Well, I think we all know that sometimes we need a little help with being productive. It can be tough and especially whenever you’re just extremely stressed out and have a ton going on in life. So here are my top 5 tips to be productive to help you get the things done you just really need to get done!

1.     Get a planner.

Planners are my all-time favorite tool to help me be productive. Just write in it every morning what you need to get done for the day or you could even write in it the night before as to what you need to get done. It helps me so much honestly that it is unreal because it lets me know everything that I need to get done and so I can’t forget a thing.

2.     Make to-do lists.

One thing you never know until you do it is how helpful writing to-do lists really is. Making to-do lists is something else I like to do in addition to my planner. It helps add the little details that I can’t fit into my day on my planner. It’s really great for making a list of every little thing I need to do and crossing off what I’ve done. These are especially helpful for cleaning.

3.     Wake up earlier.

This is one tip that not one person wants to usually hear, but it’s the best one yet. If you get up earlier you have plenty of time during your day to get everything you need to get done taken care of. I promise you guys this is so worth it because you just are able to get so much more done than in the afternoon. Some places too are actually closed in the afternoon and so you can’t get to them on time so it’s just a good idea to get up early and get it done. Plus, I’ve noticed it makes me feel better and much more productive. Tips to wake up a little easier are definitely drinking coffee the second you wake up and also taking a warm shower or bath. Just make sure that your water isn’t too hot in the shower or bath because then it’ll make you tired again but taking a shower or bath right when I wake up instantly wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. Plus, being clean all day is a great feeling.

4.     Keep your home clean.

This is one of the best tips also because when your house is clean, you feel clean. If your home is clean you’re going to be and stay so much more organized. Not only that but you’ll also feel better and more productive which will lead to you getting more taken care of and done off of your list. This might seem silly but trust me it is a great idea because I know if my house is clean I can get a ton of things done and taken care of but especially work.

5.     Set reminders.

All iPhones have a way to set reminders. I like to do this whenever I’m out and I don’t have my planner or to-do list on hand I just set reminders of things I need to get done and by what time. That way they stay on my notifications and they can notify me around or before the time I need to have them done by. They are super helpful. Also forgot to add you can make a to-do list on your notes on an iPhone too.

6.     Make your screensaver motivational.

Do this to your phone, laptop, computer, and tablet. This will help you so much because when you read your phone or you go to work and read your screensaver you’re going to feel so much more motivated. Plus, everyone grabs their phone when they wake up and so reading a good motivational quote every morning will help motivate you to be more productive.

So that was all for this post you guys! Hope you all enjoyed reading and use these tips to help with your productivity and help you get all of those tasks done and taken care of in time! Check back MWF for more posts and I love you guys to the moon and back! :)

7 Ways to Boost your Traffic with Pinterest.

Do you want to boost your traffic to your blog without having to deal with boring things like sharing on Google Plus or fighting with those limited characters on Twitter? Everyone loves Pinterest! Little do people know, you can use it in so many great ways to increase your traffic? There are tons and tons of ways to do this. Wanna know how? Just keep reading! J

1.       Join Group Boards.

This one is my number one tip because I’ve noticed such great impact to my traffic with this trick. There’s this site called Pin Groupie, you use it to find all of the best group boards and it gives you names, number of collaborators, followers, pins, etc. It’s literally a life saver and helps you find SO many great group boards. All you have to do is click on the group you would like to join, read the bio of the group and usually it should tell you how to join. Most of the time you just email the creator of the board and then ask them if you can join or get an invite, send them your Pinterest URL and if they think you’re a good fit you’re in! The majority of the time you’ll get into the group. If there is no info on how to email or get into the group, I usually just message the creator through Pinterest. Some group boards say that they aren’t currently accepting new contributors, that’s okay! There are tons of group boards out there for bloggers and vloggers. I myself am a part of I know at least 5 or 6 and still trying to be a part of more. It’s great to be a part of the blogging community and have someplace to share or pin each other’s posts! Group boards are definitely my favorite. Every time you publish a new post, just make your post a pinnable image and then post it to Pinterest with your link back to your blog post, and pin it to those group boards. Just make sure you stay inside the limit if your group has a posting limit for the day!

2.       Switch to a Business Account.

Switching to a business account gives you the option to promote your pins so they can be seen all throughout. Not only that but you can see your analytics and what’s been pinned the most. All you have to do is go to and click on “convert your existing account.” After you do that, you just complete the form. When the terms are accepted by clicking the box, a “Convert Account” button appears, click it. After that your page is opened when the conversion is complete. Simple.

3.       Add your Blog and Niche to your Name.

All you have to do is go to your settings and change your Pinterest name and even description. If you’re a lifestyle, food, fitness, etc. blogger? Add it! Also add the name of your blog onto your Pinterest, that way you’re easier to find and not only that but people can find your blog easier too! I myself done this step a while back and don’t regret it at all because I’ve seen quite an improvement from it. Make sure also you have a good bio that describes you and your blog fairly well. Add your blog link into it also so people can easily click on it.

4.       Pin Frequently.

This is a no brainer, and probably not a complicated step either. Trust me, I love Pinterest and a ton of other people all across the world do also. Pinterest is full of great ideas, DIY’s, blogging tips and resources, recipes, outfits, etc. The possibilities are honestly endless with Pinterest so I already spend plenty of time on this platform. The best part about it is, you can help improve your work just through pinning your own pins on social media. Also, making sure to pin other blogger’s work can possibly end up leading to great blogging relationships with other blogger’s. That’s what blogging is all about, sharing each other’s work and helping each other out from time to time.

5.       Categorize All of your Boards.

No matter what they are, wedding planning, blogging, food, etc. make sure they have the right name and description on them. This way you know your pinning to the right things and if someone wants to check out your Pinterest boards, they’ll know what is what and it won’t be super sloppy and then those people turn around and say forget this, it’s too messy! Clean it up you guys, I promise it will make it easier on you and everyone else on Pinterest.

6.       Write Lengthy Descriptions on your Pins.

Every time you pin something that is your own work from your blog, make sure that description is pretty lengthy. Doing this will add more keywords to your pin which will lead to your pin showing up easier on someone’s search on their own Pinterest. Plus, no one is going to click on a pin that doesn’t say what it is! They don’t want to go to a post that they have no clue what it’s about or what they will be reading about. Make sure it’s catchy and that it has plenty of great wording, try to add as many keywords as you can!

7.       Follow Other Bloggers.

Now I’m definitely not saying you should follow just any or every one, you might regret that. What I am saying is that you should follow some of your favorite bloggers and also just some other bloggers you are interested in their posts or blog. This way you could end up maybe with a follow back and maybe even communicating and having a great blogging relationship! This is one step I do all the time, so if you’re a blogger and you follow me on Pinterest you are definitely 99.9% likely to get followed back by me! One thing to make sure of though, make sure that blogger is in the same niche as you. This way you’ll have the same related posts and pins.

So that is all for this post and I hope you enjoyed reading! Pinterest is honestly my main source for traffic to my blog and I absolutely love using it. Everyone loves Pinterest and this is one of the many reasons I do. Hope you guys enjoyed and that these tips were helpful to you and your blog! Thanks for reading! J

10 Simple and Easy Ways to Improve your Blog Posts.

This is something that a ton of bloggers needs to read because a while ago I needed to read this post. Honestly, I used to make the shortest and sloppiest content. When I would write I would try my best to hurry up and get it done so I could work way ahead and have tons of posts scheduled. That was where I messed up big time and when I finally went back and read my posts I realized how bad it actually was. That was when something ticked in me and I started working ten times harder. So, here are some of the simple and easy ways I came up with so you can improve your blog posts and don’t end up like me! 
*affiliate links may be included in this post, I promise I wouldn't send you guys to anything that I didn't recommend myself.*

1.       Write Longer Content.

You’re probably wondering why right? Well, it’s because when your write more content not only does it make the post much better and even look better, it also makes people more likely to read it. Think about it, would you really want to read a post that is only a few sentences and your done reading that entire post in less than 3 minutes? Honestly, I know I don’t like those types of posts. The more content there is, the better the post and also the more information there is inside of the post that can be super helpful for your readers. Try to stick to a goal of 900-1,000+ words per post. Now if it’s a post you honestly can’t come up with that much for, decide if you should really post it and if you feel you should then just try to add as much as you can and add a ton of images to make it look a tad bit better. Down the road, your audience and you will be extremely thankful you took this advice.

2.       Add More Images.

This one's sort of a no brainer. Everyone loves images and loves looking at pictures of examples of what they are reading. Pictures explain things sometimes that words can’t and some people just like seeing things more than reading. That’s why you should add more images and not only that but it makes a post look so much nicer and cleaner. It’s another thing I’ve just recently finally started doing and adding to my posts and trust me you guys, it helps a ton.

3.       Proofread/Edit.

Guys, I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. Please, please, please do not forget to proofread and edit your posts before hitting that publish button. Not one person likes to go to a post that they cannot even read nor understand because of how bad grammar and punctuation is. Plus, if you have one of those type of posts where it’s just a few words, they are all misspelled, and you have not one single image in that post, people are going to turn right back around and leave your site! No blogger wants this to happen to them but you guys it’s going to happen to you if you don’t edit and proofread those posts before you hit the publish button. My best pal for doing this? Grammarly. You can add it to chrome extensions and every time I go to post, it lets me know if anything is wrong with it before I hit that publish button. Honestly, it’s a life saver.

4.       Add Labels.

Adding those labels to your post is going to make things so much easier for you and your audience. When you have labels in your post you’re already letting your audience know the topics they are going to be reading about. This leads them to want to read your post more because it’s not some random post with nothing at all showing what it’s about. Labels are extremely helpful for organizing and categorizing your post to what is where sections. This will help your readers get to where they would like to in the post maybe if they want to reread a part or anything related to that.

5.       Add a Search Description.

If you’re like me and work on Blogger, there is a search description option in the list on the right-hand side. Adding a search description is going to help readers know what they are reading all about and when they search your post it will let them see what they are about to read before they even do so they can see if it’s interesting to them or not. If you write a really interesting search description and sort of lengthy then you’re more than likely to have those people click on your post.

6.       Sharing on Social Media.

Now I’m sure you already do this or know to do this, especially if you’ve been blogging for a while. Sharing on social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, even Tumblr, are great ways to get traffic to your site. One thing about blogging, you have to put your posts out there to be seen so people can find them. If they aren’t then they can’t ever find you so I definitely recommend using social media. Pinterest is my favorite for blogging because there are so many other bloggers on this platform. Not only that but Pinterest is made for creative things from DIY’s to recipes to blogging tips and anything else you can think of you can find it on Pinterest. That and Facebook groups are probably my number one source of traffic to my site. Sharing is going to help so much more people find you and your posts. Make sure you have the right images for this too, my favorite for this is Canva.

7.       Working on SEO.

For those of you who don’t have a clue what SEO is yet, it stands for search engine optimization. This is the key to where your traffic comes from and how easily people find your site. There are a billion resources online that can tell you all about SEO and how to use it on your site to get more people to read your posts and check out your blog at the same time! Also, you can check out my favorite book on SEO here.

So that is all of the ways I have for you to improve your blog posts and how you can also get more people to your posts. Also, here is my FAVORITE blogging planner on the planet to help you build a complete year of killer content. Hope you guys enjoyed reading and that my advice was helpful to you in the ways you needed. Thanks for reading you guys!

How Bloggers Make Money.

No you guys, I do not make much at all blogging right now. It does take time, but I’ve been reading and wrote down some notes for you guys and your own blog to help you guys. Also, number 1 tip, don’t be in blogging just for the money. Blog because you love to write, not because you just want to make a buck. I’ve been blogging on my old blog for almost a year and I never made a dime and just now got started making literally pennies. Keep reading for more info.
1.     Getting traffic to your site. The number one thing you need is good traffic. Do not even try to get ads without traffic coming into your site because if you do not have enough traffic you either won’t get approved or won’t get any money what so ever. You have to be patient and build up your audience first. That’s the most important thing anyways, your readers! Make sure they are happy.
2.     Ads. Most ads are super annoying and get in the way of your blog, make it ugly, and then it bothers your audience. Make sure you don’t fall for that. Me, I stick to two main places, Adsense or which I’ve read is the best alternative to Adsense. Adsense is going to try to turn you down no matter what you do… I’ve gotten turned down for tons of reasons, it was that I didn’t have enough clicks (traffic), not enough content, blog wasn’t old enough, the list goes on and on. Finally I realized Adsense was something to just be patient on. So I found, I applied for them and waited about a day, my site was approved! Best part is it’s so easy to place the ads with them, you just get your codes copy and paste them and then put them into the layout of your blog. Also, you can customize and create your own ads with them. Just starting off I’ve only made a few pennies, literally. It all takes time though and it all adds up if you keep hard at work.
3.     Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you work for a company, and sell their products for them or help sell them for them. One that I personally love using is Amazon Affiliates. You get to sell a lot of great things. Now the commission is not great at all, but it adds up the more sales you make. Now I decided right this minute, affiliate marketing isn’t for me because I haven’t made a single sale. Eventually I do see myself picking back up on it though because I love doing it. You can place amazon ads onto your blog through the layout easily and into your posts easily. If your audience trusts you and you have a big audience, making sales shouldn’t be any trouble for you. I just haven’t built it up yet enough, like I said you guys’ patience.
4.     Sell your own products. Now this is not one I have tried out yet, but people say is a great idea. If you write a book or something, you could post it and promote it through your blog and then get of course money off of your own book. Plus another way to be creative and do something of your own.
So guys that’s all I can think of. There are tons of other tips and tricks out there to this, I just wanted to share with you the main things I know myself and everything. Hope you guys enjoyed reading, check back daily on M-F for more posts!

As most of you may know, I have not gotten way at the top of blogging just YET, but I have gotten a pretty long way so I would like to share with you guys tips/tricks for beginning your blog.

So maybe you’ve started your blog and don’t know where to start, or maybe you are thinking of starting a blog, here is how I started mine and some motivation and pep talk along the way.
1.    When you start a blog, always make sure to keep writing good, quality, content. No I’m not saying write like 20 posts a day, lol, I’m just saying make sure you post at the LEAST once a day to not only build up your traffic/views but to also get readers coming back and interested in your posts/blog and what you write about.
2.    Always proofread. No I’m not stating that you have to have like extremely great English and grammar skills, at all! Mine if you have not noticed are not perfect either. Just make sure to go back and check to see if everything is in place and if it’s punctuated at least decently and that you have everything spelled correctly so people can read it. Usually Word will let you know if it’s not spelled correctly or if somethings wrong with grammar.
3.    Share your content. Share all of the posts you make to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, even Snapchat if you would like! Also don’t forget about Google plus! Sharing your content will help your posts get views and also your blog. It’s a great way to get readers.
4.    Do not get discouraged/give up!!! Guys, I know you get busy with life, things happen, but when you just give up because your not getting enough views/traffic or because your just unmotivated, you will never make it to the top! You have to keep at it and stay as positive and patient as you can. Sometimes, it can seem absolutely impossible to stay positive about it… Especially whenever everything slows down and your hardly getting views for a while at first. YOU GUYS, blogging takes time and patience, getting views/traffic takes time and patience, even writing good and quality posts takes time and patience! Not one person that is at the top today ever got there in an hour a couple of days or even weeks. It takes a couple of months, some people it could take years, but it’s not something you give up on.
5.    If you need motivation. If you guys need motivation to keep on writing/keeping on which I completely understand I hit rock bottom once too, there are tons of great successful blogs out there with tips to get you up there and to motivate you again. There are also bloggers on YouTube that talk about blogging, or motivation to blog, or really anything related to blogging you can find on YouTube now! I have a few I watch like Hayley Paige that talks a lot about blogging and tips. Search the terms “blogging” or “blogging tips” to help find some videos/posts.
6.    Be patient, if you give up you will not gain views you will only lose them and it will make it harder on you to come back. Here was my mistake… A few months ago me and my fiancée had some problems and we took a month off, yes we are fine now of course. That month we took off threw me all off track from blogging, I mean completely. I did not post nor even check on my blog that entire month… Of course that only made me more depressed I believe. Doing that, I lost tons of the views that I was getting before that happened. My first post back had not nearly as many views as before. Why you ask? Because I gave up! But honestly, with blogging GIVING UP IS SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION! You HAVE to keep at it and keep motivated and positive. You have to imagine how great it is going to be when you do finally reach the top! Look at all the people who did, if that’s not motivating I don’t know what is!
7.    Imagine everything you’ll be able to do when you do reach the top! Once you reach the top, you will have tons of readers/fans out there. You will have tons of support. You will be able to take the trips you’ve dreamed of your entire life, and get yourself the things you’ve wanted for a long time. But it’s not easy, you just have to work hard to get there. Once you do, I’m sure it will be absolutely fantastic. Honestly, I cannot wait to get there!
8.    Keep at it no matter what happens. If you’re going through a breakup or break like I did, write about it then! Get it all off your chest! If it’s a family problem, blog it out! Even a friend that done you completely wrong, blog about it. Not only does it keep you heading towards the top it also helps relieve so much stress by putting it all down and getting it off of your chest.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Thanks so much for reading once again and I hope my tips, tricks, and pep talk helped you guys get motivated. Remember do not give up and always keep at it. Be patient, great things take time! Just work your butt off and you’ll be there in no time. Good luck you guys! J


Starting a Blog!

If you’re thinking of starting blogging or recently started your blog, here are some steps to take and some tips to help you get started!
1.     Pick a platform. There are two main sites where you can create your blog if you have not already! WordPress or Blogger, personally Blogger is my favorite because it’s easiest to use for me but you can use either whichever is easiest for you to use is the best one!
2.     Start designing and setting it up. Pick your favorite backgrounds, colors, layout, etc. it’s your blog, you decorate it the way you would like!
3.     Write. What most bloggers and even YouTubers like to do is work ahead. Writing ahead, you can get more done and have posts scheduled and ready to come out. Plus, it makes you feel more organized!
4.     Proofread/edit. Always make sure your grammar and wording is correct, no one wants to read it if it’s messy! Make sure it is neatly worded and all grammar is correct.
5.     Link your blog to all social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. linking will help people find your blog and help gain your audience so people are reading your work!
6.     Share all of your posts. Share on Google plus and all other social media. This will help people find your blog and your posts!
7.     Tell friends and family! They will almost always get curious and check it out. Usually they are the main audience that keeps coming back to your blog also.
8.     Make sure your writing good quality content. If you have good quality posts, people are more likely to read them. People love reading a great post filled with details about the topic. That’s the whole point in the post.
9.     Check weekly at least to make sure that your blog design still looks good and is the way you like it and your audience does.
10.                        Make your design calming. No one wants to look at a blog that’s going to give them a headache from all of the bright neon colors. Pick calming colors, people don’t want a headache if they came to read your content!
11.                        Keep at it. Don’t give up on blogging. It takes time and a lot of patience to build up a blog and get it going. It definitely takes time to build up an audience.
12.                        Work hard at it. Blogging is not that easy of a job. Your constantly writing, updating, publishing, editing, designing, etc. it never stops. The thing is, if you love doing it you’ll keep at it and you’ll reach the top and it will be well worth it! Blogging isn’t as easy as most people make it seem but it is one of my favorite things to do, so I keep at it and I’ve kept at it!
13.                        Patience is key. It takes a lot of time to do things blogging. Writing, scheduling, planning, building up your blog, your posts, your audience, even monetizing your blog, it all takes time. Keep your patience in it all and your faith. It will all work out if you work hard.

14.                        Hard work always pays off. If you work hard on anything, it will always pay off in the end. So keep at it, use these tips, and don’t give up and you’ll be there in what seems like no time! 

What I love about being a Blogger!

                                                      I.            Getting to stay home, but do what I love, BLOG!
     II.            Write about helpful things, that help other people in their times of need.
             III.            Being creative. Which is coming up with my own content, own posts, designing and setting up my blog the way I would like.
                                                                IV.            Learning more about blogging every day.
                                                                                       V.            Becoming better and better at it.
       VI.            Doing what I love. Blogging, writing, designing, and being on the internet of course!
VII.            Having an audience that reads my content. It motivates me to keep at it.
 VIII.            Being my OWN boss. I don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong because it is my own site, my own blog, and no person can tell me that I’m not doing it their way because it’s my own site that I create and design! Which is incredibly honestly great.
         IX.            Having more goals than most people. Most bloggers/you tubers almost always have goals set. To reach a certain amount of an audience, to build more and better content, to become successful and a very popular blogger. Most people don’t have that many goals, we all do. Which is great because 99% of the time, we reach them!
      X.            HELPING OTHERS. If you’re like me and write about things on your blog that give others advice, help them in life through tough things or times, maybe with anxiety or depression, etc. you’re helping someone! Helping others is ALWAYS a great thing, and huge thing we need on this Earth more than ever now! Keep at that, people greatly appreciate it. Plus, it’s a great feeling and will put a huge smile on your own face also knowing you did some good to help someone else out there.
 XI.            The organizing and planning. You’re probably wondering why I like those two things in blogging, those two things are an OCD person’s LIFE, usually. I enjoy planning and organizing because it gives me a sense of actually being productive and accomplishing things.
         XII.            Designing my own blog! Who doesn’t love designing their own things right? Well, that’s one of the other reasons I LOVE blogging. Design it the way you would like! Of course think of how an audience would like your site too and make sure it’s a calming site and not way too colorful so it doesn’t give someone a headache but you know what I mean! That’s why I added a lot of light pink and white to my blog. As a pink lover, I didn’t want to make it too bright and bother my audience, so I just made it light pink. To make you guys, and myself, happy and calmed.
XIII.            Being able to call yourself a blogger. If you live in a small town, like me, most people don’t even know what blogging is or they don’t have the guts to start one. If you did, brag on yourself! Tell those people what you done. They’ll think you’re pretty cool for it and very creative. Plus, who knows maybe more traffic when you do that trick.

So that’s all for this post and I hope you guys enjoyed reading. As always, check back for more posts every M-F. 


How Bloggers Stay Organized.

Are you a blogger and have no idea on earth how to stay or even get organized? Maybe your just wondering how all of us even stay organized from writing and editing so much. Here is exactly how and how you can too! 
  • Planners are our best friends. We literally use them for everything! Obviously to keep track of blog posts and social media postings! We also use them to plan out other things we have to do also the next day! They are definitely a life saver! 
  • Phones. Everyone uses their phone on a daily basis, of course. Setting reminders helps us, or me anyways, keep track of what I need to get done for the day! If I'm in town or something I can't check my planner to see what needs to be done? So I just set reminders so I'll remember! 
  • Writing ahead and scheduling posts. It helps tons blogging when you work ahead and schedule the post, if you get behind or need to take a few days off you'll be okay! Only because you've already gotten everything set, edited, and ready to be published! It makes it a tad bit easier blogging, trust me! 
  • Set a time to blog. Setting a time out of everyday to focus on your blog, makes sure that you don't spend too much time blogging so you can get up and live life and still be a blogger! Don't think you have to spend countless hours blogging, you can still get up and go out! Just make yourself a schedule for blogging. My schedule is usually 2 a.m. - 5 or 6 a.m. because usually that's when I have the greatest thoughts and because I usually don't have anything to do that time of night, well morning. 
  • Make a blogging journal! A blogging journal is a journal that is specifically for blogging obviously, but you can make sections and write ideas, etc. In my journal my sections are; to-do which is usually to write, and then ideas for post ideas etc, random is for random things I think of for blogging like pictures etc, and I have a few others. Soon I will post a picture of my journal and how I made it myself! 
  • Make a task list! Making a task list will help you realize what you need to do for the day, week, month, or even year! You just write down what you need to do and then when you finish it, just cross it off your list!
  • Use post it flags! These are my favorite things for everything, they are like my little organization assistants! I write down a post I need to write or post, for the day or even do weekly ones separated by each flag and color coded by days and just stick those either in my journal or on my computer is my favorite part, because it helps me see it everyday! You could also stick them on the wall if you would like, I just prefer my computer because I look at it and get on it every single day!  
So that is all of my tips for this post and I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Please use these tips for your own organizational needs to help you get things done! Blogging is something where organization is your best friend so I definitely recommend using these tips! Thank you guys for reading!


Day in the Life of a Blogger
So, I want to take you guys through and tell you guys what I do during my day as a blogger and about how long I spend on my computer how long I spend on posts and other things about blogging that I do during my day. Keep reading for more info…

So, a day in my life, I spend most of my hours on my laptop, the majority of that time is writing more content and getting it scheduled and ready to come out. Usually I start my day by getting on my laptop, checking my stats, writing a new post, posting a new post. Then I get up and I usually don’t even eat until I’ve felt like I’ve done something productive for you guys’ lol. So I’ll eat and do a little house cleaning. Then I go straight back to the computer, I check stats, check posts, view/edit my posts. Then, once I finish with that I will usually grab my planner and write down what I need to post the next day, sometimes I’ll go ahead and plan a few days in advance but most I will not because I tend to change my mind on what I will post that day! I try my best to write as many posts ahead of time as I can so I can do more than just one post in a day for you all because I know how annoying it is to wait like a week before a blog or channel shows another post/video. Anyways, then after I’ve written at least 2 or more posts I will get off for a little while, head to town to walk around/shop, hit the gym, take a shower, then I come home and I check on you guys again. You’re probably thinking I obsess and there’s no reason to check on my blog that many times, but as an OCD person I obsess over things that I love and you guys and this blog is the main thing. I will be in the gym trying to hurry up because I’m ready to work on here again lol! Blogging does take a LOT of time and energy, I used to sleep until like 10-11 A.M. but now I get up around 5 or 6 because I want/need to blog. It’s not like it’s a bad thing though, if you love something and want something enough you will work hard for it/to keep it. Anyways, usually I do not log off until around 10-11 P.M. but it can go later than that sometimes! But I’ve always been a night owl anyways so what does it matter lol. Don’t think in anyway this is complaining about my blog because like I said in my previous post you guys, blogging is my hobby and I absolutely love to do it which is why I work so hard at it. Everyone has their own routines, some work longer than others some work less, some post more and some post less. This is just my own routine and what I do! As always, thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post! 


Blogging Tips/Tricks.
If you guys just started blogging or are planning on starting a blog soon, here are my tips and tricks on what I like to do to help me stay on track and help me stay motivated.
1.     Make a blogging journal. Get a journal/notebook and write down everything that you would like to post or plan on posting soon. Write down ideas/picture ideas etc. It will help when you write it all down and make a list so you know what you have already posted and wrote and haven’t. To help keep you on track of your posting.
2.     Get a planner and plan out when you want to post and when you want a break. I just got a cheap little purple planner from Walmart and I write down every post that needs to come out on certain days and what I would like to post. It helps keep me on track of when I need to do what, once I’m finished I just cross off what I have posted or written and scheduled.
3.     Set phone alarms. Usually I have my phone in my hand 24/7 so having alarms set reminds me to write or schedule or publish a post I need to post.
4.     Write ahead. I know this can be frustrating especially when your tired of writing sometimes or something because you’ve posted plenty but it’s always good to have plenty of posts already written and ready to post because it gives you more days off. If you do this then you can set them to come out at scheduled times and then your still posting, but you don’t have to write a new post every single day. So really I’m saying, write ahead of time.
5.     Always go back and proofread and make sure everything is in place. I know that can be annoying but no person in the world is going to want to read a post with terrible wording or a post they cannot read even one word to because you just typed it all in a hurry.
6.     If you love blogging, you’ll get it done. If you love being a blogger as much as I do, you will understand what I’m saying. You will get it all done in time, and you will work hard at it, if you love it you will treat it like your own child. You will post all the time, check on those posts, change the design probably 20 times until its right, edit, check traffic, check on the audience, make sure your posts are scheduled right. It’s all a long process but completely worth it in the end!



I just want to talk to you guys about why I started blogging and also why I just love blogging. The main reason I started my blog was because I just always have loved writing about things in the lifestyle section, I’ve always typed things in word/google docs or wrote things in my journal that could’ve been killer for my blogging. Anyways, I came across a post not too long ago about how to become a blogger, I didn’t even know what it was at first honest. Once I started reading it I realized, hey that’s something that I would love to do. Once I got started doing it and writing my content I realized how much I absolutely loved writing the content, how my ideas sort of overflowed on a blank page. It’s also very good for me because I am OCD and blogging takes a lot of planning and actually a lot of work if you put good effort into it like I do. I’ve always been one for planning, and writing, and organizing, and since I started my blog I’ve gotten to do all of my favorite things! It’s my greatest stress reliever, every time I feel sad or mad or even happy, I can just start making a post for you guys and soon all those thoughts are gone because I’m focusing so much on my posts and what I want to write! Those are not the only reasons though. Writing is a hobby of mine, it’s something I love to do. Not only that, but I get to write things for you guys! I get to give you tips and be there for you whenever you need advice. I get to give you beauty advice, or fashion, or relationship, life, even cleaning! The fact that I can be there for you means the world to me. The fact too that you guys read and view these posts and my page, honestly I don’t know how to thank you enough. You are all my motivation and my strength. You show me that I’m making progress in my posts and in my page, that I’m doing a good job doing what I love! I cannot express how thankful and grateful I am to all of my readers that just read all of these posts and taking the time out of your day to read them! It means the absolute world to me! I can look on my stats and just to see that you guys viewed my posts it makes me just smile randomly and out of nowhere. That is how happy you guys and this blog makes me! I thank each and every one of you guys for taking the time to read this post and every post I make. I thank you for helping me on my journey to becoming an even better blogger, and for motivating me. If you ever have any requests for posts or post topics please let me know. Comment on my posts and let me know, you can just say, “Hey, could you post this or that.” I will get right on it if you do. You guys are everything to me and I thank you so much AGAIN for the thousandth time, for the support and for being here. Thank you for allowing me to do my favorite thing and then giving me more support and motivation along the road. 


If you just started a blog or want to start one soon, here are some tips and what I done to help you.
1.     Don’t say you’ll do it later on or set some other date and keep putting it off. If you do this, you will keep putting it off and never get it done or started. Go ahead and start it, you won’t regret it! Your time is limited, start while you still have the opportunity!
2.     Make a list. Make a list of blog post ideas to write about. Having a list makes it easier for you to come up with something to write and helps you stay organized. You can look on other blogs to get ideas or look at lists that are posted already and use those topics for posts. Every time you write or publish one of the posts, cross it off of the list. Once you’ve finished that list, make a new one!
3.     Pick out a blogging site that suites you best! If Blogger is easier to use for you use it, if WordPress is easier for you to use, use it! I have trouble with WordPress because I don’t have it set up with the .org thing and it’s too complicated for me to download on my laptop and everything, I get too confused. So, I’ve stuck to Blogger. The layouts usually all look the same as the other blogs though which sucks, but I love using Blogger because it’s so simple to use and to keep track of everything.
4.     Design. Design your blog the way you like, and also the way you think your audience would like. If you’re on Blogger you can add widgets to your blog easily on the layout. WordPress you’re going to have to download the widgets but either you want to use is up to you and fine.
5.     Start writing. The second everything is set up, start writing, start publishing, the quicker you get it set up, the quicker you start building up your blog and your audience. Also, AdSense for Blogger actually goes by how much content you have already posted on your blog. So if you’re planning on making an income with blogging, get to posting because it takes a minute for them to have you qualified. I’m still waiting to get approved!
6.     Find ways to build traffic. You’re writing tons, working hard, so of course you want someone to see all of that hard work! Finding ways to build traffic is simple. Look on other blogs for articles on tips also for traffic. My number one tip would definitely be to link your blog to all of your social media accounts, usually most of your followers are going to go check it out. Also another would be to build backlinks, you’re probably like me thinking what in the world is that? Backlinks are just more links for people to get to your blog. You can look up web directories lists and submit your site to them and wait for it to get approved, if it does your traffic goes up! Now more people can see your hard work.
7.     KEEP AT IT. Now I know us Bloggers, and YouTubers even fall off track sometimes, we’re tired and we feel like we need a break. We’re sitting at home on our computers typing or filming and editing, there’s no excuse you guys! If you don’t keep at it you are going to lose traffic, you’re going to lose your audience, and then when you come back to write they will all be gone, then what would be the point in all that hard work you’ve already done.
8.     Don’t rush it. Yes I know 99% of you would love to turn blogging into a career. I’m in the same boat. It takes time though. You can do affiliate marketing like I do with amazon, you can sign up for AdSense to get ads, but you are still going to have to be patient. To make sales, to get approved, to start getting clicks and sales, etc. It all takes time! Blogging isn’t one of those processes that takes time and you can just post every now and then and you’ll get tons of money. NO. You have to love Blogging and make it a hobby of yours. You have to keep at it. Work hard at it. It’s not something simple and you can’t just do it to make a buck. Then you’re not a true blogger, your just trying to make money! That’s wrong. That’s not putting the time and effort into your posts, into your content, it’s worrying more about the money than your audience. Now me, I’m worried about my audience and what THEY want to read, not making a buck. I’ve had my old blog going for months and switched over to this one. I’ve tried affiliate marketing, ads, AdSense, my old account couldn’t ever get approved for anything or wouldn’t work, and I still kept at it. Then I finally decided to just switch to a new account and start fresh. That account was a mess and I needed a fresh start for me and my audience. So I’ve been blogging for months and I still have not started earning, but honestly I couldn’t care less, when the time comes it’s going to come. I just have to keep working hard and working my way towards it just like I have to do to make sure you guys keep coming back. That’s what you should do for your blog also!

That’s all my tips for today, I hope you guys enjoyed and please remember everything I said. Please don’t be a blogger that’s just in it for the money, make it a hobby, a dream, a thing you love to do. Make sure you love doing it. Like a quote I was once told, “If you pick a hobby as a career, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” It means, if your hobby is your job, like painting as an artist, writing as a blogger, etc. you’re not going to feel like your working or like it’s a chore, because you’re doing what you LOVE TO DO!