling in the entire world. Plus you have your own place and own place to clean the way you want and decorate it the way you would like! The only thing you have to make sure of is you have a good steady income and can pay all of your bills so you don’t end up having to move back in with Mom and Dad after moving out! But you should know it’s not as scary as you think. The scary part is telling them you’re leaving though, because you know it’s going to be emotional! But it all ends up great in the end I promise!